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Bread, Love and Dreams is a drama series that first aired in 2015 in South Korea. The series centers on a man who is a very good baker, and is bound to become the head of the baking company that he works for. However, in order to advance in the company he decides to marry a woman he doesn

Bread, Love and Dreams is a International series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (30 episodes). The series first aired on September 25, 2020. It has moderate reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 7.0.

Bread, Love and Dreams is available for streaming on the KBS World website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Bread, Love and Dreams on demand at Amazon online.

KBS World
1 Season, 30 Episodes
September 25, 2020
Cast: Vittorio De Sica, Gina Lollobrigida, Marisa Merlini, Tina Pica, Amalia Pellegrini
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Bread, Love and Dreams Full Episode Guide

  • Gu Il Joong finally finds out Han Sung Jae's irregularities, and Han Sung Jae throws the final blow to Tak Gu.

  • Gu Il Joong can never forgive Su In Sook for cheating on him with Han Sung Jae. Tak Gu hears about Ma Jun and goes to see him.

  • Tak Gu desperately chases Kim Mi Sun. Han Seung Soo begins to doubt Choi Jin Gui. Yu Kyung marries Ma Jun and hears a shocking family secret.

  • After hearing Kim Mi Sun is alive, Tak Gu goes to the hospital to see her with Dr. Shin.

  • Tak Gu and Ma Jun are both on the board of directors, and must work together to develop a new product. Kim Mi Sun is losing her sight.

  • Tak Gu has returned to the residence and is announced as Gu Il Jung's successor as CEO of Gu Sung Foods. Meanwhile, Tak Gu faces Yu Kyung.

  • After Pal Bong's funeral, Tak Gu sees Pal Bong's last topic and cries. Gu Il Joong's health worsens, and Tak Gu returns to the Gu Sung family.

  • The bakery competition has started, and Tak Gu and Ma Jun each have brought the different recipes of Pal Bong and Chun Bae.

  • Ma Jun is eliminated from the competition, and Ma Jun leaves Pal Bong bakery. Pal Bong is about to lose his title, and Tak Gu trys to protect him.

  • Ma Jun purchases poisonous weeds that are known to paralyze one's sense of smell and taste.

  • Jealous of Tak Gu's keen sense of smell, Ma Jun intends to sabotage Tak Gu's ability. Meanwhile, Gu Il Jung is involved in an unexpected crisis.

  • Tak Gu and Gu Il Jung's reunion motivates Tak Gu to make bread without yeast. Gu Il Jung wants Tak Gu to be his successor, which angers Su In Sook.

  • Yu Kyung reunites with Tak Gu. Ma Jun explodes in anger and feels inferior to Tak Gu. Tak Gu and Ma Jun's real competition begins.

  • Tak Gu can't focus on the competition after he learns Ma Jun is his step-brother. Tak Gu faces Su In Sook, who is grooming Ma Jun to be the successor.

  • As Tak Gu competes under increasingly difficult circumstances, his relationship with Tae Jo worsens. Han Sung Jae is suspicious of Gong Ju's behavior.

  • Tak Gu meets up with Gu Il Joong, who encouranges Tak Gu to go for the competition. The challenge includes an unexpected element.

  • Tak Gu is traumatized by fire after the accident, but Pal Bong starts the competition as planned. Su In Sook gets angry talking to Yu Kyung.

  • Tak Gu may lose his vision after the accident. Ma Jun clings to Yu Kyung, but Su In Sook pressures Yu Kyung to leave her son.

  • Someone has messed up Pal Bong's kitchen, and the employees doubt Tak Gu was the culprit. The police come to Pal Bong bakery to question Yu Kyung.

  • While Tak Gu tries hard to get a job at Pal Bong bakery, he gets accepted after saving the bakery by sniffing out unfresh dough.

  • Hearing about his mother, Tak Gu loses his motivation to live. Yu Kyung is invited to Gu Sung's party, and she is really excited seeing Tak Gu.

  • Tak Gu and Ma Jun take Pal Bong's test, and suprisingly Tak Gu has passed and is accepted as a student. Ma Jun is shocked to hear Tak Gu's name.

  • Tak Gu's mother is kidnapped, and Tak Gu is helpless at the scene of the crime. While Kim Mi Sun manages to get away, Tak Gu trys to look for her.

  • After hearing Su In Sook and Han Sung Jae's conversation, Ms. Hong gets in an accident. Tak Gu's mother comes back to see Tak Gu and finds him crying.

  • Tak Gu has potential as a baker, so Gu Il Joong starts bringing Tak Gu and Ma Jun to the factory. Su In Sook knows Gu Il Joong went to see Kim Mi Sun.

  • Without knowing Gu Il Joong is his father, Tak Gu is handed over to police station. Kim Mi Sun finds out the person who sent him there is Gu Il Joong.