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Breakfast Lunch and Dinner is a drama reality TV show that features radio producer Neil Saavedra, and former MTV VJ Idalis De Leon. The radio personality and celebrity host the show where they interrupt guests at some of their favorite restaurants in order to start a conversation about controversial issues.

In Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner the two hosts aim to figure out what Americans think about such issues as the legalization of marijuana, gay rights, stereotypes, should certain forms of music such as gangster rap be censored, prisoner rights, illegal immigration and the war in Iraq. The show premiered in November of 2004 and ran for a total of three seasons.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (39 episodes). The series first aired on April 1, 2005.

Where do I stream Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner online? Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner is available for streaming on nuvoTV, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner on demand at Netflix, Tubi TV online.

3 Seasons, 39 Episodes
April 1, 2005
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Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Full Episode Guide

  • Have sports become too important in American culture, or is it just harmless entertainment? Celebrity Guests: Mario Lopez and Lisa Guerrero.

  • Is vigilante justice ever okay? Would you even take justice into your own hands? Celebrity Guests: Judge Alex and Red Grant.

  • Do drug laws unfairly target inner city drugs like crack, when party or designer drug use gets lighter sentences? Celebrity Guest: Debra Wilson

  • Are Latinos and African Americans traitors to their culture if they vote Republican? Celebrity Guests: Adam Rodriguez and Congressman Xavier Becerra.

  • Is there really such a thing as love at first sight, or is it really just lust at first sight? Celebrity Guests: Maria Conchita Alonso and Douglas Spain.

  • Should junk food get the sin tax treatment like alcohol and cigarettes? Celebrity Guests: Ant and Laura Ceron

  • If you still live at home in your mid-20's are you a loser?

  • Are men and women really from different planets, or can we all just get along? Celebrity Guests: Margaret Cho and Jeff Licon

  • Has the current generation become too materialistic and feel entitled to get the stuff without the hard work? Celebrity Guests: Mellow Man Ace and Reagan Gomez-Preston.

  • Do strippers and adult film stars permanently damage their reputations, or can they go mainstream? Celebrity Guests: Carlos Mencia and Gina Lynn

  • Are tattoos and body piercings self expression or offensive? Is graffiti vandalism or art? Celebrity Guests: Danny Trejo and Francis Capra.

  • Do celebrities have the right to use their fame to influence politics? Celebrity Guests: Michael DeLorenzo and Lisa Vidal.

  • Soldiers at the army base in Barstow, California, discuss the media's coverage of the war in Iraq.

  • Should minors be tried as adults? And if so, should minors still get the death penalty?

  • Does a global superpower like the U.S. have a responsibility to export democracy and the American way of life to other countries? Hosts Neil Saavedra and Idalis De Leon test the temperature of diners when it comes to international policy.

  • Should we use any means necessary - including expensive gifts - to keep teens in school, or should we give them the option to leave school after age 14?

  • Employees go head to head with bosses about the hot issue of how many rights employers should have when it comes to checking their employee's emails, phone calls and who they date!

  • Is it about time that smokers stand outside (and are often banned from public places like the beach) or have smokers become the new "criminals"?

  • Schools distribute condoms to teenagers, governments distribute needles to junkies - but are they really helping people or harming them when they do this?

  • Are video games just entertainment, or are they getting way too violent? Should parents, the government or the video makers be responsible for monitoring the games kids play?

  • What the BLEEP? Exercising free speech!

  • Is monogamy natural for both men and women?

  • Should undocumented immigrants have the right to free healthcare, free education and be able to get drivers licenses?

  • Many white folk say that they're the new targets for discrimination. Is there a new racist attitude towards whites in comedy clubs or in colleges?

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