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Operation Osmin is a reality show in which fitness trainer Osmin Hernandez trains out-of-shape challengers and tries to get them into shape in 30 days. The challengers are a cross-section of the American public, and include people from all walks of life. Osmin Hernandez was born in Cuba and was part of an elite Cuban military unit. After being kicked out of the Cuban military, he escaped Cuba on a raft and settled in the United States, where he eventually became a personal trainer. His former clients include Matt Damon and Anna Kournikova.

An unusual feature of Operation Osmin is that the training does not take place in gyms or traditional fitness clubs. According to Osmin, the best places to train are outdoors in whatever areas are available. He has summarized this idea by saying "The world is your gym." As a result, he has trained challengers in streets and parking lots and sometimes in inclement weather.

Osmin, who has been called "the world's most psychotic trainer," is known for his rigorous training style. Before deciding to train someone for Operation Osmin, Osmin subjects the candidate to a grueling interview in which they are pressured to disclose all of their faults and weaknesses. After they are accepted for training, challengers are restricted to a diet of fish, salad, and water. Osmin claims that this diet is healthy and can help people with diabetes and high cholesterol. Candidates often have to perform unusual exercises which push them to the limits of their stamina and endurance.

The creators of Operation Osmin are Eric Evangelista and Osmin Hernandez. It was produced by Hot Snakes Media. The first season consisted of 10 episodes, with a running time of 60 minutes each, which were broadcast on nuvoTV.

Operation Osmin is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (23 episodes). The series first aired on July 4, 2011.

Where do I stream Operation Osmin online? Operation Osmin is available for streaming on nuvoTV, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Operation Osmin on demand at The Roku Channel Free, Tubi TV online.

Monday 9:00 PM et/pt on nuvoTV
2 Seasons, 23 Episodes
July 4, 2011
Health & Fitness, Reality
Cast: Osmin Hernandez
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Operation Osmin Full Episode Guide

  • Cops Don and John have braved some strange situations in the line of duty, but things are about to get really crazy!

  • A hot body and a backbone is what Lichele wants so that people treat her right. But when Osmin catches her cheating, he makes her chop her way through a chimp-filled jungle.

  • Gorgeous party girls Lori and Jalene want to get fit for a cruise, but they may be too much for Osmin to handle!

  • Osmin helps kick-start a plan to shake off some unwanted baby fat from this recruit, but while this pretty young mom has an innocent smile, Osmins lie detector shows a whole other side to her.

  • Hardcore workouts on a jungle gym and on a creepy air force base could lead this footballer to flee.

  • Performing in a strip club is outside of Babettes comfort zone. She wants to look super-hot for her husband when he returns from a month-long work project, but this just might be going too far!

  • Can they survive Osmins outrageous obstacles and their familys backstabbing?

  • When this bad girl is caught cheating twice her modeling plans could be ruined.

  • Two couch potatoes aspire to star on TV rather than just lounge around watching it. Osmin agrees to train the starry-eyed roommates and even moves in with them. But when he smashes their coveted TV, will they tune him out completely?

  • Westin, Florida firefighters Jeff and Armando seek Osmins help to get them in better shape to meet the grueling physical demands of their demanding career.

  • Osmin trains a sassy groupie with hopes of scoring a hot body and Osmins digits! But hes got her number from the get-go and puts her through a crazy challenge that has her thinking twice about putting passion before pooch-ups.

  • Osmins crazy courtroom-set fitness challenge is effective, but his infamous demand of no sex for 30 days may slam the gavel down on their motivation.

  • Osmin tries to get into shape before his wedding.

  • Christian's in it to win it and you can see Christian's in it to win it and you can see here. Christian's in it to win it and you can see here. Will Osmins over-the-top antics (including a visit from Lil' Osmin) get this former athlete back on the field?

  • As a single mom, social worker and college professor, Louisa doesnt have much time for herself. She's always told that she's beautiful, but the compliments stop there. Now, this buxom beauty wants the body to match!

  • Look out Osmin! He might have met his match! Domina hates taking orders and isnt afraid to speak her mind. Will this fitness face-off bring down the entire Operation? You wont believe how this one turns out!

  • Fueled by years of unhealthy potato chip binges, this nightclub bouncers dream of becoming a professional basketball player is fading fast. Can the junk food junkie score for fitness or is it just a hoop dream? Osmin is his only hope.

  • Osmin doesnt care how famous this Real Housewife of Miami is. She may look thin, but is all flab, and in order to compete in the entertainment industry she needs Osmin.

  • This cute Colombiana may look like she has it all together, but inside shes dying for a confidence boost. The web design owner cant even get out of bed anymore.

  • Watch as psychotic trainer Osmin Hernandez puts 10 out-of-shape recruits through hell for 30 days with hardcore training, constant criticism, and a diet of fish, water, and salad.

  • Joe has it all. A beautiful wife, children, and successful health food catering company, but what he doesn't have is enough discipline to shake his sugar addiction.

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