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Caged is a reality television series on MTV that is set in Minden, Louisiana. The show got its title as a reference to a mixed martial arts(MMA) cage. The show documents a group of young and aspired MMA fighters who have dreams of making it big in the sport. The show successfully digs deep into the fighters' lives to discover some courageous and mind-boggling things about these young kids and their struggles to become successful in life and love. The show is filled with action-packed fights as well as emotional behind the scenes coverage of personal interactions with their family members.

Caged is centered around three young amatuer MMA fighters who are on very different paths in life. The common bonds that they share is the small town of Minden, Louisiana and the love of MMA. The show takes the viewer on a path that is rarely scene in the life of cage fighters. The show includes in depth coverage of their finances and living situations. The harsh realities of how much money they make rivals the lives that they choose to live. The show highlights their vigorous training secessions and the support of their loved ones, or lack their of.

The show engages viewers both male and female with an aspect of a sport that rarely gets televised. It captures true emotions in and out the MMA cage. The traveling and weight cutting of the fighters dominate their lives to the point of no return. The fighters experience huge hometown support in Minden, as the town itself is infatuated with the sport of MMA. The show also covers the history of these young fighters in Minden, as well as their parents and childhood experiences. Caged is a show tailored for sports and MMA fans. The show embraces the coverage of young kids going through real life situations.

Monday 10:00 PM et/pt on MTV
1 Season, 10 Episodes
January 5, 2012
Documentary & Biography
Cast: Cam Owen
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Caged Full Episode Guide

  • The amateur fighters do their best to impress UFC veteran Tito Ortiz when he comes to town to scout for his pro MMA team in the Season 1 finale.

  • The fighters create a new training team; Danger goes to see his dad in Florida.

  • Danger increases his training, while Daniel works on his dating game.

  • Danger tries to drum up sponsors; Wes' ways catch up with him.

  • Danger is confronted with a difficult family situation; Daniel fights a hometown rival.

  • Wes' next fight is on his son's first birthday. Later, the guys head to New Orleans.

  • Danger takes on new challenges at the gym; John Wesley attempts his return to the ring.

  • The pressure is on as Daniel fights to come back from his knockout on the anniversary of Hannah's death.

  • Friends in small town Louisiana struggle with their futures amidst the world of amateur cage fighting.

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