Cartoons That Time Forgot: UB Iwerks Collection: Vol. 2

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  • 2024
  • 1 Season

Cartoons That Time Forgot: UB Iwerks Collection: Vol. 2 from Image Entertainment is a delightful collection of vintage animated shorts created by the legendary animator Ub Iwerks. The collection features some of the rarest and most obscure cartoons from the 1930s, showcasing the artistry, creativity, and humor that defined the golden age of animation.

The series consists of 13 episodes, each of which introduces a different theme or concept that inspired Iwerks' work. The episodes are as follows:

1. "Weird Tales" - A spooky and surreal anthology of eerie tales, featuring ghosts, goblins, and other supernatural creatures.
2. "Comic Capers" - An uproarious collection of comedic shorts featuring wacky characters and slapstick hijinks.
3. "Animal Antics" - An array of animal-themed cartoons, featuring everything from mischievous mice to lovable lions.
4. "Musical Madness" - A musical extravaganza, featuring catchy tunes and infectious rhythms.
5. "Aviation Adventures" - A high-flying collection of cartoons inspired by the golden age of aviation, featuring daring pilots and spectacular airshows.
6. "Sporting Shorts" - A collection of sports-themed cartoons, featuring everyone from baseball players to ice skaters.
7. "Fairy Tales" - A magical collection of fairy tale adaptations, featuring familiar characters like Cinderella and Snow White.
8. "Detective Stories" - A collection of noir-inspired cartoons, featuring hardboiled detectives, femme fatales, and menacing villains.
9. "Holiday Specials" - A festive collection of holiday-themed cartoons, featuring everything from Christmas to Halloween.
10. "Outer Space Adventures" - A futuristic collection of cartoons set in outer space, featuring robots, aliens, and spaceships.
11. "Fantasy & Science Fiction" - A collection of fantastical and sci-fi inspired cartoons, featuring dragons, wizards, and mad scientists.
12. "Historical Happenings" - A collection of cartoons set in different historical periods, featuring everything from Roman gladiators to medieval knights.
13. "Famous Fables" - A collection of classic fables, featuring recognizable characters like the Three Little Pigs and the Tortoise and the Hare.

Each episode features a range of carefully restored and remastered shorts, showcasing Iwerks' signature animation style, which is characterized by fluid movements, expressive characters, and a whimsical sense of humor. Many of the cartoons feature Iwerks' most iconic characters, including Flip the Frog, Willie Whopper, and the Happy Harmonies gang.

Overall, Cartoons That Time Forgot: UB Iwerks Collection: Vol. 2 is an absolute treasure trove of vintage animation, offering a fascinating glimpse into the early days of the art form. Whether you're a fan of classic cartoons, animation history, or just good old-fashioned entertainment, this collection is sure to delight and amuse.

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Cartoons That Time Forgot: UB Iwerks Collection: Vol. 2
1. Cartoons That Time Forgot: UB Iwerks Collection: Vol. 2
The pioneering solo cartoon work of UB Iwerks is celebrated in this collection, Iwerks was Walt Disney's foremost animator/collaborator in the formative early years. Some of the shorts haven't been seen since their initial theatrical release in the early '30s; others are old friends. More than 25 cartoons in all.
  • Premiere Date
    April 16, 2024