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  • 2013
  • 6 Seasons

Cherif is a French crime procedural TV series that debuted on France 2 in October 2013. The show follows the story of Kader Cherif, a police detective who works in the criminal investigation department in Lyon, France. With his partner, Adeline Briard, Cherif solves crimes that occur in their city while struggling to balance his personal life and his demanding job.

The main character, Kader Cherif, is portrayed by Abdelhafid Metalsi, a French actor with Algerian roots. Cherif is a bit of an outsider in the police department, both because of his Arab background and because of his non-traditional detective methods. He often relies on his intuition and his ability to connect with the criminals he’s investigating to solve cases. Cherif is also a family man, which adds some depth to his character. He lives with his mother, who is a bit of a busybody, and his daughter, Sarah, who is studying to become a doctor.

Cherif’s partner in the police department is Adeline Briard, a woman who is very different from Cherif. While Cherif is laid back and often improvises, Briard is very organized and follows the rules. However, she is also a strong and capable detective who helps Cherif solve many of the crimes they investigate. Briard is played by Carole Bianic, a French actress known for her role in the TV series “The Crimes of Oxford.”

Throughout the show, Cherif and Briard are tasked with solving various crimes, ranging from murders and kidnappings to thefts and fraud. Some of the cases are quite complex, and the detectives often have to use all their skills and resources to crack them. Fortunately, they have a great team of colleagues who support them, including Cherif’s boss, Divisional Commander Roger Béranger (played by Philippe Vieux), and Briard’s mentor, Police Commissioner Anne-Marie Sanz (played by Mélèze Bouzid).

One of the unique aspects of Cherif is its setting in Lyon, France. The show often showcases the city’s landmarks and its unique culture. For example, in one episode, Cherif and Briard investigate a crime that takes place during the city’s famous “Fête des Lumières,” a festival of lights that draws millions of visitors to Lyon every year. In another episode, they investigate a murder that occurs in the world-renowned Paul Bocuse Restaurant. The show’s writers and producers clearly have a lot of love for their city, and it’s refreshing to see a crime procedural set in a unique location.

Cherif has been praised for its strong writing and compelling characters. The show’s writers manage to combine the suspense and intrigue of a crime procedural with the humor and warmth of a character-driven drama. Cherif himself is a likable and relatable character, and his interactions with the other characters provide much of the show’s humor and heart. The show is also notable for its diversity, with a cast that includes actors of various ethnicities, backgrounds, and ages.

Overall, Cherif is a well-crafted and enjoyable crime procedural that will appeal to fans of the genre. Its likable characters, diverse cast, and unique setting set it apart from other shows in the genre. It’s easy to see why the show has been so popular in France, where it has aired for seven seasons and counting.

Cherif is a series that is currently running and has 6 seasons (60 episodes). The series first aired on October 25, 2013.

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Because everything must have an end (2)
12. Because everything must have an end (2)
February 22, 2019
Cherif and the team race to rescue Roxanne's kidnapped daughter.
Because everything must have an end (1)
11. Because everything must have an end (1)
February 22, 2019
Baudemont finds the lifeless body of Dejax after an impostor infiltrates the police station.
10. Trap
February 15, 2019
Roxane receives a text from Cherif that he's following a lead and will see her later.
Word against word
9. Word against word
February 15, 2019
Deborah comes to the defense of a young lady accused of murder, enlisting Cherif's help.
In the middle of a storm
8. In the middle of a storm
January 25, 2019
Kader fills in as police chief after Doucet is called to Paris for a disciplinary tribunal.
Fatal illusion
7. Fatal illusion
January 25, 2019
The wife of a great magician is shot and killed during one of his grand illusions.
The cat knows the murderer
6. The cat knows the murderer
January 18, 2019
Cheirfs mother is hospitalized; Roaxane investigates the strange death of an internet celebrity cat.
Revenge Online
5. Revenge Online
January 18, 2019
A killer promises to live stream the death of a new victim every 24 hours.
Sheriff, scare me
4. Sheriff, scare me
January 11, 2019
Cherif investigates the murder of an English couple in an old manor.
Convictions piece
3. Convictions piece
January 11, 2019
Baudemonts theatrical debut is in jeopardy after the lead in his play is murdered.
2. Extinct
January 4, 2019
A young woman missing for a decade returns only to be murdered three days later.
Deadly festival
1. Deadly festival
January 4, 2019
A psychopath obsessed with Cherif escapes from prison and wreaks havoc at the Lyon Fan Festival.
Where to Watch Cherif
Cherif is available for streaming on the France 2 website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Cherif on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon and Hoopla.
  • Premiere Date
    October 25, 2013