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Animated characters originate from extracted DNA of the most important people in history. Through these hybrid characters every day high school life looks a little bit different. Clone High is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (13 episodes). The series first aired on January 20, 2003.

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1 Season, 13 Episodes
January 20, 2003
Animation & Cartoon, Comedy, Drama
Cast: Will Forte, Phil Lord, Michael McDonald, Christa Miller
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Clone High Full Episode Guide

  • In the shocking prom night conclusion to the season, one of the clones loses their virginity, and guest star John Stamos selflessly sacrifices his own life to save the students.

  • Abe tries to decide whether he will ask Joan or Cleo to prom, and JFK makes Gandhi over into GFK to help him find a date to dry hump at prom.

  • Mandy Moore guest stars as a homeless angel who teaches Joan of Arc the true meaning of a completely made-up, meaningless holiday.

  • Continuing a time-honored teen-drama tradition, a hastily-introduced "best friend" is killed and melodramatically mourned when Clone High succumbs to the evils of litter. (90210's Luke Perry guest stars as marked man Ponce de Leon.)

  • Abe is stuck in the middle of a Civil War between Joan and Cleo when they are forced to move in together. And by "Civil War" I mean "girl fight" and by "move in together" I mean "roll around ripping each other's clothes off."

  • Jack Black guest stars in a trippy rock opera episode where the students get high from smoking raisins, and Gandhi has a bad trip where he is eaten by a live-action cat and encounters a two-headed Olsen Twins monster.

  • MTV's casting department demonstrates their mastery in being able to attract guest stars of the highest caliber in this episode, as Ashley Angel from O-Town visits Clone High and wins Cleo's heart. Meanwhile, Principal Scudworth chases a rascally skunk whose catch phrase is "Try and catch me, bitch!"

  • The Clone High basketball team doesn't allow girls or animals to play, so Joan of Arc takes a cue from her historic counterpart and disguises herself as a boy by putting on a comically large mustache. (ESPN's Chris Berman and Dan Patrick guest star.)

  • Clone High tackles the hard-hitting issue of Sleepy Driving when Abe and JFK square off in a drag race for Cleo's love, and Mr. Butlertron gets into a Battle Bots-style fight with a cocksure test-grading machine.

  • At the Clone High Film Festival, Abe pours his heart into a movie about a football-playing giraffe, George Washington Carver and Gandhi make a mixed-race action comedy called Black and Tan, and Joan of Arc directs a bizarre, avant-garde film that only Sigmund Freud understands.

  • When Gandhi is diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder, America's most famous A.D.D. victim, Tom Green, teaches the school that you can't get the disease from toilet seats.

  • Abe and JFK campaign against each other in the school presidential elections, which, as you might expect, leads to Marilyn Manson singing about the food pyramid.

  • At JFK's kegger, Abe Lincoln tries to win CleopatraƆs heart, Gandhi gets drunk on non-alcoholic beer, and Principal Scudworth gets beaten up for saying the phrase "raise the roof."