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The remake of the original Coronation Street was the result of the death of the original star of this British series. The story line of Coronation Street 2011 takes place when the main character, Betty, has a romantic affair with a young military man, Ted, which results in the birth of a male child named Gordon. The child is then adopted by the main character's sister. At the end of the war, Betty has another failed affair. Subsequently, she marries a policeman.

Coronation Street 2011 is a Drama series that is currently running and has 12 seasons (263 episodes). The series first aired on January 3, 2011.

Coronation Street 2011 is available for streaming on the ITV website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Coronation Street 2011 on demand at Amazon online.

12 Seasons, 263 Episodes
January 3, 2011
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Coronation Street 2011 Full Episode Guide

  • It's Sophie's big day. As Sophie prepares for her wedding Kevin takes her to one side to ask if she's having second thoughts but Sophie assures Kevin she's doing the right thing. With the service underway Sally and Janet look proudly at their daughters but Kevin secretly fears that Sophie's making a mistake.

  • Becky decides to fight back. Becky's touched when the Croppers insist Becky comes back from hospital with them and Sylvia prepares a welcome home lunch. After a run in with Steve, Kylie, Roy and Hayley assure Becky they believe she's innocent and encourage her to pick herself up and prove everyone wrong. Taking this on board a purposeful Becky strides into the police station to make her next move.

  • Becky's Christmas goes up in smoke. At the Barlows Tracy fears this may be her last Christmas with Steve but assuring her that he loves her, and the only person he blames for their loss of their babies is Becky, he reveals he has a surprise present for her. After telling Stella he's putting the Rovers up for sale, and giving her first refusal, Steve delights Tracy by revealing he's bought Lloyd's house so they can live together as a family.

  • Chesney defies all odds in a bid to see Katy give birth. As the hall clears and an ambulance is called a terrified Katy goes into full labour. Anna takes charge as a desperate Chesney and Gary find a couple of bikes and start pedaling furiously. Will they arrive in time as Katy gives birth to a beautiful baby boy, Joseph Peter?

  • nativity takes an unexpected twist. When the guy who sold Chesney and Gary the diseased Christmas trees offers them a lucrative job at the garden centre Ches is relieved to be able to recoup the cash he lost. But when they're told they have to wear elf costumes their enthusiasm wanes. Meanwhile it's the day of the nativity and Katy's helping Faye with her lines as Mary.

  • Steve brands Becky a murderer. Deirdre's outraged at the way Tracy let Steve believe Becky pushed her down the stairs but Tracy insists it's the only way she can hang onto him now. Steve's a broken man as he accuses a stunned Becky of causing Tracy to lose the babies.

  • Grieving Tracy worries she'll lose Steve. Convinced Tracy's on the warpath Steve's worked all night to keep out of her way and is unaware she's miscarried. Deirdre brings a traumatised Tracy home. Desperate to find Steve, and convinced he spent the night with Becky, she's on a mission. Tracy storms round to the Becky's flat demanding to know where he is.

  • Tracy breaks down as Steve and Becky move closer. As Becky and Steve work well together to reel Danny in they eventually get him to agree to the contract. On a high Becky jokily suggests they book a room to celebrate. The sexual tension between them has been re-awakened but mindful of his unborn children Steve resists and they return to the street.

  • Tracy fears the worst about Steve and Becky. When Steve receives a letter from the tax office saying that as a result of the audit Streetcars has been charged back-tax he admits the business could be in jeopardy. Given food for thought Becky sets up a meeting with a hotel manager about a possible account. Steve's thrilled, assuming he'll go to the dinner, but Becky counters this is her deal and she's determined to prove she can be professional.

  • Will Peter and Carla consummate their affair? Peter's in turmoil as Leanne fusses round him, determined to put him first and get their marriage back on track. Stealing a moment he calls Carla to apologise, admitting he couldn't tell Leanne the truth. Bitter Carla slams the phone down, he's made his choice it's over.

  • Will Peter keep his promise to Carla? Peter tells Carla he'll go home now, do what he has to do, then meet her later. But when he arrives back on the street and is met by an angry Ken and a panic-stricken Leanne and Simon it pulls at his heart strings. Peter's expecting Leanne to go on the attack but she blames herself for putting him under pressure and risking losing him.

  • Peter comes to a life-changing decision. As Leanne frets over a still absent Peter, he wakes at Carla's. As they talk about last night it's clear they didn't have sex but there's an intense bond between these two. It's like a new dawn for both as the burden of hiding their feelings has been lifted.

  • Peter succumbs to his demons. It's Leanne and Peter's wedding anniversary but Peter's haunted by reminders of the tram crash and drains the remains of the vodka. At the crash site Peter asks Nick how he copes with what happened to Ashley. Admitting it spurs him on to make the most of his life Peter's thoughtful.

  • A day in the life of Peter Barlow, alcoholic. As Peter heads to the hospital, to visit his sponsor from AA who's had a relapse, it's clear he's still battling the cravings to drink himself. In the hospital he's shocked to see how far Jonno's health has deteriorated since he fell off the wagon and the prognosis isn't good.

  • Stella's abandoned in her hour of need. Stella's got her work cut out with Lloyd's accounts but after a long day it's done and he has the files to send off to audit. In awe Lloyd offers a heartfelt thankyou before Stella races back to the pub as she's got a hen do in.

  • Can Sally keep Sophie and Sian at home? Sophie pleads with her mum but Sally's word is final. Alone she reminds Sophie of her kiss with Amber, claiming it proves they're too young to get married. But fuelled by the clash with her parents Sophie urges Sian to run away to Scotland where they can marry without permission.

  • Will Sophie confess her feelings for Amber? Sally's chuffed when Frank invites her to attend the meeting with Leydon. It's off the back of her work and when Leydon seeks assurances they can cope with such a sizeable order it's Sally who steps in to explain.

  • Nick and Eva hide in the warehouse, hearts thumping, whilst the security guard does his rounds. Kylie accuses Becky of snatching Max but it's clear Becky is as worried as they are to hear that he's missing.With the security guard out of the way, Nick and Eva load up the van with the wine for the bistro and make their getaway.

  • Carla and Michelle arrive for work. Julie and Izzy let Michelle know they are there for her if she needs to talk about Ciaran. Carla is happy the spotlight isn't on her. Owen offers Faye a lift to school but he is met with hostility and sarcasm. Anna tries to assure him she will come round.

  • Ciaran confesses to Michelle that he gambled away the money her parents gave them for the wedding. Carla arrives back from LA.Becky takes Roy for tea at the Bistro. Becky sees Nick is tense as he worries about the order he made with Eva's wine merchant which is yet to be delivered.

  • Ciaran has worked though the night to prepare the food for the catering job. Dozing on his feet, he's left a pan on which causes the smoke alarm to go off waking him. Rita worries as Dennis didn't come home last night. Ciaran's anxious he'll be seen as he puts the food for the catering job into a van. Bob Firth, the Bistro customer, tells Ciaran he will get the rest of his money after all the food has been served. Ciaran asks Tina to waitress for him.

  • Michelle tells Ciaran she and Maria are going to look for a wedding dress. Ciaran says she would look stunning in a bin bag. Peter realises Ciaran hasn't told Michelle about gambling away the £1000. Depressed, Lloyd surveys the mess he has made of the house and bins a photo of him and Cheryl.

  • Chris regains consciousness and insists he's fine but Cheryl insists on taking him to hospital.Ciaran, Kirk, Peter, Dev and Karl play poker. The animosity between Ciaran and Karl is evident and when Karl raises the stakes, Ciaran throws caution to the wind and places the wedding reception deposit money on the table.

  • Fiz is released from prison on bail. Under pressure from Michelle, Ciaran agrees they'll stay in Weatherfield. Russ tries to talk to Lloyd in the café but Chris quickly calls him over. Chesney phones the council and they agree a repayment plan for the rent arrears.Fiz asks Michelle for her old job back at the factory but Michelle says that's Carla's decision and Carla's away. Fiz feels rejected.

  • As the bailiff tries to force his way into No.5, Owen recognises him as an old mate from the past. Owen persuades the bailiff to give Chesney 24 hours to find the money.Steve finds Lloyd and Karl arguing in the cab office. Lloyd tells Steve he's sacked Karl for making jokes about Cheryl. Steve tells Karl he's still got a job and tells Lloyd to go home and calm down.

  • Chris tells Cheryl and Lloyd he's got a hospital appointment as he's starting his new treatment today. Lloyd wishes him luck. Katy finds out from the vet that Schmeichel has cancer. She confronts Chesney who admits he's already spent the last of their savings on the vet's bill and Schmeichel still needs an operation. Katy and a reluctant Chesney ask Owen if he'll lend them the money to pay off the rent arrears and for Schmeichel's operation.

  • Izzy and Julie follow Michelle out whilst Sally, Eileen and Becky remain loyal to Frank. Anna berates Faye for spiking Owen's drink. Faye tells them she saw them kissing and runs out in tears. Gary goes to calm her down.