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  • 2011
  • 12 Seasons

Coronation Street is a British soap opera that has been on the air for over 60 years, starting in 1960. It is set in the fictional town of Weatherfield, a suburb of Manchester, and follows the everyday lives of the residents of Coronation Street, who live in terraced houses in the street.

In 2011, the show continued to follow the lives of its long-standing characters such as Roy and Hayley Cropper, Sally and Kevin Webster, and the Barlow family, but also introduced some new faces to the street. This included the arrival of the Dobbs family, consisting of Tyrone, his girlfriend Kirsty, and his mother Jackie. The family quickly becomes embroiled in a number of storylines involving relationships, family dramas, and money troubles.

Another new character to the street is Marcus Dent, a gay teacher who moves in with Sean Tully, a friend he met while working in a hospital. The pair's relationship is explored throughout the series, with the show being praised for its portrayal of a same-sex relationship.

The show also continues to cover serious issues affecting modern society, with one major storyline focusing on the issue of human trafficking. This storyline sees the return of Becky McDonald, who is working in a care home where she suspects that one of the residents, a Polish woman named Kasia, is being held against her will. Becky is determined to help Kasia but faces numerous obstacles along the way.

Elsewhere, other storylines explore relationships, including Fiz Stape and John Stape's tumultuous marriage, as well as the ongoing love triangle between Carla Connor, Peter Barlow, and Leanne Battersby.

As ever, the residents of Coronation Street are also dealing with a variety of other issues in their everyday lives, including money troubles, health problems, and family dramas. The show continues to focus on its themes of camaraderie, neighbourliness, and community spirit, with the residents of Coronation Street pulling together in times of trouble.

Over the course of the series, the show covers a range of emotions and issues, from heartwarming to heart-wrenching. Long-standing characters continue to evolve and grow alongside new faces, keeping the show fresh and engaging for viewers. The show's popularity has endured for over six decades, making it one of the most beloved and iconic soap operas in British television history.

Overall, Coronation Street 2011 has something for everyone, continuing to offer a compelling and entertaining look at life on a small, bustling street in Manchester. Whether you are a loyal viewer of the show or a newcomer, the series is sure to captivate and entertain audiences with its gripping storylines, talented cast, and beloved characters.

Coronation Street 2011 is a series that is currently running and has 12 seasons (263 episodes). The series first aired on January 3, 2011.

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Episode 7769
21. Episode 7769
December 30, 2011
Will Sophie & Sian say I do? Sian rushes back to no.4 in tears, intent on packing her things and leaving as fast as possible. Arriving home Sophie begs Sian to give her another chance, swearing she loves her to bits and it was just nerves in church. Sian's head is a mess but eventually she thaws and agrees the wedding is back on. Will the girls tie the knot?
Episode 7768
20. Episode 7768
December 29, 2011
It's Sophie's big day. As Sophie prepares for her wedding Kevin takes her to one side to ask if she's having second thoughts but Sophie assures Kevin she's doing the right thing. With the service underway Sally and Janet look proudly at their daughters but Kevin secretly fears that Sophie's making a mistake.
Episode 7766/7667
19. Episode 7766/7667
December 26, 2011
Becky decides to fight back. Becky's touched when the Croppers insist Becky comes back from hospital with them and Sylvia prepares a welcome home lunch. After a run in with Steve, Kylie, Roy and Hayley assure Becky they believe she's innocent and encourage her to pick herself up and prove everyone wrong. Taking this on board a purposeful Becky strides into the police station to make her next move.
Episode 7765
18. Episode 7765
December 25, 2011
Becky's Christmas goes up in smoke. At the Barlows Tracy fears this may be her last Christmas with Steve but assuring her that he loves her, and the only person he blames for their loss of their babies is Becky, he reveals he has a surprise present for her. After telling Stella he's putting the Rovers up for sale, and giving her first refusal, Steve delights Tracy by revealing he's bought Lloyd's house so they can live together as a family.
Episode 7764
17. Episode 7764
December 23, 2011
Chesney defies all odds in a bid to see Katy give birth. As the hall clears and an ambulance is called a terrified Katy goes into full labour. Anna takes charge as a desperate Chesney and Gary find a couple of bikes and start pedaling furiously. Will they arrive in time as Katy gives birth to a beautiful baby boy, Joseph Peter?
Episode 7763
16. Episode 7763
December 23, 2011
nativity takes an unexpected twist. When the guy who sold Chesney and Gary the diseased Christmas trees offers them a lucrative job at the garden centre Ches is relieved to be able to recoup the cash he lost. But when they're told they have to wear elf costumes their enthusiasm wanes. Meanwhile it's the day of the nativity and Katy's helping Faye with her lines as Mary.
Episode 7762
15. Episode 7762
December 22, 2011
Steve brands Becky a murderer. Deirdre's outraged at the way Tracy let Steve believe Becky pushed her down the stairs but Tracy insists it's the only way she can hang onto him now. Steve's a broken man as he accuses a stunned Becky of causing Tracy to lose the babies.
Episode 7761
14. Episode 7761
December 19, 2011
Grieving Tracy worries she'll lose Steve. Convinced Tracy's on the warpath Steve's worked all night to keep out of her way and is unaware she's miscarried. Deirdre brings a traumatised Tracy home. Desperate to find Steve, and convinced he spent the night with Becky, she's on a mission. Tracy storms round to the Becky's flat demanding to know where he is.
Episode 7760
13. Episode 7760
December 16, 2011
Tracy breaks down as Steve and Becky move closer. As Becky and Steve work well together to reel Danny in they eventually get him to agree to the contract. On a high Becky jokily suggests they book a room to celebrate. The sexual tension between them has been re-awakened but mindful of his unborn children Steve resists and they return to the street.
Episode 7759
12. Episode 7759
December 16, 2011
Tracy fears the worst about Steve and Becky. When Steve receives a letter from the tax office saying that as a result of the audit Streetcars has been charged back-tax he admits the business could be in jeopardy. Given food for thought Becky sets up a meeting with a hotel manager about a possible account. Steve's thrilled, assuming he'll go to the dinner, but Becky counters this is her deal and she's determined to prove she can be professional.
Episode 7758
11. Episode 7758
December 15, 2011
Will Peter and Carla consummate their affair? Peter's in turmoil as Leanne fusses round him, determined to put him first and get their marriage back on track. Stealing a moment he calls Carla to apologise, admitting he couldn't tell Leanne the truth. Bitter Carla slams the phone down, he's made his choice it's over.
Episode 7757
10. Episode 7757
December 12, 2011
Will Peter keep his promise to Carla? Peter tells Carla he'll go home now, do what he has to do, then meet her later. But when he arrives back on the street and is met by an angry Ken and a panic-stricken Leanne and Simon it pulls at his heart strings. Peter's expecting Leanne to go on the attack but she blames herself for putting him under pressure and risking losing him.
Episode 7756
9. Episode 7756
December 12, 2011
Peter comes to a life-changing decision. As Leanne frets over a still absent Peter, he wakes at Carla's. As they talk about last night it's clear they didn't have sex but there's an intense bond between these two. It's like a new dawn for both as the burden of hiding their feelings has been lifted.
Episode 7755
8. Episode 7755
December 9, 2011
Peter grabs life by the horns. Ken's filled with dread as Dev reveals Peter took drink from the shop. Deciding to keep it from Leanne till he's found Peter he heads to the flat. But Peter's not there, Carla's took him to hers to talk. She's understanding and doesn't judge as Peter admits he's glad she found him.
Episode 7754
7. Episode 7754
December 9, 2011
Peter succumbs to his demons. It's Leanne and Peter's wedding anniversary but Peter's haunted by reminders of the tram crash and drains the remains of the vodka. At the crash site Peter asks Nick how he copes with what happened to Ashley. Admitting it spurs him on to make the most of his life Peter's thoughtful.
Episode 7753
6. Episode 7753
December 8, 2011
A day in the life of Peter Barlow, alcoholic. As Peter heads to the hospital, to visit his sponsor from AA who's had a relapse, it's clear he's still battling the cravings to drink himself. In the hospital he's shocked to see how far Jonno's health has deteriorated since he fell off the wagon and the prognosis isn't good.
Episode 7752
5. Episode 7752
December 5, 2011
Lloyd finds solace in Stella. With Karl still not answering his phone Stella's left to deal with the hen do alone. But just as the party descends into chaos Lloyd arrives and gets behind the bar. They make a good team and as they clear up at the end of the night Stella offers him a drink to say thanks.
Episode 7751
4. Episode 7751
December 5, 2011
Stella's abandoned in her hour of need. Stella's got her work cut out with Lloyd's accounts but after a long day it's done and he has the files to send off to audit. In awe Lloyd offers a heartfelt thankyou before Stella races back to the pub as she's got a hen do in.
Episode 7750
3. Episode 7750
December 2, 2011
Can Sally keep Sophie and Sian at home? Sophie pleads with her mum but Sally's word is final. Alone she reminds Sophie of her kiss with Amber, claiming it proves they're too young to get married. But fuelled by the clash with her parents Sophie urges Sian to run away to Scotland where they can marry without permission.
Episode 7749
2. Episode 7749
December 2, 2011
Sophie tries to convince her parents and herself. Sophie's in turmoil and is desperate to talk to Amber again but Amber insists there's nothing to say. Sophie's confused until Amber spells it out, their kiss meant nothing, she's not a lesbian.
Episode 7748
1. Episode 7748
December 1, 2011
Will Sophie confess her feelings for Amber? Sally's chuffed when Frank invites her to attend the meeting with Leydon. It's off the back of her work and when Leydon seeks assurances they can cope with such a sizeable order it's Sally who steps in to explain.
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