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Coronation Street 2010 was the 50th anniversary of the first airing of Coronation Street. It was celebrated with a number of special events including a live episode. a highlight of the 2010 series was when a tram crashed into Coronation Street creating a huge uproar and story line to entice viewers and fans of the show even more. Coronation Street is broadcast on the ITV and is also aired on PBS. It is a television soap opera program that is centered around a street called Coronation Street in Weeatherfield which is a fictional town which is based on Salford in Greater Manchester, England.

Coronation Street 2010 is a Drama series that is currently running and has 12 seasons (275 episodes). The series first aired on January 1, 2010.

Coronation Street 2010 is available for streaming on the ITV website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Coronation Street 2010 on demand at Amazon online.

12 Seasons, 275 Episodes
January 1, 2010
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Coronation Street 2010 Full Episode Guide

  • David's feeling ashamed of himself and is on edge around Tracy. Tracy enjoys flirting with him in front of his family in the pub and when Gail steps in to fend her off she takes huge delight in announcing what happened last night. David's mortified. Meanwhile Nick spends his birthday in a jealous sulk as Leanne fusses over Peter, clearly having forgotten the date. So when Tracy bumps into him he's in no mood for her games and shoves her, knocking her to the ground. Tracy follows him to the bookies and rows with him but the chemistry between them is palpable. Upset by Leanne's snub will Nick give into desire?

  • New Year's Eve Neither Steve, Lloyd nor Eileen want to work on New Year's Eve so they close the cab office. Jason arranges to meet Molly in the Rovers. Tyrone overhears and is immediately jealous. Molly and Tyrone have a row. Leanne kisses Peter under the mistletoe in the Rovers.

  • It's New Year's Eve and Rosie's in her hot pants and rollers skates as she gets ready for work. Sally looks a million dollars and Kevin tells her she's beautiful. When Molly finds out Kevin and Sally are spending New Year's Eve in the Rovers she also dresses up to the nines secretly hoping Kevin won't be able to resist her. Ryan and Sian lie to Sophie telling her they're spending the evening at Sian's dad's. Steve finds out from Claire that Becky doesn't want to have kids. He's gutted. Liz is disappointed with the turn out for the Rovers New Year's Eve party but she puts on a brave face. Michelle's delighted when Jake turns up in the Rovers out of the blue. Rosie on skates squirts the punters with cherry vodka from a water pistol. Graeme loves it. Sally stands on a chair in the Rovers and sings Total Eclipse of the Heart. Kevin watches her proudly. Molly has a face like thunder. Michelle, Jake and Sophie arrive back at Michelle's flat to find Ryan and Sian in bed together. Michelle's embarrassed and Sophie leaves very upset. Molly grabs a private word with Kevin. She accuses him of inventing Sally's cancer as an excuse to dump her. Kevin's furious with her and tells her to stay away from him in future. Molly's devastated. Steve asks Becky why she doesn't want children. She's evasive saying she just wouldn't make a good mother. Steve's upset. Sally and Kevin leave the pub all loved up. Molly watches quietly seething.

  • Tyrone sings along to the karaoke machine which gets on Molly's nerves. Becky finds herself press-ganged into going for a walk with Claire and the kids. Liz puts a poster up advertising New Year's Eve at the Rovers with a £5 per head entry fee. Steve reckons it's a bad idea and it'll put the punters off. Rosie drops some photos on the café floor. Sophie's horrified to see they're of Rosie scantily clad. Rosie explains she's applying to agencies to become a glamour model. Ken calls at Peter's with the mended bike. Simon's delighted. Ken tries to make peace and offers to baby-sit on New Year's Eve. Peter begrudgingly accepts. Sally and Kevin go for an appointment at the hospital. The nurse tells Sally she should have her operation within the next 4 weeks. It's Sian's birthday but her hopes of a romantic evening with Ryan are dashed when Sophie gives her tickets to a gig and invites herself along too. Sally asks the nurse what her chances of survival are but she's non-committal. Ken tells Deirdre he's getting a petition together opposing Peter's bar. Blanche scolds him for continually provoking Peter. Gail tells Joe she's accepted an offer on the house. Joe's thrilled. Kevin's worried sick about Sally. Bill wants to know what's bothering him.

  • Christmas Day - hour long special Tony and Carla exchange Christmas presents. He gives her the negligee he used to strangle Jed. Carla wonders why it's so creased. Joe puts the finishing touches to Gail's kitchen and gives her an expensive watch for Christmas. Tina's secretly worried about her dad's finances.

  • Jed tells Emily and Norris that he's come into some money and should soon be out of their hair. Norris is pleased. Rosie chats up Gary and reminds him about her birthday party. Jed finds Tony alone in the factory. He threatens to go the police and tell them what he knows about Jimmy, Tony's hired killer. Tony loses his temper and strangles Jed with a negligee. He then bundles Jed's lifeless body into a big wicker basket.

  • Peter swears he'll give up the drink and wants to be a decent father to Simon. He agrees to let Simon stay with Ken and Deirdre until he's sorted himself out. Jed and Maria discuss Tony Gordon. Maria's relieved to have found an ally. Michelle tells Steve she's got a gig on Christmas Eve. Steve tells her to go for it and they'll manage without her. Michelle's delighted.

  • Deirdre tells Leanne how Simon cried all night wanting his teddy. The police tell Maria there's no evidence against Tony and they won't be bringing any charges. Maria's angry. Norris wins a Polish Christmas hamper. Vicki is most impressed and offers to cook Christmas dinner. Emily thinks it's a terrific idea and suggests Jed and Mary join them too.

  • Hayley calls a meeting of the factory girls and persuades them cut Carla a bit of slack and give her a chance. Audrey and Norris arrive at the Weatherfield Traders' Association Christmas party. Audrey bumps into Claudia and her dashing other half Lewis. Tyrone surprises Molly with a huge Christmas tree. He tells her about the miserable Christmases he had as a child and how he wants this one to be special. Molly feels horribly guilty. Rosie's all dolled up in hot pants and a boob tube for her first night as a promotions girl. Kevin's unimpressed. Audrey's shocked when Claudia tells her that Lewis isn't her boyfriend but an escort. She gives Audrey Lewis's card. Ben feels uncomfortable around Michelle and decides it's time to move back home. Michelle explains to Ryan how Ben made a pass at her. Hayley, Julie, Sean and Fiz tells Carla they are willing to give her the benefit of the doubt. Carla's grateful. Gail and Joe set their wedding date - 8th January. Audrey's disapproving. Sally and Kevin are excited as they set off for Paris. Molly watches from a distance and cries. Audrey phones her grandson Nick to see how he is.

  • Simon tells Peter he's going to be the inn-keeper in the school nativity play. Peter promises he'll turn up to watch. Carla wants to sack Rosie for showing Tony the video on her phone but Tony persuades her it's best to just ignore it.

  • Kevin finds out that Tony's hitman Jimmy is the same guy who stole half his clients and tried to put him out of business. Michelle's suspicions of Carla grow. Norris makes a start on Graeme's window-cleaning round. Graeme, dressed as Buttons, shows him the ropes. Sunita agrees to see Dev. She tells him she's seriously thinking of stopping his access to the kids but she's prepared to give him one more chance. Norris gets Audrey to give him a hair-cut in readiness for the Weatherfield Traders' Christmas lunch. It's Tyrone's birthday but he's disappointed when Molly gives him a set of pyjamas and tells him she can't get the evening off work. Audrey tells Deirdre she's looking forward to the Weatherfield Traders' lunch as she's got her eye on a widower called Will who runs his own wholesale business. Michelle confronts Carla in the factory. Under pressure Carla lets slip that she knew all along Tony was Liam's murderer. Michelle goes ballistic and drags Carla out on to the street where they fight. The factory girls watch horrified. Sally surprises Kevin with a weekend in Paris but Kevin's furious telling her she'll have to cancel as they can't afford it. Sally's hurt. Carla's a nervous wreck as she pours herself a drink. She tells Hayley she really values her support but Hayley makes it clear she's disgusted with her and walks out. Carla sits and cries realising she hasn't a friend in the world.

  • Carla wonders what she did with her mobile. Tony says she must have lost it knowing full well he stole it. Tyrone's miserable. It's his birthday and Molly's refusing to speak to him. Steve looks like a tramp. Michelle's getting more and more annoyed with his attitude. Hayley persuades Roy they should open the café as a drop-in centre on Christmas Day and serve food and drink to the homeless.

  • Tony tells Carla that Jimmy's still alive. Carla's shocked and disgusted with Tony for letting her believe she'd killed Jimmy just to save his own skin. Matt calls to see Dev and makes it clear that if he continues to upset Sunita or the children he'll ban him from the house. Dev's fuming. Carla's worried wondering where Jimmy might be and if he'll come looking for her. Telling Tony he'll burn in eternity for what he's done, Carla leaves the prison. The casting for the pantomime takes place: John Stape Director Roy Cropper Prompt Hayley Cropper Costume Claire Peacock Cinderella Graeme Proctor Buttons Betty Williams Fairy Godmother Sean Tully Ugly Sister Lloyd Mallaney Ugly Sister Becky McDonald Dandini Ashley Peacock Prince CharmingBernie's sick of Dev moaning about Matt and Sunita and storms out of the pub. Peter gets a call from the Gazette asking for his side of the story. Peter's livid and marches round to have it out with Ken. Peter tells Ken what he thinks of him for going behind his back. Deirdre's disgusted with Ken too. Dev calls round to Sunita's again. He ends up rowing with Matt and Sunita threatens to stop his access to the children. Graeme's up a ladder fixing Emily's window when Freda excitedly tells Norris they've won £1k in a competition. Norris lets go of the ladder and Graeme loses his balance. Carla, alone in her flat, anxiously wonders where Jimmy might be.

  • Molly arrives home in a state having spent the night crying. Michelle's finding it impossible to talk to Steve who snaps at her for the slightest thing. Michelle's hurt and wonders why he's acting so strangely. Molly accuses Tyrone of having an affair with Minnie. Tyrone denies it. Eileen tidies the house in preparation for her dad's visit.

  • A row breaks out on the street between the Windasses and the Platts. Gail finds out how David ripped their kitchen out and how they stole hers in return. Tyrone joins a posh gym in an attempt to cover his tracks. Donna tells Eddie and Gary she doesn't want any trouble with the neighbours as she's fed up of being evicted.

  • Darryl packs his things and tells Teresa to do the same as the new tenants are due at No.6. Teresa sends Darryl out to get her some fags and while he's gone she barricades herself into the house. Molly clocks Tyrone chatting to Minnie. Molly's quietly jealous. The new tenants, the Windasses arrive at No.6 ready to move in. Darryl begs Teresa to come out of the house but she refuses to budge.

  • Maria's in turmoil wondering why Tony went ahead and married Carla if he knew she was having an affair with Liam. Darryl gets a call from Jerry to say he's let the house. Maria leaves a message on Tony's mobile telling him she needs to speak to him about Liam. Minnie drops her car into the garage. Tyrone flogs her a bottle of perfume. Kevin clocks the deal and orders Tyrone to take his knock-off goods home.

  • Kevin insists Rosie retracts her statement and apologises to Fiz and John. Steve lies to Becky and tells her that he called off the golfing bet with Dev. John's magnanimous and accepts Rosie's apology. The Websters and Stapes agree to suspend hostilities and steer clear of each other in the future. Leanne accepts an invitation to dinner at George and Eve's house. Peter worries that they are getting too friendly. Freda seeks Norris' help to win a cash prize in a competition. Norris refuses to assist her write a winning slogan. Eileen lets slip to Becky that Steve has gone to the golf course. Peter and Deirdre find they have different stories about where Ken has gone for the day. Dev and Steve begin their golf game. Steve's alarmed when Becky turns up and forces him to play badly and let Dev win. Dev's triumphant and gloats. Eileen recruits Jason and Jesse to help her get her own back on Eddie. Peter and Leanne are astonished to find the Wilsons live in an enormous house. Eddie's upset to see that his giant Santa has been removed from the front of No. 6. Deirdre confronts Ken, suspecting him of cheating again. He admits that he was embarrassed to tell her that he's working as a Father Christmas in a shop. George and Eve offer to lend Peter and Leanne the money to open their bar. Leanne's angry when Peter refuses the offer outright and insists they leave. Norris caves in and gives Freda a slogan for the competition.Leanne and Peter row about the Wilsons' offer. Peter refuses to be bought and accuses Leanne of being selfish. Leanne walks out.

  • In a panic Kevin heads downstairs. Sophie finds her mobile but is surprised to see her dad at home. She and Sian head back to school. Kevin and Molly are hugely relieved. Helen and Michelle confront Carla wanting to know if she already knew Tony was Liam's killer. Carla lies saying she had no idea. Lloyd begs Teresa to try and get on with Liz for his sake. Eddie and Anna put up their Christmas lights on the house. Gary's embarrassed as carols blare out from No.6. Claire calls a truce with Becky and suggests they should go to drama classes together. Becky's speechless. Rosie tells John she's thinking of going back to college. John's pleased but Fiz warns him that Rosie is bound to have an ulterior motive. Hayley tells Roy that Tony's been locked up and it's time to move on and forget about him. Teresa tries to be nice to Liz but it's clear the two women hate each other. They're soon trading insults and Liz bars Lloyd and Teresa from the Rovers. Helen, Barry, Maria and baby Liam set off back to Ireland. Kevin and Molly meet up and agree that they want to be together and it's time to break the news to their families.

  • Hayley starts her new job as manager of Underworld. Janice enjoys rubbing Sally's nose in the fact that she's been demoted back to machinist.Carla announces to the factory girls that from now on she's Carla Connor again. Michelle and Helen leave for court. Maria's too upset to go with them. Gail and Audrey have a heart to heart. Audrey's quick to point out Gail's terrible track record with men. But Gail's adamant she loves Joe and intends to marry him. Claire announces she's going to take up amateur dramatics. She shows Graeme her Charleston moves and he joins in. Ashley watches them bemused. Audrey warns Joe that if he doesn't treat Gail properly he'll have her to answer to. Pam tells Molly she needs to sort her marriage out. Molly's defensive. Michelle, Helen and Carla attend Tony's hearing at the magistrate's court. Helen screams at Tony, calling him a murdering bastard and has to be restrained. Molly and Kevin nip back to No.4. They're having sex in the Websters' bed when they hear noises downstairs. Sophie and Sian are home. Sophie heads upstairs looking for her mobile phone. Kevin and Molly freeze in the bedroom.

  • The factory girls arrive for work and are startled to find Carla there. Tony is interviewed by the police. He confesses to Liam's murder and the attempted murder of Roy and it's clear he regrets both incidents. Sally crawls to Carla hoping to be given the job of supervisor. Claire accuses Amy of teaching Joshua swear words. Becky and Claire fall out over it. Steve disappears for the day. Becky wants to know where he's been. Steve lies pretending he's been Christmas shopping. The police quiz Carla about Tony's accomplice. Carla plays dumb and fervently hopes that Jimmy's details aren't on Tony's computer. The police call round and tell Maria that Tony's been charged with Liam's murder. Rosie's pleased to see Carla in the café and tries to tap her up for a job but Carla's contempt for Rosie is evident. Rosie leaves in a huff. Carla summons Sally to the factory after work. Sally hopes she's going to make her supervisor and she's gutted to discover Carla's given the job to Hayley. Whilst Sally's out, Kevin and Molly have sex in the Websters' bed. Sally arrives home in tears saying how Carla humiliated her. Molly leaves and Sally's none the wiser thinking Kevin's been telling her off over the state of the garage accounts.

  • Steve tells Becky he wants to spend the rest of his life with her and he's going to break the news to Michelle today. Becky's ecstatic. Deirdre arrives back from Lourdes. Ken fills her in on the situation with Peter. Helen and Barry take Maria for her scan. The baby is fine and Maria cries tears of relief.

  • The factory girls are pleased to have Carla back. She tells them the wedding is back on for next week and they're all invited. David calls in the butchers and tells Graeme that Gail wants him to move out. Graeme's down-cast but cheers up when Ashley offers him a permanent job.

  • Steve's under pressure. Michelle wants him to get the Rovers ready for her parents' party whilst Becky wants him to testify for her in court. Amber says goodbye to Darryl and leaves for Finland. Dev realises he's over-stepped the mark. Barry takes Steve to one side and tells him the family would be delighted if he married Michelle. Steve's evasive.

  • Michelle asks Becky if she'll work behind the bar at her parents' party but Becky's evasive realising it clashes with her court case. Graeme starts work at the butchers. Ashley shows him the ropes. Dev and Amber are at loggerheads, neither willing to apologise to the other.

  • Hayley's finding it hard to adjust to life back in Weatherfield. Joe and Gail set off on their weekend away. Tina and David see them off. Hayley gives Becky a present from Africa. Becky's made up.

  • Tina, David and Graeme break into the Windasses. Norris enters a competition to meet Cliff Richard. Rita despairs of him. Nina rows with Dev over Tara. Dev's disgusted that Nina could have an affair with her daughter's boyfriend. Nina reminds him of their own affair. Amber overhears and is secretly appalled at her Dad's behaviour.

  • David barges past Carl Windass and jumps in Joe's van. He shows Joe the money he managed to get out of them (£500 and a cheque). Joe admonishes him for threatening the customers but he's impressed nonetheless. Prem finally relents and tells Dev that although he disapproves he is free to see Tara.

  • Peter shows the social worker in. Ken's appalled at Peter's intentions. Julie, Janice, Sean and Vicki confront Tony about their missing wages. He assures them it's just a problem with the bank and it's being sorted out. Julie's sceptical. Ken, Blanche and Peter argue over Simon's future.

  • Fiz can't find the cat but she comes across some girl's underwear. Immediately Fiz is suspicious thinking John must be having an affair. Maria questions Tom about Carla and Lad Rags. Tom admits that Carla is a partner in the business. Maria's upset wondering why they kept it a secret from her.