Coronation Street 2008

The 49th year of this long running English soap opera was one of the most famous in its history, with the residents of the fictional Manchester suburb of Weatherfield continuing to live their lives together. The lives of the people of Weatherfield have many problems including a hit and run murder and a series of problems with the families living on the famous cobbled street. The iconic Rovers Return pub is home to many of the fights and face offs that are found in every episode.

12 Seasons, 259 Episodes
January 2, 2008
Coronation Street 2008

Coronation Street 2008 Full Episode Guide

  • New Year's Eve Neither Steve, Lloyd nor Eileen want to work on New Year's Eve so they close the cab office. Jason arranges to meet Molly in the Rovers. Tyrone overhears and is immediately jealous. Molly and Tyrone have a row. Leanne kisses Peter under the mistletoe in the Rovers.

  • Peter wins his bet with Blanche and she pays him £20 for staying off the booze. Emily and Norris search in vain for Jed. However they find Jed's cat Sonny Jim and bring him home in a basket.

  • Tony persuades the police to let Maria go explaining how she's lost her husband and baby. The police agree and Fiz, Audrey and Emily are impressed at Tony's kindness. Maria's furious realising he's made her look madder than ever.

  • Maria tells Fiz how Tony threatened to kill her. Fiz is sympathetic but it's clear she thinks Maria's losing her mind. Liz drags Lloyd along to the Boxing Day Brazilian Crunch aerobics class. Joe gives Gail a bouquet of flowers as a peace offering. She forgives him. Dev finds Maria trying to post a letter to Tony through the factory door. She accidentally sets the alarm off. Dev realises she's in a state and takes her to the Rovers to calm her down. He phones Tony and tells him what's happened.

  • Christmas Day - hour long special Tony and Carla exchange Christmas presents. He gives her the negligee he used to strangle Jed. Carla wonders why it's so creased. Joe puts the finishing touches to Gail's kitchen and gives her an expensive watch for Christmas. Tina's secretly worried about her dad's finances.

  • Jed tells Emily and Norris that he's come into some money and should soon be out of their hair. Norris is pleased. Rosie chats up Gary and reminds him about her birthday party. Jed finds Tony alone in the factory. He threatens to go the police and tell them what he knows about Jimmy, Tony's hired killer. Tony loses his temper and strangles Jed with a negligee. He then bundles Jed's lifeless body into a big wicker basket.

  • Peter swears he'll give up the drink and wants to be a decent father to Simon. He agrees to let Simon stay with Ken and Deirdre until he's sorted himself out. Jed and Maria discuss Tony Gordon. Maria's relieved to have found an ally. Michelle tells Steve she's got a gig on Christmas Eve. Steve tells her to go for it and they'll manage without her. Michelle's delighted.

  • Deirdre tells Leanne how Simon cried all night wanting his teddy. The police tell Maria there's no evidence against Tony and they won't be bringing any charges. Maria's angry. Norris wins a Polish Christmas hamper. Vicki is most impressed and offers to cook Christmas dinner. Emily thinks it's a terrific idea and suggests Jed and Mary join them too.

  • Simon watches as Peter has to be man-handled out of the school hall. Blanche is upset whilst Ken's furious with his son. Rosie talks to a journalist about selling her kidnap story to the paper. Angry Michelle tells Carla what she thinks of her for sleeping with Liam.

  • Simon tells Peter he's going to be the inn-keeper in the school nativity play. Peter promises he'll turn up to watch. Carla wants to sack Rosie for showing Tony the video on her phone but Tony persuades her it's best to just ignore it.

  • The police question Tony about Liam's death. Tony denies any involvement and suggests that Maria's lost the plot. Leanne helps Peter decorate his Christmas tree with Simon. Donna's surprised the Salon isn't open later in the run up to Christmas. Natasha's given food for thought.

  • Tony doesn't answer but it's clear to Maria he's Liam's murderer. Tony tells Maria that Carla and Liam were having an affair for months. Steve persuades Eileen to step in and play Hia-Lowa, General Custard's sidekick and the children's entertainer agrees to go ahead with the party.

  • Carla wonders what she did with her mobile. Tony says she must have lost it knowing full well he stole it. Tyrone's miserable. It's his birthday and Molly's refusing to speak to him. Steve looks like a tramp. Michelle's getting more and more annoyed with his attitude. Hayley persuades Roy they should open the café as a drop-in centre on Christmas Day and serve food and drink to the homeless.

  • Molly arrives home in a state having spent the night crying. Michelle's finding it impossible to talk to Steve who snaps at her for the slightest thing. Michelle's hurt and wonders why he's acting so strangely. Molly accuses Tyrone of having an affair with Minnie. Tyrone denies it. Eileen tidies the house in preparation for her dad's visit.

  • Molly confronts Tyrone about the gym and demands to know what's really going on. Tyrone continues to lie. Molly's hurt and suspicious. Donna tells Eddie to call in at Street Cars and ask for a job. Maria starts back at the Salon. Audrey and Natasha do their best to keep Maria's mind off Liam and her conspiracy theory surrounding his death.

  • A row breaks out on the street between the Windasses and the Platts. Gail finds out how David ripped their kitchen out and how they stole hers in return. Tyrone joins a posh gym in an attempt to cover his tracks. Donna tells Eddie and Gary she doesn't want any trouble with the neighbours as she's fed up of being evicted.

  • Darryl packs his things and tells Teresa to do the same as the new tenants are due at No.6. Teresa sends Darryl out to get her some fags and while he's gone she barricades herself into the house. Molly clocks Tyrone chatting to Minnie. Molly's quietly jealous. The new tenants, the Windasses arrive at No.6 ready to move in. Darryl begs Teresa to come out of the house but she refuses to budge.

  • Maria's in turmoil wondering why Tony went ahead and married Carla if he knew she was having an affair with Liam. Darryl gets a call from Jerry to say he's let the house. Maria leaves a message on Tony's mobile telling him she needs to speak to him about Liam. Minnie drops her car into the garage. Tyrone flogs her a bottle of perfume. Kevin clocks the deal and orders Tyrone to take his knock-off goods home.

  • Maria's determined to find out the truth. She rifles through Liam's receipts looking for evidence. Michelle tries to convince her the video kiss could be from ages ago. Sally's hungover and Kevin and Rosie are cross with her for spilling the beans to Maria.

  • Steve purposely instigates a row with Michelle. Michelle strops off to the wedding alone. Steve's secretly pleased his plan is starting to work. Tony and Carla's wedding takes place. Carla looks a million dollars and Tony's the happiest man alive as they exchange vows. Pat is Tony's best man and Leanne is Carla's bridesmaid.

  • Carla and Leanne go shopping for a new wedding dress for Carla. Simon's refusing to go to school. Ken manages to talk him round and Peter again feels like a useless father. Steve puts his plan into action and does his best to annoy Michelle. However it doesn't work and Steve realises it's going to be harder than he thought.

  • Steve tells Becky he wants to spend the rest of his life with her and he's going to break the news to Michelle today. Becky's ecstatic. Deirdre arrives back from Lourdes. Ken fills her in on the situation with Peter. Helen and Barry take Maria for her scan. The baby is fine and Maria cries tears of relief.

  • The factory girls are pleased to have Carla back. She tells them the wedding is back on for next week and they're all invited. David calls in the butchers and tells Graeme that Gail wants him to move out. Graeme's down-cast but cheers up when Ashley offers him a permanent job.

  • Hour-long Special Carla arrives back from LA. Tony's surprised to see her. Carla quizzes Tony over the money he took from the joint account. He apologises and tells her he's got a cash flow problem as the flats aren't selling.

  • Steve's under pressure. Michelle wants him to get the Rovers ready for her parents' party whilst Becky wants him to testify for her in court. Amber says goodbye to Darryl and leaves for Finland. Dev realises he's over-stepped the mark. Barry takes Steve to one side and tells him the family would be delighted if he married Michelle. Steve's evasive.

  • Michelle asks Becky if she'll work behind the bar at her parents' party but Becky's evasive realising it clashes with her court case. Graeme starts work at the butchers. Ashley shows him the ropes. Dev and Amber are at loggerheads, neither willing to apologise to the other.

  • Amber's furious with Dev. She accuses him of buying the takeaway simply to split her and Darryl up. Tara goes to comfort her. Norris tells Emily how he's done some homework and it appears Mary Taylor is a frequent competition winner. Emily introduces Jed and tells Norris that he's moving in with them. Norris isn't happy.

  • Hayley's finding it hard to adjust to life back in Weatherfield. Joe and Gail set off on their weekend away. Tina and David see them off. Hayley gives Becky a present from Africa. Becky's made up.

  • Tina, David and Graeme break into the Windasses. Norris enters a competition to meet Cliff Richard. Rita despairs of him. Nina rows with Dev over Tara. Dev's disgusted that Nina could have an affair with her daughter's boyfriend. Nina reminds him of their own affair. Amber overhears and is secretly appalled at her Dad's behaviour.

  • Becky excitedly helps Roy prepare for Hayley's home-coming. Joe tells David he won't be able to pay him this week as the cheque they got from the Windasses won't clear. Amber introduces her friend Mini to Darryl in the takeaway.

  • David barges past Carl Windass and jumps in Joe's van. He shows Joe the money he managed to get out of them (£500 and a cheque). Joe admonishes him for threatening the customers but he's impressed nonetheless. Prem finally relents and tells Dev that although he disapproves he is free to see Tara.

  • Peter shows the social worker in. Ken's appalled at Peter's intentions. Julie, Janice, Sean and Vicki confront Tony about their missing wages. He assures them it's just a problem with the bank and it's being sorted out. Julie's sceptical. Ken, Blanche and Peter argue over Simon's future.

  • Ken's been up early looking after Simon. He's annoyed with Peter. Sally and Kevin fuss round Rosie who's secretly enjoying the attention. John keeps phoning Fiz from the police station where he's being held. Fiz makes it clear she doesn't want to speak to him.

  • Peter's got a hangover and Ken's annoyed with him. Ken arranges for Simon to play football with Joshua. Sophie takes Rosie her breakfast in bed and gives her a necklace she's bought with her birthday money. She tells Rosie about the post card which she sent.

  • Fiz catches up with Rosie outside the house. She calls the police. It's Sophie's birthday and Kevin and Sally are doing their best to be cheerful when the phone rings. It's Rosie. Sally cries tears of relief. John regains consciousness and staggers out of the house. He begs Fiz for forgiveness but Fiz ignores his pleas. The police arrest John.

  • Fiz can't find the cat but she comes across some girl's underwear. Immediately Fiz is suspicious thinking John must be having an affair. Maria questions Tom about Carla and Lad Rags. Tom admits that Carla is a partner in the business. Maria's upset wondering why they kept it a secret from her.

  • Maria quizzes Tom about Liam's calls to Carla. Tom covers saying Carla was just keeping tabs on the stag do. Tom lies saying he made some of the calls. Rosie's regained consciousness. She picks up the towel rail and forms a plan. John and Fiz arrive back from Whitby. John gives a couple a lift in his taxi, intending to call in at his grandmother's house when he's dropped them off.