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Love, death, heartbreak, laughter and tears can all be found on the U.K. soap opera Coronation Street. First broadcast in December of 1960, this veteran of the soap operas shows no signs of slowing down. The stories, fresh from the headlines, focus of the residents of Coronation Street in the fictional town of Salford, in the United Kingdom. From the first simple black and white episode, focusing on the struggles of a working class boy, Kenneth Barlow to the current day gritty realism, the residents of Coronation Street fight the ups and downs of life each day.

From the happy times of love, marriage and babies to the darker times of betrayal, infidelity, murder and prison sentences—through it all, the families of Coronation Street pull together. With humor, love and grit their spirits guide them through ready to face whatever exciting turn comes next.

Coronation Street 2013 is a Drama Soaps series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (107 episodes). The series first aired on January 2, 2013.

Coronation Street 2013 is available for streaming on the ITV Global Entertainment Ltd. website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Coronation Street 2013 on demand at Amazon online.

ITV Global Entertainment Ltd.
5 Seasons, 107 Episodes
January 2, 2013
Drama Soaps
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Coronation Street 2013 Full Episode Guide

  • Rob tries his best to bluff his way out but Carla's got him banged to rights. Peter wants Carla to call the police but she refuses and instead orders Peter retrieve the stolen silk from the lock-up.

  • Tina begs Izzy to try and forgive Gary for the sake of the baby. Steve and Michelle are taken aback when Katy and Ryan appear from the bedroom. Ryan explains that Katy and Joseph have moved in for a couple of weeks.

  • Tina is rushed to hospital. Tommy goes with her in the ambulance. Visibly upset, Izzy announces to Anna and Owen how Gary made a pass at Tina. Gary's deeply embarrassed.

  • When Owen offers Tina a pay rise if she'll return to the yard, she turns him down point blank. Gary tries to blame Tina's hormones but Izzy's unconvinced. Anna offers to mind Joseph so Katy can attend the Rovers opening party with Ryan.

  • Tracy relays the whole sorry story of her 'ordeal', explaining that two thugs stole the van containing the silk.

  • Carla's feeling guilty for demoting Rob, but Peter points out he wouldn't have a job at all without her. Carla's unconvinced. Rob prepares for work but assures Tracy that he will get even with Carla.

  • Embarrassed Ryan makes a swift exit. Unsure how much he heard, Tina and Gary are nevertheless panic-stricken that Izzy will find out their secret. Peter's furious with Rob and Tracy.

  • Owen berates Katy for kissing Ryan in the street and for palming Joseph off onto Anna. Katy flips and gathering up Joseph's things, announces they're off to stay at Ryan's.

  • Tim breaks the news to Faye that he can't afford to pay for her school trip. Faye's gutted and asks Anna if she'll lend Tim the money. Anna's torn. Stella remains frosty towards Gloria.

  • Desperate to forget the disastrous kiss with Tina, Gary spoils Izzy with a cooked breakfast telling her she's the best girlfriend in the world. When Eva arrives back from Ibiza, she's horrified to see a 'for sale' board outside the Rovers.

  • Izzy and Gary make up and Izzy insists Gary must go to his army reunion and enjoy himself. Worried that the baby might inherit his epilepsy gene, David wonders if there's a test they could do on the baby to find out.

  • Max does his best to wake David but can't. He finds David's mobile. Nick's alarmed when Max phones and tells him David's fallen over in the park and seems to be asleep.

  • Nursing hangovers, Stella, Karl and Gloria discuss Owen's threat to sue. Stella reckons she owes him an apology. Faye clears up the takeaway from the night before and gets herself ready for school.

  • Owen continues to threaten Karl but Karl refuses to budge. Finally heeding Anna's pleas, Owen drops the hammer and storms out, Anna following. Gary calls at Tina's flat and promises her he'll make sure she gets her surrogacy payment somehow.

  • When Kylie feels a twinge, David panics but Kylie explains it's the baby kicking. David puts out his hand and feels the baby kick too, insisting Nick does the same. Kylie and Nick are mortified but have no choice but to go along with it.

  • Stella's beside herself as she explains to Leanne how the cheque she's given Owen is sure to bounce, she can't pay Kevin's rent and they're going to be homeless. When Steve places some complicated bets, Rob struggles with the maths and Peter enjoys belittling him. Rob's left fuming.

  • Eileen runs along side the train. Paul spots her through the window but it's too late, the train pulls out. Eileen breaks down in anguish and Jason tries to comfort her. Owen shows Stella and Karl all the work he's done in the Rovers and asks Stella for the next instalment of money.

  • Izzy makes excuses to swerve antenatal class. She tells Tina that Gary will attend and he can fill her in later. Anna's concerned. Carla does her best to make Peter see that Rob could be good for his business. She assures him that he's still in charge. Peter's unconvinced.

  • Peter's furious to realise Carla's gone behind his back and bought Leanne's share of the bookies. Carla insists she's done him a massive favour. Tommy suggests to Izzy she needs to keep an eye on Gary. Izzy's bemused.

  • Leanne tells Peter she wants him to buy her share of the bookies, but Peter tells her he can't afford to. Ryan gets ready to go clubbing. Katy arrives home and announces to Owen that she and Chesney are over for good as he's still jealous of Ryan and clearly doesn't trust her.

  • Katy and Chesney arrange to meet up later. Both pleased that their relationship seems to be getting back on track. Faye apologises to Tim for her lies about Anna and worries that he'll think she's a horrible person. Tim assures her it's water under the bridge.

  • Owen's incredulous as Anna explains how she doesn't want Faye to grow up hating her and if that means going to live with her dad then so be it. Chesney and Sinead are getting on well but when Katy and Izzy arrive in the bistro, the atmosphere becomes strained.

  • Anna's beside herself, worried she could lose Faye altogether. Owen assures her that won't happen. Having seen Dev's advert for a nanny, Mary applies for the job. Dev agrees to interview her and Sophie's amused.

  • Owen puts the broken telly in a box for the tip. Faye sulks and refuses to eat her breakfast despite Anna's pleas. Eileen tries to give Paul their holiday tickets but he insists she keeps them and suggests she takes Julie instead. Julie's thrilled.

  • Jason's shocked when he spots Karl and Stella in an affectionate exchange. Dev informs Steve that his official period of mourning is over, but he still doesn't feel ready to move on with his life. Steve's sympathetic.

  • Sophie helps Dev get the kids ready for Sunita's funeral and offers them some comforting words. Dev's grateful. Paul returns to work and Eileen does her best to hide her worries.

  • Putting on a brave face, Eileen apologises for her wobble and promises Paul her full support. Fiz returns to work at the factory. The girls are pleased to have her back. Julie apologises again to Fiz, desperately sorry for siding with Kirsty over her.

  • Paul tells Eileen that he's returning to work tomorrow. Eileen hides her concern, but deep down she's worried about his doing such a dangerous job. Stella hires Owen to rebuild the burnt out Rovers. Deirdre wishes Ken a Happy Anniversary and hands him a card.

  • Izzy and Gary excitedly show Owen and Anna their scan photo and tell them that it's a boy. Gary pops out to get a bottle of fizz to celebrate. Rita and Roy are appalled to discover Sylvia's been making hash cakes and sharing them with Dennis.

  • Sophie calls to see Dev and offers her condolences. It's clear Dev hasn't slept. Sylvia hands Dennis some hash cakes explaining she made them herself as Stan didn't have time. Dennis is grateful.

  • Dev keeps a vigil by Sunita's bed. The consultant explains that they've had to sedate her but she has definitely shown some signs of progress. Sylvia works in the café, but she's clearly spaced out on hash brownies. Gary and Izzy are excited about Tina's next scan.

  • Stella and Karl continue to kiss but they quickly leap apart when Jason arrives. Eileen mentions her concerns about Paul's state of mind to Dr Carter who promises to have a chat with him. Dennis is amused to hear how some of Sylvia's hash brownies have been bought by unsuspecting customers until he finds out one of them is Rita.

  • Tyrone cradles Ruby, glad to be home but emotional and depressed after his ordeal. Fiz is concerned for him. Paul is quiet and withdrawn and Eileen is worried, wishing she could do something to help. Julie tries to talk to Fiz in the Kabin but Fiz gives her short shrift and Julie realises she's got some serious bridge-building to do with her old friend.

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