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Before Pirate King Bruce died, he hid billions in stolen loot on a doomed planet. Now, the galaxy's most infamous criminal must dodge government goons, a hottie investigator, and deadly android Lolitas to get his hands on the booty!

1 Season, 12 Episodes
July 3, 2006
Animation & Cartoon
Cast: Akio Ôtsuka, Ken'yû Horiuchi, Tomokazu Seki, Lowell Bartholomee
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Coyote Ragtime Show Full Episode Guide

  • As Marciano and Mister come face-to-face with Bruce's legacy, we learn that Mister is driven by more than money. As the seconds tick away, he offers give Marciano the whole $10 billion if she'll spare the Coyotes and let them go before the bomb goes off.

  • Now that tensions have reached the boiling point, it looks like total annihilation is inevitable. But Mister isn't giving up - and neither is Marciano in her quest to get her hands on him.

  • Between bouts of bickering, Swamp and Bishop are on a mission to board the spaceship Jupiter and disarm the bomb before Planet Graceland goes BOOM!

  • Angelica and Chelsea are finally on the road to Graceland - provided they can manage to keep their rented heap of space junk on course. Meanwhile, the Coyotes finally have a plan. Problem is, the plan involves teaming Bishop and Swamp together.

  • Time is almost up, and Marciano is getting tired of playing games with the Coyotes. So now, it's time to get ugly. She sends The 12 Sisters out in force, with lasers blasting and bullets blazing all the way.

  • It's a race against time - and the enemy - as the Coyotes and Marciano try to beat each other to Graceland. Meanwhile, Angelica is still in the dark, trying to figure out where the Coyotes are going and why.

  • In the hopes of finding the location of the hidden treasure, Mister and the Coyotes crack open Franca's pendant, which contains a video record of Bruce's criminal exploits.

  • As Marciano and the 12 Sisters turn up the heat on the Coyotes, Mister realizes that he has no hope of finding the treasure without some help from Swamp Gordon, Bruce's former right-hand-man. Trouble is, Swamp has gone undercover as a preacher man.

  • Before Pirate King Bruce died, he had one last wish: to make sure that his daughter, Franca, would be taken care of by Mister. After Mister's jail break, he shows up at the Pirate Hideout, a seedy bar run by Franca.

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