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In this horror anthology series, a mysterious "story collector" introduces a new scary story in each episode. Although each story features a new plot and a different cast of characters, some settings are featured in multiple stories. The series is available on Netflix.

1 Season, 13 Episodes
October 31, 2017
Comedy, Family, Fantasy
Cast: Victoria Diamond
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Creeped Out Full Episode Guide

  • As Ace starts to make sense of his few memories of his past, a plan comes together to get him home, but plans don't always go to plan.

  • Ace is an amazing aromaologist in an old-fashioned circus, but just how did he get there and where does he really belong?

  • Esme, the world's worst babysitter, takes a job with a nice new family, however this time she could be out-foxed.

  • Spud and Thomas go for a ramble through the woods looking for a den.

  • On a girl scout trip to woodland, Dent really wishes she could call a cab home.

  • Have you ever felt uncomfortable in your own skin? What if there were a reason for that? One that you wished you never went searching for... Pearl dreams of the sea, she sees it and hears it - but what is it that is calling her?

  • Do you believe in fate? Is there really something out there shaping our every decision? Or are we the ones in charge of shaping our own future? Vincent takes a trip back to his father's family home, but as he checks out the house he finds there is something unexplained lurking in the cellar.

  • All Kym wants is to be accepted by the popular gang at school.The arrival of her perfect new phone gives her a helping hand, but soon everything starts to unravel. Is it a glitch in the technology or something stranger?

  • In Trolled, Sam has a promising future ahead of him at school, but money troubles and jealousy of his friends get the better of him. When Sam starts posting cruel messages anonymously on the school social media site, he soon understands the true meaning of being a troll.

  • Stu cheats his mum into getting a day off sick from school - but he finds out the hard way what the creepy old lady in the house across the road is up to.

  • Have you ever been embarrassed by your family? Have you ever wished they were different people? Jessie is fed up with her embarrassing family and makes a deal with a worrisome puppet.

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