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This show takes a food tour though China. The viewer will get to watch the cooks make authentic foods. They will get to see the host taste the different native foods and describe how they taste to the viewers. This food is a lot different than the Chinese food Americans are used to seeing.

TVF International
1 Season, 2 Episodes
January 1, 2005
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  • Meet Lee Lian Yan, one of the bravest men in China who climb as high as 60 metres, without any form of support, risking his life for one thing- the bird's nests that could be found in many hidden parts of the caves of Huaiji. Edible bird's nests are highly regarded in places like China, Hong Kong and Singapore. Hong Kong on average consumes up to 100 tons of birds nest every year. It is an industry worth US $90 million. Along with Bird's nests are three other prized foods of China- Abalone, Shark's Fins and Sea Cucumber.

  • What is it that drives the Chinese to create magnificence out of raw food ingredients? What are some of the food inventions that mark the Chinese character? Have a taste of the Chinese ingenuity and find out what it means to have a good Chinese meal! Meet the protagonists of modern China who seek to preserve the legends and heritage of these inventions.

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