Dance Mums UK

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Dance Mums UK is a reality program focusing on a children's dance studio. Each episode shows how the kids prepare for each dance competition. Along the way, the viewer will usually be witness to some tension between the children's mothers and the dance instructors. As the drama escalates, the children will usually try to do their best to remain professional. By the end of an episode, the instructors, mothers and students will all come together to actually perform in the dance competition. Finally, the children will be ranked within a pyramid. The dancers who did the best will be placed on the top of the pyramid.

1 Season, 8 Episodes
March 17, 2015
Dance Mums UK

Dance Mums UK Full Episode Guide

  • One week before their trip to Portugal for the Dance World Cup, Jen gives each of her dancers a solo routine.

  • The Dance Mums head to Portugal.

  • Jen mixes things up and alters the group dynamic by bringing in two boys and their mums. Plus, it's "solo challenge week."

  • Jen declares this week as "Street Dance" week then she shocks everyone with a huge announcement.

  • Jen breaks down in tears in a week in which she expels Chloe Sr's mum Carol and sees one girl taken to the ER.

  • Jen holds auditions to fill the gap left by Chloe Sr, whose mum got her kicked off the team.

  • Jennifer has her plate full as Charlotte storms out of the studio. Carol loses her temper with Aleah's mum, Danielle.

  • Jennifer Ellison and her Dance Academy girls compete against the best in the competitive world of dance.