Day Break Illusion

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Day Break Illusion takes places in a plagued world full of creatures and demons who thrive on individuals who show their negative emotions, which transforms these affected people into monsters. Several young girls who share special bloodlines with each other share the fate of wielding the ancient power of an Elemental Tarot skill to destroy these creatures.

1 Season, 13 Episodes
July 6, 2013
Cast: Mai Kadowaki, Eri Kitamura, Sora Tokui, Yuiko Tatsumi, Aya Endo
Day Break Illusion

Day Break Illusion Full Episode Guide

  • Within the Clessidra, Akari keeps reliving the 2nd anniversary of her mother's death. Akari keeps trying to find answers from Fuyuna, who she ended up killing and to choose her own fate. Also, Seira, Luna, and Ginka try to save their friend, Akari as they all go into the final battle.

  • Being forced out of Sefiro Fiore, Akari and the others head to the Mansion of Fortune-telling seeking help. Feeling lost and helpless, Seira continues to search for Luna alone and eventually finds her, but... Meanwhile, Akari finds out about her birth from Etia and is shocked...

  • After fighting with her "counterpart card", Ginka was annihilated. Sefiro Fiore has become silent, as if it's now an empty void. Due to fright and shock, Luna locks herself in her room. Because of that, Etia allows her to go back home to her family's villa. Being back where she is comfortable, she starts to remember her older sister Serena and...

  • Akari and the others are summoned to the meeting room and are informed that if they fight someone with the same card power as they have, that causes an phenomenon called annihilation and causes the power and existence of the other card holder to disappear. The new recruits are shaken by this fact, and talk about how they should face their counterparts. Finally, the mysterious man makes a move with a certain card in his hand...

  • After fighting alongside Priscilla and Meltina, Seira feels even stronger about it being useless for Akari to hear the voices of the Daemonia. Meanwhile, Seira and Ginka go out shopping and coincidentally meet two girls. The girls are total opposites from each other, but they are the best of friends. Seeing them reminds Seira of her best friend Manami...

  • Ginka's father, Yataro, has come to visit Sefiro Fiore. His discount store chain, "Sancho Panza" is a hit and so he invites Ginka and the other newbies to a party. There, Ginka and Yataro reunite with someone they know. They find out that their benefactor, Honda, is about to file for bankruptcy. The two worry about Honda and...

  • After Akari finds out that she can hear the voices of the Daemonia, she decides that she will participate in the fight so she can find her own answer. Meanwhile, a girl name Kiyone who goes to the Nagataki Art College was getting ready for the upcoming exhibition.

  • With her memories returned, Akari runs away from the organization, saying she can't fight anymore. Admist all of that, a Daemonia appears. Despite having no other choice but to fight, Akari tries to run away from the fight. Just as she is in danger, Meltina and Priscilla show up to save her, but for some reason, Akari stops them from attacking the Daemonia...

  • Akari, who has been brought to Sephiro Fiore, finds out about the organization from Etia as well as the fact that she is a user of the "Elemental Tarot." Akari was confused and unsure of what to do with all of this new information, until she had found out that her mother, Hinata, had the same powers. That fact helped Akari with her resolve and she joins her fellow newcomers, Seira, Ginka, and Luna as they head off to fight the Daemonias.

  • Akari lives with her aunt and uncle and her cousin, Fuyuna. She looks up to her mother, Hinata, who had passed away a few years back. Her mother was a fortune teller and Akari has been obsessed with Tarot cards lately to be just like her. Suddenly, unfortunate things start happening around Akari. One night, a terrifying monster attacks Akari as she sleeps. It was then that the Tarot card, "The Sun" started shining and...