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  • TV-14
  • 1969
  • 7 Seasons
  • 8.1  (1,473)

Decker is a show that premiered on Adult Swim in 2014, starring Tim Heidecker as the titular character Jack Decker, a highly-skilled CIA agent who has a penchant for undercover work and a strong sense of patriotism. Decker is directed by Joe Estevez and produced by Gregg Turkington, both of whom appear on the show as recurring characters.

The show follows Decker as he embarks on a series of missions to protect America's national security from various threats posed by international villains. He is aided in his missions by his partner Jonathan Kington, played by Turkington, who serves as Decker's trusty sidekick and comic relief. Together, they work to foil terrorist plots, uncover government conspiracies, and take down dangerous criminal organizations.

The show is presented as a parody of action-adventure television shows and movies from the 1980s and 1990s, complete with low-budget special effects, wooden acting, and hokey dialogue. It is filmed in a deliberately amateurish style, with noticeable continuity errors, jarring jump cuts, and abrupt scene transitions. The show also features a deliberately cheesy soundtrack that adds to its nostalgic charm.

Despite its intentionally shoddy production values, Decker is a highly entertaining and irreverent show that manages to deliver plenty of laughs and thrills. The show strikes a perfect balance between spoofing the genre it parodies and delivering genuine suspense and excitement. Fans of the show appreciate the clever writing, wacky characters, and absurd humor that make it stand out from other action-adventure shows.

One of the hallmarks of Decker is its use of real-world political events and figures as plot points and characters in the show. The show is often critical of the government and its policies, and it is not afraid to poke fun at the absurdities of the political landscape. For example, in one episode, Decker must prevent a nuclear attack on America by North Korea, while in another, he must confront a conspiracy involving a wealthy donor to a Republican candidate for president. The show's use of satire and parody to critique contemporary politics is one of its defining features.

Another key aspect of Decker is its use of metafictional elements, which add another layer of humor to the show. Throughout the series, the characters frequently break the fourth wall, commenting on the show's production or addressing the audience directly. These moments of self-awareness serve to further blur the line between reality and fiction, and add to the show's overall absurdity.

Overall, Decker is a hilarious and entertaining show that offers a unique take on the action-adventure genre. Its intentionally cheesy production values and self-aware humor make it a standout series that will appeal to fans of satire and parody. If you're in the mood for a good laugh, Decker is definitely worth checking out.

Decker is a series that is currently running and has 7 seasons (61 episodes). The series first aired on .

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The Animated Adventures of Jack Decker: Pilot
12. The Animated Adventures of Jack Decker: Pilot
September 17, 2020
The animated adventures of Jack Decker.
Decker Cast Reunion
11. Decker Cast Reunion
September 17, 2020
The cast of Decker reunites to greet their loyal fans.
Decker: Port of Call: Hawaii - The Movie
10. Decker: Port of Call: Hawaii - The Movie
September 17, 2020
From the mind of Tim Heidecker comes an action-packed middle finger to terrorists everywhere. Co-starring Joe Estevez and Gregg Turkington.
The Perfect Cover
9. The Perfect Cover
September 17, 2020
Kington's double life almosts costs him his life.
Ready to Jump
8. Ready to Jump
September 17, 2020
Risking life and limb, Kington makes like James Bond toward Dracula's lair.
The Meeting
7. The Meeting
September 17, 2020
An intense meeting between patriots doubles as a touching tribute to Robin Williams.
Matinee Mastry
6. Matinee Mastry
September 17, 2020
Calm and collected, Kington springs Decker at a time of least convenience.
Bye Bye Love
5. Bye Bye Love
September 17, 2020
An urgent message threatens to derail Kington's plans.
Taking the Bait
4. Taking the Bait
September 17, 2020
Kington's love of film sets up his potential downfall.
Message From The President
3. Message From The President
September 17, 2020
The "Leader of the Free World" seeks sensitive intel from a trusted source.
Facing Dracula
2. Facing Dracula
September 17, 2020
Kington brings nerves of steel to a meeting of real monsters.
Kington's Sacrifice
1. Kington's Sacrifice
September 17, 2020
A breach of security prompts a cruel and fateful decision.
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    8.1  (1,473)