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"Design on a Dime" is a classic of HGTV. In the early days, HGTV had too few shows to fill all of its airtime and the budgets were extremely low, often $500 or less. After the channel became a little more established, this showed aired with the relatively posh budget of $1000 for a makeover. It allowed for better quality of design while still being well within reach of the average do-it-yourselfer looking for tips, inspiration, and ideas.

Each episode pools the talents of three design professionals with diverse backgrounds. The cast of designers periodically changed, giving the audience exposure to different approaches and viewpoints. The show starts with a consultation with the client, a tour of the space to be made over and some discussion about goals and dreams. It then drops in on a planning session amongst the designers where strategy is discussed and each of the three designers contributes their unique take and agrees to do a specific portion of the makeover, contributing their unique skills.

The show then follows each designer around as they shop for affordable resources and use creativity and elbow grease to cover any budgetary shortfalls. They walk you through their problem solving processes step by step, whether shopping for just the right piece of secondhand furniture or how to fill in with homemade art pieces. They run into the occasional hiccup in their plans and share how they solved it and still stayed on budget. In the wrap up, they run through a detailed budget and tell you where the money went.

This is one of the best HGTV series ever created for the DIY crowd. It contains a wealth of tips and how to's while raising the bar on quality in terms of visual appeal and creative problem solving. The show was born during that wonderful time when HGTV was successful enough to have more than a shoestring budget but had not yet grown away from its roots as inspiration and education for the DIY crowd.

14 Seasons, 129 Episodes
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Design on a Dime Full Episode Guide

  • Casey Nobel and Joel West turn a forgotten room into a chic family space.

  • Casey Nobel and Joel West bring feminine glamour to a bland bedroom.

  • Casey and Joel create a hip, young living space for a couple of newlyweds.

  • Casey and Joel create an elegant master bedroom suite.

  • Casey Noble and Joel West bring new life to an outdated living room.

  • Casey and Joel create a cozy, warm master bedroom with Middle Eastern flare.

  • Casey is tasked with the challenge of fusing Angela's love of sparkle with Russ' appreciation for everything vintage in one cohesive design plan.

  • Casey shares cost saving secrets in a holiday-inspired room.

  • Casey and Joel bring fresh and modern Spanish style to a dark bedroom.

  • Casey and Joel bring vibrant vintage style to a bland, dingy kitchen. Jami would love to see the kitchen transformed from a dingy off-white eyesore into a colorful, personality-filled kitchen she's excited to cook in and proud to entertain in.

  • Casey and Joel will bring this modern, eclectic living room to life.

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