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Various nursery rhymes are put to music.

Disney Junior
1 Season, 49 Episodes
November 1, 2017
Animation & Cartoon, Kids & Family, Music
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Disney Junior Music Nursery Rhymes Full Episode Guide

  • Get ready to sing along to your favorite nursery rhymes featuring Mickey Mouse and his friends!

  • Fancy Nancy dreams that a gathering of ladybugs accompany her through her colorful dreamland.

  • Bingo and Rolly try to help Bob's spring cleaning but their version of help involves a lot more playing.

  • Fancy Nancy tries to show Frenchy all the things she loves about France by taking him on an imaginary field trip through Paris.

  • While digging holes in search of a bone Bingo buried, Bingo and Rolly discover a lot of buried treasures along the way!

  • Bird pandemonium ensues as each Muppet plays a role in the classic Christmas carol.

  • Bingo, Rolly and Keia try to spin a dreidel but it's hard to do with paws! Can Bob help get the fun started?

  • On Christmas Eve, Doc's toys decide to hide themselves amongst her presents.

  • While decorating for Christmas, Fancy Nancy and Bree try to make sure everything sparkles and shines - with LOTS of glitter!

  • On Christmas Eve, Bingo and Rolly accidentally knock their tree over and rush to fix it before Santa arrives!

  • Mickey and Minnie set out on a festive sleigh ride to bring gifts to Summer, Fancy Nancy, Vampirina, Bingo and Rolly!

  • Fancy Nancy helps her little sister, JoJo, get ready for bed.

  • Bingo, Rolly and Keia set sail to find the perfect tropical refreshment for Bob.

  • Vampirina and Demi set out for a peaceful night time flight and trace out beautiful constellations in the sky.

  • Vampirina, Demi and Gregoria decide to get creative with the ingredients for the stew they're making. Maybe a little too creative...

  • On a rainy, stormy night, Vampirina hosts a sleepover.

  • Minnie and Daisy try to give Jack the cat a bath but he's too fast to catch!

  • Vampirina decides to put on a play with her friends but a key prop keeps crashing down!

  • Mickey conducts Vampirina, Kermit, Fancy Nancy, Bingo and Rolly as they play musical instruments.

  • Whenever Piggy makes a PB&J sandwich, they disappear! Does someone else like PB&J as much as her?

  • The Happy Helpers assist three little kittens in finding their mittens so they can eat some pie!

  • After packing her basket full of tea party items, Fancy Nancy accidentally leaves a trail behind on her way to a tea party for Bree.

  • Kermit tries to ask Piggy to accompany him to a dance.

  • Mickey and Minnie work together to climb a hill so they can fetch water for a thirsty cow.

  • Lambie tries to knit the perfect sweater for Doc but she's pretty new to knitting!

  • Summer tries to be supportive of Gonzo's new friendship with a potato.

  • Minnie and Daisy are driving across the London Bridge when it begins to crumble around them so they decide to fix it!

  • Kion and a baby baboon have a fun game of chase as they run in circles around the mulberry bush.

  • Each Muppet Baby plays a part in bringing an imaginary bus to life to set off on an epic adventure.

  • The Muppet Babies learn their ABCs.

  • Mickey rides his tractor to visit all the animals on the farm.

  • Bingo and Rolly try to surprise Bob by decorating a cake for his birthday.

  • Mickey Mouse hosts a celestial symphony.

  • Doc and her toys help Doc's little sister Mia fall asleep.

  • The Muppet Babies have a great time while making music together.

  • Cedric conjures up rain clouds that spoil Sofia's sunny day in the garden.

  • Minnie tries to throw Mickey a surprise party for his birthday.

  • When Itsy Bitsy Spider can't seem to get up the water spout, the Happy Helpers step in.

  • Goofy tries to enjoy a calm boat ride but the stream he's rowing merrily down has a mind of its own.

  • Lambie wants to show Doc her new dance routine but Doc is having a particularly hectic day in the clinic.

  • Bingo and Rolly have a blast while visiting a farm.

  • Kermit tries to lead Animal into a calm version of "If You're Happy and You Know It" but Animal has his own take on the song.

  • Miles sets off on a galactic adventure as he chases a star in the sky.

  • Doc and Lambie play a game of hide-and-seek.

  • Kion gets his hands full watching five rambunctious baby baboons.

  • While playing in the garden with Sofia, Clover smells a flower that sets off a sneezing fit.

  • When Humpty Dumpty keeps getting into precarious situations, Goldie and Bear do everything they can to keep him safe.

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