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An animated comedy show about humans held captive in an alien zoo.Don't Feed the Humans is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (17 episodes). The series first aired on January 12, 2020.Don't Feed the Humans is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Don't Feed the Humans on demand atHulu, NBC, FuboTV, YouTube online.

1 Season, 17 Episodes
January 12, 2020
Animation & Cartoon
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Don't Feed the Humans Full Episode Guide

  • Head zookeeper Horf has a meltdown that becomes a problem for the humans.

  • Head zookeeper Horf brings the humans home to meet his family.

  • Primus doesn’t trust the humans’ new zoomates…or their apparatus.

  • When June is kidnapped, Jack, Primus and the Caveman go in search of her…and find an old friend…sort of.

  • Jack has an identity crisis when he discovers he was born in captivity.

  • See how Earl was abducted for the zoo in our first "Origins" story.

  • It's Season 2 and The Professor just isn't herself - literally. And Horf has father issues.

  • The humans may finally escape the zoo.

  • It becomes obvious that one of the humans isn't thrilled about escaping the zoo.

  • The humans get help from a totally unexpected source.

  • A human rights organization shakes things up at the zoo.

  • An obnoxious reporter lives with the humans for a few days.

  • The arrival of a new "human" makes Primus realize he has feelings for someone.

  • Horf creates merchandise and zoo souvenirs based on humans.

  • A simple change in diet creates problems for the humans.

  • The alien zookeeper's interpretation of a human birthday party is more than just a little off.

  • The alien zookeepers want the humans to put on a mating display to bring in more revenue...and most of them aren't happy about it.