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The show Duck Quacks Don't Echo is a game show where players have to answer science related questions and other odd knowledge questions. The show is hosted by comedian Tom Papa who asks the questions. The winner of the show gets the Golden Quack Award.

Monday 10:00 PM et/pt on National Geographic
1 Season, 14 Episodes
January 13, 2014
Animals, Learning & Education
Cast: Michael Ian Black, Seth Herzog, Tom Papa, Jake Daehler
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Duck Quacks Don't Echo Full Episode Guide

  • Michael brings in heavy artillery for his experiment: Is it possible to climb a wall using ordinary vacuum cleaners? And Seth brings an amusing fact to the table: Is it possible that after a conversation with an attractive woman, men get ... dumber?

  • Seth believes there are certain dance moves that women find more attractive. To test this theory, the guys show off their dance skills to a few gracious audience volunteers. And Tom proves that when you're scared, you literally get cold feet.

  • Tom engages in a battle of the sexes to try to determine if women are better than men at remembering directions.

  • Seth tries to prove that the more a pool smells like chlorine, the dirtier it is.

  • Michael tries to prove that swearing helps increase pain tolerance.

  • Seth tries to prove if wings are better than telephonic technology.

  • Tom, Michael and Seth prove that: A rock shot from a lawnmower can have the same force as a bullet from a 9mm handgun. You can bend a stream of water with static electricity from a balloon.

  • Tom, Michael and Seth prove that: The color red enhances men's attraction to women. You can survive a 13' drop if you're wrapped in bubble wrap. Cows that are given names produce more milk than cows that aren't.

  • Seth tests the theory that the color red actually makes bulls angry.

  • Tom, Michael, and Seth prove that: You can stretch a bathing cap enough for an adult to fit inside of it. There are mites that live on your eyelashes that are visible under electron microscope. People are more likely to believe statements that rhyme.

  • Seth tests the theory that pigeons can actually remember human faces.

  • Seth tests if drunkenness is truly in the eye of the beer-holder.

  • Michael tries to prove to Tom and Seth that four ceramic coffee mugs under each tire can hold the whole weight of a pick up truck. Next, Tom has the challenge of writing the number 6 while rotating his leg clockwise on the same side.

  • Seth researches the debated theory: Is it likely for a toothbrush to get bacteria on it from a flushing toilet 6 feet away? Also, Tom challenges Michael and Seth to eat six saltine crackers in a minute or less without water.

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