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Egypt was an amazing and awe inspiring culture. The Egyptians were a civilization that created fantastic and amazing monuments such as the pyramids, the Sphinx, the great towers and columns of the market place, and the 200 foot statues and carvings throughout the Giza Plateau and Nile river banks. Not only did they accomplish these amazing feats of architectural wonder, they also created amazing treasures and examples of masterful craftsmanship that have been found in the tombs of the Pharaohs.

The TV show Egypt depicts the adventures and expeditions that lead to the discoveries of these amazing finds. From the multiple Egyptian quests of Howard Carter to the amazing finds of the Italian Egyptologist Giovanni Belzoni. The final shows highlight arguably the greatest find of the Egyptian culture: The Rosetta Stone. Through reenactments of both the explorations and digs as well as actual ancient Egyptian life, show captures the wonder of ancient Egypt.

Egypt (2013) is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (5 episodes). The series first aired on April 2, 1998.

Where do I stream Egypt (2013) online? Egypt (2013) is available for streaming on Content Media Corporation, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Egypt (2013) on demand at Amazon online.

Content Media Corporation
1 Season, 5 Episodes
April 2, 1998
Documentary & Biography, History
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Egypt (2013) Full Episode Guide

  • The last episode of this fascinating series highlights the way in which scientists can now reveal how the ancient Egyptians live and died.

  • The Ancient Egyptians believed in many gods, and that every aspect of life in this world and the next was controlled by supernatural beings. The gods had to be appeased at all costs.

  • This remarkable story unfolds as we recount the wars waged between local Egyptian Princes and their despised foreign rulers, the Hyksos Kings.

  • Egypt is so old that for centuries its origins have remained shrouded in mystery but in recent years a new generation of archaeologists have been scouring the desert re-examining the temples and tombs, excavating lost cities and probing deeper before.