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El Chavo is the shortened name of the television show known as El Chavo del Ocho. It is a Mexican sitcom that can be seen in not only Mexico, but the United States, Spain, Brazil and other countries as well. The show is focused around the life of El Chavo, the main character. El Chavo is a poor orphan who resides in a low income apartment complex. The other residents of the complex also appear on the show.

The setting of the show takes place in La Vecindad, a Mexican low income neighborhood. The show explores a variety of everyday issues, including child hunger.

While some Spanish American television shows can easily be translated, this is not the case with El Chavo. This is mainly due to the fact that the show contains a lot of Mexican idiomatic expressions.

Even though the show came out in the early part of the 1970s, it is still an extremely popular show in Chile, Argentina, Peru and Brazil in addition to other South American countries.

2 Seasons, 69 Episodes
April 23, 1973
El Chavo

El Chavo Full Episode Guide

  • The neighborhood goes to Acapulco again and play Pirates looking for treasure.

  • The neighborhood is out to make the best Christmas party ever by finding the perfect Christmas tree and a great Christmas Pinata.

  • School is having their own Olympics and Chavo is out to be the best athlete.

  • A circus comes to the neighborhood and all the residents will have an unforgettable day attending the entertaining show where some of the circus stars will be improvised.

  • Due to some terrible confusion, the residents find a baby in the entrance of the neighborhood.

  • Patty is looking for a date to go to the spring festival with and Chavo is going to do everything possible to be her date.

  • El Chavo believes the Tooth fairy is a mouse and is out to get baby teeth so he can be rich.

  • The neighborhood decide to spend a weekend in close contact with nature so they camp in a forest.

  • El Chavo is worried that aliens have come to the neighborhood.

  • It's time for Mr. Beliarge to go on a diet and El Chavo is going to help.

  • El Chavo wants to be a singer.

  • A puppy arrives in the neighborhood and soon becomes Chavo's best friend. Unfortunately, the owner appears and Chavo has to return the puppy.

  • A mouse gets the neighborhood into an all out war.

  • Raymond gets a job as the milk man.

  • El Chavo is selling water to the neighborhood.

  • El Chavo finds paint that he believes will make him invisible.

  • It's Christmas time in the neighborhood.

  • El Chavo learns to get along with his enemy.

  • Raymond get's hit in the head and falls head over heels for Miss Pinster.

  • El Chavo learns about saving water.

  • The rent money is misplaced and El Chavo has a plan to help find it.

  • El Chavo ties balloons to a basket and now he must get it down before it flies away forever.

  • Chavo and Junior dress themselves as ghosts to frighten the neighborhood.

  • Chavo wears a mask and plays the role of "The Secret Masked Crusader", a hero in wrestling.

  • Professor Girafalde gives Quico a sports car; Raymond makes Chavo a wooden car. Now it's on for the Neighborhood Grand Prix.

  • Gloria y su sobrina Paty llegan a vivir a la vecindad, Don Ramón se impresiona al ver a Gloria y se enamora de ella. El Chavo y Quico se enamoran de Paty.

  • Don Ramón invita a desayunar al Chavo pero Quico rompe los huevos que iban a desayunar. El señor Barriga les da dinero para que compren m'ás huevos. Don Ramón le avienta un huevo a Doña Florinda y ella le da una paliza con un sartén.

  • Quico y el Chavo juegan a los astronautas, y utilizan la caja de electricidad para simular el lanzamiento de un cohete, haciendo que se vaya la luz, provocando que la ropa de Don Ramón se queme. Quico, el Chavo y la Chilindrina juegan a los bomberos.

  • Quico est'á muy enfermo, el Chavo y la Chilindrina tratan de ayudar a Doña Florinda a cuidarlo, pero sólo se aprovechan y le hacen travesuras.

  • Quico compra un ratón a escondidas y quiere hacerle una broma al Chavo, pero se confunde y asusta a su mam'á y a Doña Clotilde, ellas creen que Don Ramón les hizo una mala broma y lo golpean.

  • El Chavo y Quico deciden jugar fútbol pero golpean al señor Barriga y a Don Ramón. El señor Barriga decide prohibir que jueguen fútbol en la vecindad.

  • El Chavo, Quico y la Chilindrina juegan a ser integrantes de una orquesta y tratan de hacer música con ollas, pero sólo hacen mucho ruido y molestan a los adultos.

  • La Chilindrina, Don Ramón y Doña Clotilde comen insectos con gasolina que el Chavo guardó en una bolsa de palomitas.

  • An epidemic of sleepwaling hits the neighborhood and has affected everyone.

  • Don Ramón le cuenta a el Chavo que cuando pide trabajo usa corbata y por eso las lavan, pero tiene que lavarlas varias veces porque Quico y el Chavo las ensucian.

  • El Chavo decides to make breakfast.

  • After a long day of school, Chavo cleans the courtyard so it can be painted.

  • I'ts time for the neighborhood to be cleaned after being drenched with mud, dirt and paint.

  • El Chavo learns about fire and fire safety.

  • Raymond decides to become a carpenter, but can he fix a chair with El Chavo helping?

  • Raymond teaches Chavo how to box.

  • El Chavo and friends find themselves trapped in the creepy Witch castle.

  • There's a dead body in the neighborhood... or is there?

  • An unexpected visitor arrives in the neighborhood and creates a crush in all of the men's hearts.

  • Mr. Raymond decides to become a photographer, but it's harder than he thinks when El Chavo is around.

  • It's a hit and run case of bicycle vs. cat.

  • Raymond decides to coach the neighborhood football team in a lot where they embark in a disastrous but entertaining football game.

  • El Chavo decides to wash cars.

  • After Chavo's soccer game gets cut short he starts an imaginary game of baseball.

  • La Chilindrina y el Chavo planean ensuciarle la ropa a Kiko tir'ándole harina. Al final, se desata una guerra en la que todos quedan llenos de harina.

  • La Chilindrina y el Chavo quieren tirar harina a Quico, pero se ensucian entre ellos. Doña Florinda por error le tira la harina a Quico. El Chavo decide irse de la vecindad porque cree que lo... more

  • The witch warns El Chavo and now it's lights out!

  • Quico's Mom makes the best churros in the neighborhood and now she's going into business.

  • El Chavo and his friends get in the way of Mr. Raymond working and cause a HUGE mess.

  • El Chavo and his friends think Mr. Satan's dog is the devil.

  • El Chavo and his friends believe they can get a free meal by putting a fly in their coffee. Now all they have to do is catch a fly.

  • When El Chavo can't fall asleep at night he ends up falling asleep in the middle of the courtyard only to have the craziest dreams.

  • Doña Clotilde organiza a todos para que celebren la "Fiesta de la Buena Vecindad", todos prometen cambiar y hacer algo bueno por los dem'ás.

  • La Chilindrina y el Chavo ven un programa de terror en la televisión. El Chavo se asusta mucho y le da la garrotera cuando ve a la Doña Clotilde porque cree que es una momia.

  • Don Ramón lava su ropa, Doña Florinda se molesta porque Don Ramón colgó su ropa en el patio . Le dice al Chavo que Don Ramón le regaló unos pantalones para que se los lleve. Cuando Don Ramón se entera decide ponerse la ropa de Quico.

  • El Chavo asusta a la Chilindrina con una lagartija muerta que cazó con su resortera. El Chavo le hace creer a Don Ramón que la Chilindrina se murió, él se desmaya y todos creen que el Chavo mató a Don Ramón, Doña Florinda se pone a llorar.

  • Don Ramón le prometió al Chavo que lo invitaría a ver el fútbol en su casa, pero no pueden encender la televisión, Don Ramón se molesta y la rompe, después Quico les dice que no tienen luz.

  • Doña Clotilde le cuenta a Doña Florinda y al Chavo que el 30 de Abril es día del niño. La Chilindrina y sus amigos hacen una manifestación pacífica en contra de los adultos.

  • El profesor Jirafales trata de enseñar al Chavo y sus amigos sobre geometría y fracciones, pero ninguno entiende nada. El Chavo y la Chilindrina se pelean y el profesor Jirafales los castiga.

  • La Chilindrina decide no a ir a la escuela para no reprobar los ex'ámenes. El Chavo y Noño le cuentan que tampoco fueron a la escuela, pero est'án muy preocupados de que el profesor Jirafales se entere y los regañe.

  • El profesor Jirafales le regala a Doña Florinda un gato para que atrape a los ratones que hay en su restaurante. Todos se lastiman por las ratoneras que puso el Chavo, pero evitan gritar para no asustar a los clientes.

  • Doña Florinda se molesta con el Chavo porque no hace bien su trabajo. La gata de Doña Florinda tiene gatitos pero muere, el Chavo y la Chilindrina quieren alimentarlos con la leche de Doña Florinda. El Chavo tira la leche y termina mojando a todos.

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