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  • TV-Y
  • 2009
  • 2 Seasons
  • 5.8  (289)

Olivia is a children's animated television series that aired on Nickelodeon in 2009. The show is based on the popular children's book series of the same name by Ian Falconer. The series follows the adventures of a precocious young pig named Olivia and her family as they go about their daily lives in a charming, whimsical world that is both familiar and fantastical.

The show is voiced by a talented cast of actors, including Yvonne Craig as Olivia's supportive mother, Katie Leigh as her enthusiastic best friend, Brianna McCracken as Olivia's baby brother, and Danny Katiana as her confident father. Each episode features Olivia's unique perspective on the world, as she learns valuable lessons about friendship, family, and self-expression.

At the center of the show is Olivia, a spunky, headstrong pig with boundless energy and a vivid imagination. She is surrounded by a loving family, including her parents, younger brother Ian, and her pet cat Edwin. Olivia is extremely creative, and loves to play, paint, and dance. Her infectious spirit and charming personality make her an irresistible character that children identify with and adore.

Olivia's adventures are filled with colorful characters, from her best friend Julian to her quirky teacher Mrs. Hoggenmuller. Julian is a sarcastic but lovable canary who enjoys teasing Olivia, but also has a deep respect for her creativity and imagination. Mrs. Hoggenmuller is an eccentric teacher who encourages her students to think outside the box and embrace their individuality.

The show is notable for its lively animation style, which combines bright colors, whimsical designs, and playful music to create a world that is both enchanting and entertaining. The show's visual aesthetic is inspired by Ian Falconer's original illustrations, which feature bold lines, simple shapes, and a distinctive black-and-white color scheme.

In addition to its delightful characters and charming animation, Olivia is also praised for its positive messages about self-confidence, creativity, and the importance of family and friendship. Each episode features a different lesson, such as learning to appreciate the value of hard work, showing kindness to others, or learning to overcome fears and anxieties. These messages are delivered in a playful and engaging manner that children can understand and relate to.

Overall, Olivia is a delightful and entertaining children's show that will captivate young viewers with its lively animation, lovable characters, and positive messages. It is a timeless classic that parents and children can enjoy together, and one that is sure to be beloved for generations to come.

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Olivia's Staycation/Olivia's Butterfly Adventure
10. Olivia's Staycation/Olivia's Butterfly Adventure
August 10, 2013
When their cruise is canceled, Olivia takes her family and friends on the backyard cruise of their lives./Olivia and Francine search for Ian's butterfly after it escapes during show and tell.
Olivia's Dogwash/Meteor Mania
9. Olivia's Dogwash/Meteor Mania
January 26, 2009
The library is in need of new books, so Olivia opens her own backyard dog wash service to raise money. /Olivia plans a family evening out of staying up to watch a meteor shower, but Mom, Dad and Ian keep falling asleep!
Olivia's Charmed Life/Olivia's Pet Project
8. Olivia's Charmed Life/Olivia's Pet Project
November 18, 2012
Olivia has to find a new birthday gift for Francine when the charm bracelet she'd planned to give her falls down the drain./When Perry starts teaching Daisy's dog some bad habits, Olivia is determined to teach him good manners.
Princess for a Day
7. Princess for a Day
January 26, 2009
When Olivia and a real live, visiting Princess realize that they look almost exactly alike, they make a plan to trade places for a day!
Olivia's Old West Treasure Hunt / Olivia Makes It Rain
6. Olivia's Old West Treasure Hunt / Olivia Makes It Rain
June 17, 2011
While on a field trip to an Old West town, Olivia leads a treasure hunt to find the missing key to the school bus!/Olivia, Ian and Francine are determined to have a toy boat race, even though the pond is all dried up!
Puppy Love/Magnificent Magnet Girl
5. Puppy Love/Magnificent Magnet Girl
June 5, 2011
Olivia plans a doggy wedding for her Perry and another dog who follows Olivia home./When Olivia can't get her Dad a rare superhero comic for Father's Day, she becomes a superhero herself!
Olivia's Kite Party / Olivia Builds a House
4. Olivia's Kite Party / Olivia Builds a House
June 16, 2011
Olivia invites all her friends to a kite-flying extravaganza, but they have one small problem: all the wind has stopped! / When Dad's elaborate scale house model is destroyed, Olivia takes it upon herself to build another one.
Tip Top Tapper/Olivia Plans aTea Party
3. Tip Top Tapper/Olivia Plans aTea Party
January 26, 2009
Olivia hurts her leg on the eve of her big tap dance recital, but the show must go on! /When Olivia's Mom gets sick, Olivia steps into her shoes and helps plan a tea party.
Olivia's Christmas Surprise/Olivia Builds a Snowlady
2. Olivia's Christmas Surprise/Olivia Builds a Snowlady
January 26, 2009
Olivia has found the perfect Christmas present for Ian, but how can she keep it a surprise? Luckily, Olivia finds the perfect hiding place for it: under a bucket in the backyard./Olivia is thrilled when she's chosen to build the mascot snowman -or in her case, snowlady - for the annual Maywood winter festival. She's determined to build the biggest snowman anybody's ever seen!
Olivia Talks Turkey/Olivia Takes a Hike
1. Olivia Talks Turkey/Olivia Takes a Hike
January 26, 2009
Olivia takes up turkey calling, and before long, she's attracted a turkey who refusesto leave her side!/Olivia and Francine as they set out to earn a merit badge by hiking up Maywood Hill.
  • Premiere Date
    February 12, 2009
  • IMDB Rating
    5.8  (289)