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A former high-ranking financial executive finds redemption and romance when he's paroled after a prison sentence and becomes a math teacher. El Reemplazante is a Drama series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (24 episodes). The series first aired on October 1, 2012. It has mostly positive reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 8.0.

El Reemplazante is available for streaming on the TVN website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch El Reemplazante on demand at Netflix online.

2 Seasons, 24 Episodes
October 1, 2012
Cast: Ivan Alvarez de Araya, Karla Melo, Sebastián Ayala, Sergio Hernández
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El Reemplazante Full Episode Guide

  • The police discover and arrest Gerardo. Zafrada manages to get a national score in math. Carlos thinks about working with Nieves at a new school.

  • Almost all of the students finish the school year. Gerardo brutally punches V'ctor. Maicol informs on Arturo, who is then arrested.

  • Ariel is arrested in the middle of a march for education. Gerardo's mother is beginning to worry about his actions.

  • The students get money to help Jenny. Flavia gives all her savings to her father.

  • Carlos discovers who stole Rosario's jewels. Maicol's mother decides to inform on her partner. The students find out about Jorquera's new company.

  • Carlos helps Claudio with his accounting papers. Maicol takes extreme measures to get money for his sister.

  • Maicol gets a job to take care of his sister. Carlos asks Claudio for help after a shoot-out at the school. Flavia looks for her father.

  • Carlos secretly begins a relationship. Maicol discovers what Arturo did and decides to leave the house.

  • The study level assessment workshops are beginning and Claudio sends El Hámster to school. Maicol watches Arturo.

  • Carlos meets back up with Luc'a, who turns out to be Gerardo Munizaga's mother. Claudio threatens Maicol because he wants him to stop working for him.

  • Carlos tries to defend V'ctor and asks Maicol for help. Professor Ana resigns. Maicol is attacked when delivering Claudio's drugs.

  • The school has a new administration. Peruvian students arrive and experience discrimination. Claudio starts back at his old job.

  • Jorquera is accused of misappropriating funds and Francisco decides to flee. Maicol and his sister Toya are going to live in Calama with their mother.

  • The students sue the school for negligence, which sets off other accusations. Carlos helps his sister with accounting.

  • Carlos starts to work with Rosario at the stock market. Francisco gets more and more involved with Jorquera.

  • Maicol asks for Carlos' help to hide him and his sister after Claudio is captured. Francisco tries to win back Ana.

  • Maicol and Flavia throw Toya a party. Francisco accepts money to help cover up embezzlement. Claudio and El Hámster are arrested in a raid.

  • Berta leaves school and starts a relationship. Flavia has problems with her pregnancy. Little by little, Maicol wants to start studying.

  • Francisco remains in his position after the director is fired, but he suffers a loss in his personal life.

  • The students organize a protest and the school dean plans to get rid of the director. Maicol gains Claudio's trust.

  • Carlos and Francisco's relationship gets complicated after Carlos' interest in Ana is revealed. Claudio refuses to support Flavia. Maicol is arrested.

  • Flavia reveals to Claudio that she's pregnant. Zafrada tries to sell drugs at school. Ana wants to end her relationship with Francisco.

  • Carlos is accused of harassing Flavia due to a misunderstanding. Maicol gets involved with Claudio and El Hámster, two criminals who offer him work.

  • Carlos Valdivia arrives as a substitute teacher at a school for at-risk youth after spending three months in prison for bankrupting his company.