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A former high-ranking financial executive finds redemption and romance when he's paroled after a prison sentence and becomes a math teacher. El Reemplazante is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (24 episodes). The series first aired on October 1, 2012.

Where do I stream El Reemplazante online? El Reemplazante is available for streaming on TVN, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch El Reemplazante on demand at Netflix online.

2 Seasons, 24 Episodes
October 1, 2012
Cast: Iv
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El Reemplazante Full Episode Guide

  • The police discover and arrest Gerardo. Zafrada manages to get a national score in math. Carlos thinks about working with Nieves at a new school.

  • Almost all of the students finish the school year. Gerardo brutally punches V'ctor. Maicol informs on Arturo, who is then arrested.

  • Ariel is arrested in the middle of a march for education. Gerardo's mother is beginning to worry about his actions.

  • The students get money to help Jenny. Flavia gives all her savings to her father.

  • Carlos discovers who stole Rosario's jewels. Maicol's mother decides to inform on her partner. The students find out about Jorquera's new company.

  • Carlos helps Claudio with his accounting papers. Maicol takes extreme measures to get money for his sister.

  • Maicol gets a job to take care of his sister. Carlos asks Claudio for help after a shoot-out at the school. Flavia looks for her father.

  • Carlos secretly begins a relationship. Maicol discovers what Arturo did and decides to leave the house.

  • The study level assessment workshops are beginning and Claudio sends El Hámster to school. Maicol watches Arturo.

  • Carlos meets back up with Luc'a, who turns out to be Gerardo Munizaga's mother. Claudio threatens Maicol because he wants him to stop working for him.

  • Carlos tries to defend V'ctor and asks Maicol for help. Professor Ana resigns. Maicol is attacked when delivering Claudio's drugs.

  • The school has a new administration. Peruvian students arrive and experience discrimination. Claudio starts back at his old job.

  • Jorquera is accused of misappropriating funds and Francisco decides to flee. Maicol and his sister Toya are going to live in Calama with their mother.

  • The students sue the school for negligence, which sets off other accusations. Carlos helps his sister with accounting.

  • Carlos starts to work with Rosario at the stock market. Francisco gets more and more involved with Jorquera.

  • Maicol asks for Carlos' help to hide him and his sister after Claudio is captured. Francisco tries to win back Ana.

  • Maicol and Flavia throw Toya a party. Francisco accepts money to help cover up embezzlement. Claudio and El Hámster are arrested in a raid.

  • Berta leaves school and starts a relationship. Flavia has problems with her pregnancy. Little by little, Maicol wants to start studying.

  • Francisco remains in his position after the director is fired, but he suffers a loss in his personal life.

  • The students organize a protest and the school dean plans to get rid of the director. Maicol gains Claudio's trust.

  • Carlos and Francisco's relationship gets complicated after Carlos' interest in Ana is revealed. Claudio refuses to support Flavia. Maicol is arrested.

  • Flavia reveals to Claudio that she's pregnant. Zafrada tries to sell drugs at school. Ana wants to end her relationship with Francisco.

  • Carlos is accused of harassing Flavia due to a misunderstanding. Maicol gets involved with Claudio and El Hámster, two criminals who offer him work.

  • Carlos Valdivia arrives as a substitute teacher at a school for at-risk youth after spending three months in prison for bankrupting his company.