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  • 2014
  • 1 Season

Emotional Mojo is a one-of-a-kind TV show featuring a unique approach to wellness and emotional health. Hosted by National Certified Counselor Jada Jackson, LMHC, and former NFL player and performance coach, Chuck Nice, this show offers viewers informative and engaging discussions on a range of topics that affect mental health.

Each episode of Emotional Mojo explores topics such as stress, anxiety, depression, relationships, and self-improvement with the goal of providing viewers with practical strategies and insights that they can use in their daily lives. What sets this show apart from others in its genre is the way in which it presents these topics - blending humor, science, and personal anecdotes in a way that is accessible and relatable to audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

One of the standout features of Emotional Mojo is the dynamic between the hosts, Jada and Chuck. Their chemistry is evident from the first episode, with each bringing their unique perspectives and personalities to the table. Jada is a licensed therapist with a deep understanding of the complex emotions that underlie mental health issues. She provides valuable insights into how viewers can recognize and manage their emotions in constructive ways. Chuck, on the other hand, is a former NFL player turned performance coach, who brings a wealth of experience in the field of personal development. He offers practical strategies for achieving goals and improving mental and emotional resilience.

Emotional Mojo is also distinguished by its use of cutting-edge research and expert interviews. Each episode features guests who are experts in their respective fields, ranging from psychologists and psychiatrists to nutritionists and fitness trainers. These interviews provide viewers with valuable insights into the latest trends in mental health and wellness, as well as practical strategies for self-improvement.

Another unique aspect of Emotional Mojo is the way it incorporates humor into its discussions. The show's hosts are not afraid to laugh at themselves or inject humor into serious discussions. This approach helps to lighten the mood and make the information more accessible and engaging for viewers. It also underscores a key message of the show: that even when experiencing difficult emotions or life situations, it's important to find moments of levity and joy.

Overall, Emotional Mojo is a refreshing and informative TV show that is worth tuning into. Its hosts are relatable, its information impactful, and its style engaging. Whether you're looking for practical strategies to manage stress, inspiration to pursue your goals, or simply a good laugh, Emotional Mojo has something for everyone.

Emotional Mojo
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Conquer His Commitment Issues
42. Conquer His Commitment Issues
February 18, 2015
One fiance is exposing and NFL player's commitment issues on instagram. Our weight loss challenger is back for an update, and Tara gives her a new challenge for week two.
Stop Being Desperate for Love
40. Stop Being Desperate for Love
February 16, 2015
It's Desperation Day, but we're challenging you to stop being desperate for love and start living. We'll show you the new and extreme couples therapy that has everyone talking.
Conquer Your Weight Loss
39. Conquer Your Weight Loss
February 12, 2015
Losing weight is not always easy, Tara and Jada provide tips to help you get though it. Plus we have a new weight loss challenger. Follow her journey to a happier and healthier life.
Handling a New Baby
38. Handling a New Baby
November 12, 2014
It's "Bump Day" and we're tackling some tough mommy problems. One viewer has questions about drinking while pregnant, and Aaron Lamont Curry talks about his book "This Is Why You're Single".
Forgive Inconsiderate People
37. Forgive Inconsiderate People
November 11, 2014
The girls talk about ways to forgive someone for the little inconsiderate things. One boy is completing his bucket list before he goes blind, and the Swon Brothers join us live in studio for a special performance.
Adapt to Parenting Choices
36. Adapt to Parenting Choices
November 10, 2014
It's mommy monday and we're talking about way to adapt to different parenting choices. Dr. Debi Gilboa joins us in studio to talk about parents pranks that go to far. Michelle and the girls put old wives tales to the test.
Confront Awkward Situations
35. Confront Awkward Situations
November 7, 2014
Our viwers share some of their most akward moments on the show. Tara tells you how to build a healthy realtionship with food, and Sonny Larose shares his incredible story with us in studio.
Let Go: The One Who Got Away
29. Let Go: The One Who Got Away
October 30, 2014
Learn to let go of lost love.Tara talks about working off your Halloween Candy. Nick Carter and Jordan Knight join us in studio.
Deal With Your Crazy Boss
28. Deal With Your Crazy Boss
October 29, 2014
Learn how to deal with your crazy boss. Working mom's have it tough but we have to that will make it easier.Tara talks about "Strong Is The New Skinny". And should you boycott Black Thursday?
Forgiving With Consequences
26. Forgiving With Consequences
October 27, 2014
Forgiveness means no consequences for the person who committed the offense.Tara does a pie make over in the kitchen, and "Oh Honey" preforms live in studio.
Kick Out the Haters
23. Kick Out the Haters
October 22, 2014
Kick those haters out of your life! One billboard is blamed for car accidents, and Compassion and Choices explains their cause. Join the ladies for a fun game of "Would you rent it!".
Forgive Unfaithfulness
22. Forgive Unfaithfulness
October 21, 2014
Learn how to forgive unfaithfulness. Jada offers tips on dealing with divorce, and talks about Robin Thicke's own divorce party. Disney Dreamers Academy is in studio talking about their programs for young adults.
Conquer Your Fear
20. Conquer Your Fear
October 17, 2014
The ladies talk about their biggest fears and how you can take yours on. Dating a co-worker can be tricky, but we have a few tips that might help. Tara talks about why you might be dieting and not losing weight.
Forgive Repeat Offenders
17. Forgive Repeat Offenders
October 14, 2014
Forgive a repeat offender in your life. Stephanie Bowman from One Heart for Women and Children joins us, and the girls help a viewer deal with his girlfriends nosy parents.
Living With Grief
14. Living With Grief
October 9, 2014
Tips on living with grief and how to help someone who is grieving, Stephen Collins involved in child abuse scandal, Bret Michaels talks about charity work, Debbie Markland "Learn to Lead".
Forgive Your Perfectionism
12. Forgive Your Perfectionism
October 7, 2014
Prince EA raps "Everything Wrong with the World", Paypal CEO goes homeless, JJ Watt gives mom a car, Bruce Van Natta talks about his book "Saved By Angels", Nestle's bra camera
Stop Hating Your Job
11. Stop Hating Your Job
October 16, 2014
How to relax after work, Amanda Bynes arreested, Cristi Williams talks about teen depression.
Conquer Your Unhappiness
10. Conquer Your Unhappiness
October 15, 2014
Emiril Lagasse and Ty Pennington, Smile more, When to say 'I Love You', Food for breast cancer prevention
Keep It Simple
6. Keep It Simple
October 13, 2014
Stars from "The Good Lie", healthy pumpkin spice latte, pregnant mom costume for kids
Confront Someone at the Office
5. Confront Someone at the Office
October 10, 2014
Jamie Lynn Spears performs, reporter quits on air, dating disasters.
Let Go of Negativity
4. Let Go of Negativity
September 29, 2014
Jamie Lynn Spears stops by, Emma Watson gives gender equality speach, how to stop over-eating aftert workouts
Don't Stress Over Craziness
3. Don't Stress Over Craziness
September 29, 2014
Alan Powell from "The Song" performs, vegan diets, death row dinners, & a bartenders letter to a groper
Forgive and Forget
2. Forgive and Forget
September 29, 2014
We have tips on how to forgiving people, pizza and beer makeover, passenger shaming, Partners in Parkinsons
Conquer Your Anxiety
1. Conquer Your Anxiety
September 24, 2014
get some helpful tips on how to confront someone, Cirque du Soleil performer, diet myths, female only taxi service.
Let Go of Entitlement
126. Let Go of Entitlement
February 25, 2015
It's time to lose your sense of entitlement. A loophole in the law let's drivers pass through DUI checkpoints, and Tara says there are benefits to cooking with canned foods.
Embrace Your Age
128. Embrace Your Age
March 2, 2015
It's time to embrace your age! A new viral video proves you can "get down" at any age, and Lebron James isn't happy that colleges are perusing his 10 year old son.
Separate Home and Work Life
130. Separate Home and Work Life
March 4, 2015
Jada has tips to make juggling it all a little easier, and Lucy Angel join us in studio for an interview and live performance.
Fight Fair
131. Fight Fair
March 5, 2015
There's no need to fight dirty anymore, Jada has tips that will help you fight fair in your relationship. A new study shows how many dates it takes to fall in love, and Elizabeth Lyons performs her new single live.
Forgive Your Bad Decisions
134. Forgive Your Bad Decisions
March 9, 2015
Kobe Bryant opens up about his poor decisions in his new documentary. And the stars from "Born In The Wild" explain the pros and cons of a natural birth.
Let Go of Labels
136. Let Go of Labels
March 11, 2015
A new viral video shows that love has no labels. Zach Marks joins us to talk about his social media site Grom Social.
Lean In Together
137. Lean In Together
March 13, 2015
Emotional Mojo is joining the "Lean In" movement to gain gender equality. Ashley is back for her week five weigh in, and another viewer is having an issue with her old fashioned in-laws.
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    September 24, 2014