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  • 2015
  • 6 Seasons
  • 6.0  (7)

Family Bum is a series that is currently running and has 6 seasons (130 episodes). The series first aired on November 26, 2015.

Family Bum
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Bye-Bye, Baby!
20. Bye-Bye, Baby!
February 24, 1990
In the series finale, Vint and Naomi finally have a baby and Mama becomes a grandmother--but not before high drama. Mama relates how she had to take a bus to get herself to the hospital when Carl wouldn't come out of the bathroom. Vint gets home just as Naomi goes into labor, but he smashes the car before anyone can get in. Now, Naomi can't wait, and Mama must deliver her baby in the run-down mobile home. Bubba gets a spot on the water polo team, and Vint and Naomi name their new daughter Tiffany Thelma.
There is Nothing Like the Dames
19. There is Nothing Like the Dames
February 17, 1990
Things quickly go from bad to worse when Mama hosts a backyard luncheon for a ladies social group she wants to join. First, Vint and Naomi have just purchased a run-down mobile home that they plan to refurbish--and the mobile home starts to rock and shake as Mama serves her barbeque chicken wings. Then, when the ladies object to barbeque chicken, Mama serves blackened meat loaf. Finally, Bubba comes wearing a dress--his costume for the school play--upset that he can't find his purse. The ladies leave the luncheon in a huff, and Mama vows that she didn't want to be part of the their club after all.
Look Who's Breathing
18. Look Who's Breathing
February 10, 1990
When Mama subsitutes for Vint at Naomi's Lamaze class, she relates her own experience of giving birth . . . and scares everyone out of the room.
Guess Who's Going to Dinner
17. Guess Who's Going to Dinner
February 3, 1990
When Vint wins an expensive Mother's Day dinner for two, he must choose between taking Mama and Naomi. And it turns into all-out family war between the two women over who will get the dinner out. But in the end, Vint makes a decision that leaves everyone happy.
Pinup Mama
16. Pinup Mama
January 27, 1990
Mama and Iola have the idea of making flyers to attract men to the single seniors mixer. Bubba superimposes Mama's head on a photo of Melanie in a skimpy bikini as a joke project for his photography class . . . and the printer gets the wrong photo. Now, Mama is wondering why there are so many men at the mixer, all of whom want to dance with her.
The Big Nap
15. The Big Nap
January 20, 1990
Mama puts everything she's learned through her love of old detective films to solve the case of Iola's missing mother.
Mama Gets Goosed
14. Mama Gets Goosed
December 23, 1989
When Mama gets a Christmas present from her cousin, a live goose for Christmas dinner, memories of her childhood come back. The rest of the family is apalled at the thought of killing their new pet. But in the end, Mama can't kill the goose, and she prepares everyone a vegetarian holiday meal.
Mama Takes a Dive
13. Mama Takes a Dive
December 16, 1989
When Mama slips on a roll of pennies in the bank that has just rejected her loan application to buy a new oven, the family hires a shady lawyer. The attorney convinces Mama she's far more badly injured than even she realizes and to sue for $3.2 million. Now, everything is going well between Mama and the bank's investigator -- until Thelma gets Mama mad.
War of the Roses
12. War of the Roses
December 9, 1989
Alls fair in love and war when Vint and Noami get in an argument and Mama and Iola battle it out to grow the winning rose at this year's flower show.
Mama Takes Stock
11. Mama Takes Stock
December 4, 1989
Going through some junk, Mama finds an old certificate for 10 shares of stock . . . which is now worth enough to convene a shareholders meeting of the company that is about to lay Vint off. At the meeting, Mama convinces the shareholders and the board of directors of the wisdom in keeping Vint's key store open.
Bubba's House Band
10. Bubba's House Band
November 27, 1989
While Mama, Vint, Naomi and Iola are preparing for the church carnival, Bubba arranges for the heavy metal band Bonecrushers to play at the homecoming dance. But when Bonecrushers doesn't have the money for a hotel room, Bubba invites the metal band home for the night. It turns out the rockers are three girls, and they share their grandmother's cake recipe with Mama, which along with the band, is a huge hit at the church carnival.
Take My Mama, Please!
9. Take My Mama, Please!
November 18, 1989
When Mama thinks she can do better than the comedian at the local dinner theater, she signs up for the open microphone night. And when the church congregation learns of it, Mama is forced to get serious about coming up with an act. But the comedian before her steals all Mama's jokes--and forces her to improvise and talk about her family, which soon has the entire audience busting out in laughter.
Psychic Pheno-Mama
8. Psychic Pheno-Mama
November 11, 1989
The family hires a psychic whose predictions all come true and who seems to be in contact with Carl. But when Mama realizes that she is getting all her information at the beauty parlor, Mama goes into a trance of her own to expose the charlatan. LIZ TORRES of "Gilmore Girls" and "The John Larroquette Show" guest stars as Madame Rita.
A Blast from the Past
7. A Blast from the Past
November 4, 1989
Mama gets her own radio show.
Mama Fights Back
6. Mama Fights Back
October 28, 1989
Mama falls hard for Leslie Lemoyne (Robert Mandan), the New York City actor cast in the lead of the local theatre's new play. The two make a date for dinner opening night, but when Mama see's Lemoyne on the TV show "Tri-State's Most Wanted," she thinks she's dating a wanted fugitive. When LeMoyne comes by, she ties him up and calls the police. With its star in jail, the play bombs--and Lemoyne has to explain that he was cast to play the fugitive in a reenactment for the TV show.
Tri-State's Most Wanted
5. Tri-State's Most Wanted
October 21, 1989
When Vint installs intercoms in the house so they will able to hear the baby, everyone uses it to eavesdrop on everyone else--and then be upset over what they hear.
Now Hear This
4. Now Hear This
October 14, 1989
With Naomi happily pregnant, Iola starts to think she should be married too. To everyone's surprise, she finds a boyfriend. But the relationship doesn't last through their first dinner with Mama.
Mr. Wrong
3. Mr. Wrong
October 7, 1989
Thelma's high school reputation comes back to haunt her at her 50th class reunion.
An Affair to Forget
2. An Affair to Forget
September 30, 1989
Mama and Naomi suspect Vint of more than a working relationship with his new trainee, who happens to be a beautiful blonde.
Mama's Medicine Show
1. Mama's Medicine Show
September 23, 1989
When Naomi and Vint start to worry about where they will find the money to raise the child they are expecting, they get the idea to sell Mama's homemade tonic. It sells incredibly well until Bubba's team loses its swim meet. When the coach sends the tonic out to be analyzed, everyone discovers Mama's secret: It's 35% alcohol!
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  • Premiere Date
    November 26, 2015
  • IMDB Rating
    6.0  (7)