Watch TV Shows on Comedy Dynamics

Comedy Dynamics is an international media company specializing in the creation, distribution, and advertising of comedic material. There are a variety of genres available on the channel such as: sitcoms, talk shows, stand up comedy, and more.

Comedy Dynamics uses a blend of original and re-purposed material. For example, the channel recently featured the standup special of Daniel Tosh, after securing the rights from Comedy Central's parent: Viacom. After talking with Viacom, it is reported that a steady release of up to 17 unique titles will occur on the platform in the form of "special features" which will run a full hour as opposed to the typical 30 minute segments.

The channel is available on basic cable as well as on the internet. Users wishing to avoid ads can pay for a premium version of the channel called "Comedy Dynamics Platinum." While this services is available in the United States, it is not currently an option in other countries, thought much of the content can be viewed with advertisements included in countries such as Canada, Sweden, Japan, and the United Kingdom.

Though Comedy Dynamics is now a large multinational company, it began as a simple distribution production company for local standup comedians. When Louis C.K., the notable American comic, invested $2.1 million in the company in late 2010, a new round of development began that led the channel to become more well known and offer more content through negotiations and licensing agreements with larger entertainment firms such as Sony and Fox.