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  • 1984
  • 1 Season
  • 7.1  (89)

Gallagher, known for his zany and often messy comedic performances, released his special "Melon Crazy" in 1984 through Comedy Dynamics. The show is undoubtedly chaotic, but that's what makes it so quintessentially Gallagher. The special opens to the artist hitting the stage with his signature Sledge-O-Matic in hand. The audience is excited as they've come to expect the unexpected from Gallagher. The opening segment is certainly not for those afraid to get a little dirty, as the comedian showers the front rows with various liquids, ranging from ketchup and mustard, to grape juice and vegetable oil.

When Gallagher gets down to the business of melons, he starts with a monologue about how underrated the fruit is. He jokes that people can't seem to figure out how to eat a cantaloupe, which leads into his iconic watermelon smashing routine. It's loud, messy, and wildly entertaining. Gallagher even uses an oversized mallet, just in case the Sledge-O-Matic wasn't enough.

In the midst of the watermelon smashing frenzy, Gallagher takes a step back to reflect on how society only gives certain fruits the recognition they deserve. He likens apples to Hollywood celebrities, saying that they get all the attention and praise. Meanwhile, fruits like melons are left in the shadows, dismissed as ordinary. To prove his point, he takes a bite out of an apple and throws it at a target, revealing a hidden dartboard. From there, the show shifts to a more game show-like format, complete with prizes and volunteers from the audience.

Speaking of volunteers, perhaps the most memorable segment of "Melon Crazy" is when Gallagher invites a few audience members up to the stage. He outfits them with shower caps, garbage bags, and goggles, just in case. Before they know it, they're front and center for a wild watermelon toss. Gallagher uses a massive slingshot to fling melons at them while they attempt to catch them. Inevitably, the melon bursts as it makes contact, spraying the contestants with fruit pulp and juice.

Throughout the show, Gallagher doesn't shy away from the absurdity of his humor. He tells nonsensical jokes and makes odd observations that may make some viewers scratch their heads. However, the artist has an uncanny ability to make even the most bizarre topics seem funny. He's an expert at wordplay and physical comedy, using props and gestures to enhance his bits.

There are moments of pure mayhem throughout "Melon Crazy," almost as if Gallagher is intentionally trying to upset the status quo of stand-up comedy at the time. He uses the stage as a playground, rolling around and sliding in the various food and liquids he's thrown around. His boundless energy is infectious, leaving the audience just as sweaty and messy as he is by the end of the show.

At its core, "Melon Crazy" is as much of a tribute to the underdogs as it is a showcase of Gallagher's comedic talent. He dedicates a portion of the special to discussing the overlooked individuals in society, from the middle child to the "second fiddle" in a band. Gallagher's humor is rooted in finding humor in the mundane, and that mission carries throughout the show.

Overall, "Melon Crazy" is a testament to the power of unbridled, outrageous comedy. Gallagher isn't afraid to push boundaries and get his hands (and audience members) dirty in the name of humor. Fans of the comedian will find plenty to love in this early special, while newcomers may be surprised at how much fun they have getting involved in the messy melon madness.

Gallagher: Melon Crazy
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Gallagher: Melon Crazy
1. Gallagher: Melon Crazy
September 1, 1984
A concert by stand-up comic Gallagher, featuring his usual plays on words and his patented bizarre use of props, climaxing with his finding a new use for watermelons.
  • Premiere Date
    September 1, 1984
  • IMDB Rating
    7.1  (89)