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  • 2011
  • 1 Season

Fires of Faith is a captivating historical drama television series that takes viewers on a journey back in time to witness the tumultuous period of the 16th century, when the Protestant Reformation shook the foundations of the Western world. Produced by BYUtv, the show explores the lives of major figures of the era and their struggles to defend their faith amidst the changing tides of religious and political upheaval.

The series examines famous figures of the time such as Martin Luther, John Calvin, Queen Elizabeth I, King Henry VIII, and Ignatius of Loyola. It showcases their individual stories and the challenges that they faced as they stood up for their beliefs and sought to make their mark on the world. Through well-crafted scriptwriting, powerful performances, and exceptional production values, the program presents a vivid and detailed portrayal of the critical events of the Reformation.

One of the show's highlights is the character development. The series offers a dynamic look into the people behind the historical events. As we see the characters facing various challenges, we journey with them and are able to empathize with their decisions. For example, when Henry VIII decided to divorce his wife, Catherine of Aragon, and separated from the Roman Catholic Church, we witness the tension and struggle of his advisers, family and his own inner turmoil.

Another strength of the show is its depiction of the themes of the era. Religious liberty, church tradition, the supremacy of scripture over tradition, and many other topics are discussed throughout the series. One sees the intricate details of church councils where hours are spent discussing the nature of the Trinity, or how a person is justified in Christ. The series shows that these debates are not simply theoretical, but they have weighty implications for real people, with life and death consequences.

The production team made a great effort to ensure that the show is historically authentic. From the impressive costumes to the beautiful sets, and even the makeup, the show transplants modern viewers back into the 16th century. Furthermore, the production crew visited historical churches, cathedrals, and other locations, resulting in beautiful landscapes and scenic locations that contribute to the rich, immersive experience.

Many viewers would appreciate the music selection in the series. The stirring and haunting melodies feature widely recognized hymns of the 16th century, which are used to great effect in illuminating the issues of the era. The sound design also brings to life the sounds of the era, from the creaking of a wooden throne to the clang of battle as violence erupts between countries of different faiths.

Fires of Faith is not only engaging but also thought-provoking. Although the series may focus on Christianity, it raises thought-provoking questions about the broader theme of religion and the power struggles that ensue when different ideologies come into conflict. The show does a great job of portraying the complexity of the era and not dumbing it down to merely black and white. Instead of merely presenting a single narrative, the program shows opposing views and portrays them fairly. It presents the big questions and asks viewers to reflect on the issues shown in the episodes.

In conclusion, Fires of Faith is an outstanding series that deserves attention not just from Christians, but any with an interest in history. The combination of authentic costumes, sets, and music, paired with talented actors, gripping scriptwriting, and exceptional production values makes the series a standout program that captures the essence of the 16th century religious upheavals. Viewers are guaranteed to see the period of the Protestant Reformation in new and exciting ways, offering a glimpse of times past, while still speaking to contemporary concerns.

Fires of Faith is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (3 episodes). The series first aired on October 16, 2011.

Fires of Faith
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Fires of Faith is available for streaming on the BYUtv website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Fires of Faith on demand at and BYUtv.
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    October 16, 2011