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A story about friendship of two fun, happy, cute fish, Flip and Flap, who live in small aquarium. For them, living in a small fish tank is never easy. They always face some troubles. With different personal type, Flip is an extrovert who has too much energy, while Flap, an introvert fish who prefers read or makes sciences experiments, they try to help each other.

1 Season, 50 Episodes
April 2, 2017
Animation & Cartoon, Kids & Family
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Flip Flap Full Episode Guide

  • Flap and Flap play basketball and want to do a slam dunk.

  • Flip sees planes and birds from the window. Flip also wants to fly.

  • Chick has a nightmare.

  • Flip and Flap are playing soccer penalty.

  • The Post Bird comes to Flip and Flap.

  • Flip and Flap play basket ball.

  • Flap fixes a camera.

  • Flap wants to cook something nice today. Flap chooses to make a crab soup.

  • Chick comes to Flip Flap.

  • Flip plays with a remote controlled car.

  • Flip sees a shampoo commercial advert and and asks Flap to make shampoo.

  • A singing bird comes to Flip Flap.

  • Flip and Flap play basketball.

  • Flap experiments with a chili plant.

  • Flip Flap find an aquarium with a scallop in it.

  • Flip Flap have a guest. He is a boxing fish that just won a boxing championship.

  • Flip and Flap play baseball.

  • Flip is playing with bowling ball and a pin. Flap has a better idea.

  • Flip sees a box in the cupboard and finds gloves and a bucket inside.

  • Flap is experimenting and invents a transparent liquid.

  • Flap reads something about the circus. Flap wants to experience the feeling of being a circus player and with the help of Flip, Flap builds a pair of swing ropes.

  • Flap finds a cake recipe and wants to bake!

  • The Post Bird delivers a package for Flip Flap.

  • Flip Flap hears someone asking for help. It appears it's their friend, Chick, trapped in a high tree.

  • Flip hears something outside the window. Flip checks what it is. Flip Flap find that the sound came form a broken UFO.

  • Flap wants to send letter to his uncle.

  • Chicky finds that the plant under the window is going to die.

  • The Post Bird delivers a package for Flip Flap.

  • Flap wants to blend some fruits just as it runs out of batteries.

  • Flap finds a car racing set.

  • Flip Flap have a mysterious guest.

  • Flap is having an experiment on a slow motion poison. Flip, in a spontaneous movement, accidentally drop the poison into Flap's mouth.

  • Flip finds a magnifying glass on the table. Flip likes to play with it. Flap teaches Flip that the glass can light a fire if they put it in a right way. Flip loves the knowledge. Flip then tries to burn the firework with the magnifying glass. It works. But the firework goes to the wrong direction.

  • Chicky is having a birthday. Flip Flap set a birthday party. Flip snaps balloons to the cake. But, the cake is lifted to the top. Flap Flip find a way to take the cake down. They try several ways.

  • Flap plays a miniblock. Flap tries to build a mini stack. Flip joins and gives an idea to build Borobudur Temple with blocks. Flap agrees. They start to build the temple. But there is a problem...

  • Chicky plays the violin badly. Everyone gets mad with Chicky including Flip and Flap. Chicky feels sad. Flap gives Chicky the book "Violin For Fish and Chicken". They start to learn to play violin.

  • Flap dos some experiments in her aquarium. Flip asks her to play but Flap keeps focusing on her work. Flip is upset with Flap. He plays with Flap's experiments and plays with the light bulb. Flap shocked. Flip is electrocuted.

  • Flap find a ball in the toy box. Flip and Flap play football and try to defeat each other. Flap shoots that ball with full power. Unfortunately, Flap doesn't make a goal and the ball chases Flip until Flip faints.

  • 2 AM, Flip hear some strange noise from the toy box. He tries to find out the source of that strange noise. Flip is suspicious with a bottle. He breaks the bottle and a geenie comes out from the bottle.

  • Flip and Flap receive a big package which contains a huge rocket and 2 astronaut outfits. They are really excited to try it but that costume doesn't fit Flip. Flip is too fat now. Flip is very sad. Flap asks him to do some exercises and diet to make him slimmer. With all his best effort and with the help of Flap, Flip can do it.

  • A bird was shot outside and tries to escape. That bird entered the window and arrived near Flip and Flap. They try to help that bird. They treat and care for injured birds until the bird can fly. But then a surprise happens, they find plenty of birds who asks for their rescue in front of their window.

  • Flip and Flap are sleeping. Suddenly the bubbles in Flip's aquarium just stops. Flip realize that their aquarium hose is broken. Flip tries to fix it but the hose starts burning. Flip is electrocuted.

  • Flip is so bored with the show on TV. He zapps through all the channels just before his eyes meets the toy box outside the aquarium. He goes there to find something interesting. He finds a racket and a padlock. He plays it as if he plays badminton. The padlock hits Flap who is studying in her aquarium.

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