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In this animated-live action kids' series, a group of tiny aliens lands on Earth to study the planet's inhabitants. A young boy mistakes their spaceship for a toy and hangs it from his ceiling. Undeterred, the aliens continue their mission, observing the daily happenings in the boy's home. The series debuted in 2016 on multiple networks around the world.

Daily at 8:00 PM et/pt
2 Seasons, 53 Episodes
January 23, 2016
Animation & Cartoons
Cast: Jules de Jongh, Rasmus Hardiker, Hugo Harold-Harrison, David Menkin
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Floogals Full Episode Guide

  • What could Girl Hooman be making? And why is there a heart shape on everything? The Floogals are soon investigating Valentine's Day and creating a Valentine card of their own.

  • Donate: When the Floogals' ship accidently falls into a box of toys ready to be donated to the local playgroup, they must save their ship while also Floogaling out exactly what it means to 'donate' something. Metal Detector: Boomer is looking for trinkets to add to his treasure collection when Dad Hooman comes out into the garden with a strange machine. The Floogals work out that it's a metal detector and try to find something themselves. But Boomer's paperclip gets glued to his foot making the metal detector a Floogal detector!

  • Chicks: The Floogals find an incubator full of eggs. When the eggs hatch, the chicks escape. The Floogals have to round them up, Fleeker finding the last one whilst Boomer pretends to hatch from an empty egg to fool Girl Hooman. Duck: When Boomer ends up marooned on a small island in the park, he befriends a duck, who Boomer believes to be trapped also. Though in figuring out their escape, Boomer soon learns that there's more to this bird than meets the eye.

  • Valentine: What could Girl Hooman be making? And why is there a heart shape on everything? The Floogals are soon investigating Valentine's Day and creating a Valentine card of their own. Show and Tell: The Floogals find themselves in an unfamiliar room. When they hear Hooman kids talk about Show & Tell they think they've been discovered. But as they see Hooman kids talk about their favourite toys, they realise that Boy Hooman has brought in their spaceship for a kind of Hooman floog report.

  • Christmas Tree: When the Floogals encounter a tree in the Hooman's living-room, they're keen discover exactly what it's doing there. The Floogals eventually ending up trapped inside the tree, as the Hoomans decorate it ready for Christmas. Snow: The Floogals are amazed to discover the entire garden is covered in something cold and white. Where did it come from? While Flo is fascinated to find it's made of tiny, unique crystals, Fleeker and Boomer discover you can have a lot of fun with it - but it can also cause serious trouble if it gets too deep.

  • Haircut: Drawn to an unusual snipping sound, the Floogals discover Mom Hooman cutting off Boy Hooman's hair. Why would she do that? Doesn't he need it? And keen to learn why, the Floogals investigate exactly why hair is so important to Hoomans, and Fleeker finds he has a talent for hairdressing. Dress Up: When the Floogals see Mom Hooman very excitedly bring a box down from the attic, they find it full of weird clothes which the children put on, making them behave differently. Then the doorbell rings and a small robot and a policeman arrive!

  • Piggy Bank: The Floogals investigate Boy Hooman's piggy bank. What's it for, what's inside and how does it make its noise? When they accidentally spill the contents, one of the coins goes missing and Boomer has to sacrifice his favourite treasure and carry out a daring solo mission to set things right. Padlock: Investigating a padlock hanging from the garden shed, the Floogals manage to get themselves locked inside it, and must figure out how padlocks work in order to escape.

  • Camouflage: While trying to find Boy Hooman's school pet in its tank Fleeker accidentally lets it escape. His frustration mounts as the stick insect 'camouflage' skill mean it eludes him at every turn. When Boy Hooman finds the school pet is missing the race is on to return it to its home, using its own powers of camouflage against it. Dancing Together: What is that funny walk Mom and Dad Hooman just did? The Floogals having witnessed them dancing together. With Boomer as dance instructor, the Floogals now try to master this dance themselves, keen to understand exactly why Hoomans do it.

  • Library: When Boomer uses his folded Fizzer as a bookmark in one of Girl Hooman's books, it ends up getting taken to the library. The Floogals go the library too, desperate to get the Fizzer back. And story sceptic Fleeker is desperate to get away from this place full of books as soon as possible. But as they track down the Fizzer, Fleeker discovers a passion for stories he never knew he had. Dog Training: Puzzled as to why Boy Hooman is telling Scruffy to sit down and stay all the time, the Floogals investigate dog training, and are soon having to train Scruffy themselves ready for the local dog show.

  • Perfume: An expedition to Mom Hooman's Lab (the bathroom shelf) goes awry when the Floogals accidentally knock a special bottle of perfume that Girl Hooman has made for her mom down into the wash basin sink. Now they must recreate it before Mom Hooman finds out! But what is "perfume" for, and what is it made of? Owl: With Boomer's personal project to collect every single animal sound, complete, imagine his dismay on hearing a hoot-hoot in the middle of the night. This taking us into a night-time adventure with the Floogals keen to discover what this animal is.

  • Flu: Fleeker feels very un-fleekerish and so he skips his first ever mission, allowing Flo to the hunt for a report. She and Boomer discover Dad and Girl Hooman are acting off-routine too, and it turns out all three have a thing called 'Flu'. It's making them tired, achy, sneezy, and want to make 'parping' music with their noses! But as Flo and Boomer discover Flu is a contagious illness passed by germs, they realize they are now stuck in a flu 'hot zone' - and no Floogal can be left behind... Finger Prints: Having discovered some strange smudges on the hallway mirror, the Floogals discover them everywhere. What are they and where are they coming from? Leading to detective Flo on a case to solve this mystery.

  • Puppet Show: Intrigued by the 'puppet show' Mom Hooman has arranged for Girl Hooman's birthday party, the Floogals end up inadvertently performing the show themselves, Fleeker and Flo climbing inside two glove puppets while Boomer works a marionette from above. As unsung heroes, the Floogals finally get some well-deserved applause. Board Game: When the Floogals' encounter the Hoomans embroiled in a heated board game challenge, the three aliens soon find themselves playing the game themselves.

  • Hide and Seek: The Floogals are confused by the Girl and Dad Hooman hiding from each other. They worry if the Hoomans get better at finding things, they might find them! To investigate the Floogals try hiding and seeking themselves. They discover that it can be fun to hide when you don't have to, and that Boomer is really rather excellent at hiding! Fitness: A Fee Floogal visit sees the Floogals enounter the Hoomans and puzzled to see them involved in various fitness activities.

  • Building Blocks: Flo accidentally knocks a box of building blocks over and thinks she has broken whatever was inside. Baby Tooth: Girl Hooman has a wobbly tooth! The Floogals find this most peculiar. And, when the tooth falls out and Girl Hooman puts it under her pillow, the Floogals are determined to find out why.

  • Mini Golf: On finding Dad Hooman's golf clubs on the upstairs landing, the Floogals inadvertently send a golf ball bouncing off into the house and have to return it, playing a game of golf themselves in the process. Decorating: Boomer is sad that Girl Hooman's dolls house looks like it's being side lined and maybe even given away!

  • Instant Camera: The Floogals find an instant camera in the attic and eventually learn that although Hoomans' take tons of photos on their phones, there are types of camera that turn pictures into objects so they can treasure their memories. Film Projector: Boomer's attempt to capture the majesty of his two favourite Floogals is interrupted by the discovery of a weird machine with wheels like a bicycle, but wrapped in tape with lots of pictures of Boy Hooman on it. Together the Floogals work out that it's a way of showing moving images from the past, and it gives Boomer an idea of how he can capture the essence of his two heroes, Fleeker and Flo.

  • Guitar: Following Junior Floogal Boomer one afternoon, Flo and Fleeker discover that he's been watching Boy Hooman's guitar lessons and trying to play along himself with a homemade guitar! Leading the Floogals to investigate how a guitar works and how its strings make their sound. Fee and the Band: Fee Floogal's special report sees the Floogals investigate Boy Hooman's band practice in the garage. Curious why anyone would play instruments all at the same time, the Floogals form a band of their own to find out.

  • Fear of the Dark: The Floogals can't work out why Girl Hooman is scared of her closet. When they hear it's because she thinks there's a monster in there Flo is very sceptical. But it turns out Girl Hooman isn't the only one who can let her imagination run away with her. Pillow Fort: Suspicious as to why all the pillows and cushions in the Hoomans' house have disappeared, the Floogals trace them to a pillow fort in the Living-Room. What could it be for? The trio, even more puzzled to discover a hooman inside.

  • Doll: The Floogals' movie night gets interrupted when they find themselves inadvertently babysitting Girl Hooman's new, very life- like, doll and discovering the ups and downs of parenting in the process. Train Set: With Dad Hooman spending a lot of time up in the attic, the Floogals go to investigate. Up there they discover a train set all laid out and, with Boomer unable to resist touching its controls, we're soon into a runaway train scenario with Fleeker and Flo riding on top.

  • Floatie: The Floogals are puzzled by this odd, round inflatable thing floating in the Hoomans swimming pool. And having accidentally let the air out, they must now re-inflate it before Girl Hooman returns for her swim. While Flo discovers that this Floatie may help with her own fear of swimming. Tide Pool: With the Hoomans out on a daytrip to the seaside, the Floogals find themselves investigating a tide pool, only for Boomer to get a little too close for comfort to a barnacle, which sticks itself to his helmet.

  • Lemonade: When Boomer accidentally knocks over Girl Hooman's jug of homemade lemonade, the Floogals must replace it before they're rumbled. In Floogal-style they figure out how to make a new batch and fill the jug in the nick of time - rewarding themselves with a delicious cooling slurp! Lunch Box: When Mom Hooman forgets to prepare the children's lunches and our heroes wipe her message from the home answerphone the Floogals have to pull together and work out what a lunch box is and how to make a healthy sandwich for the children.

  • Training Wheels: When Girl Hooman falls off her bike and wants her training wheels put back. Schoolbus: When Girl Hooman appears nervous, due to it being her first day at school, and disappears onto a strange yellow bus, the Floogals quickly follow after her, keen to return her good-luck charm and get to the bottom of this mystery.

  • Project Rainbow: On a sunny-and-rainy day, the Floogals see a rainbow in the sky outside. By the time they run down the garden to see it more closesly, the sky has clouded over and it's disappeared. Exploring this phenomenon becomes a sleuth-like investigation. Project Kite: On discovering a broken kite in the Hoomans garden shed and hearing that it flies, the Floogals wonder how thats possible when its just wood, paper and string.

  • Project Vacation: Where have the Hoomans gone?! The Floogals are baffled when the Hoomans don't come home in the evening like they usually do. Like good explorers our team try and Floogal out why before they succumb to all the pleasures that being "home alone" can provide. Project Aluminum Foil: Boomer's alarmed to find that the food he was looking forward to 'Floogalling' has been replaced by food shaped, shiny metal parcels - and worse, when they unravel a tube of aluminum foil, they think that Flo's been turned to metal too! In the process of trying to rescue her, the Floogals work out that foil can bend and tear and that the food is still there! Just keeping it fresh and ... ready to taste! Mmmm cherry pie!

  • Project Umbrella: Dad's left the house with an umbrella in case of rain and the Floogals can only imagine that he's trying to communicate with outer space using it - what else could it be for? It's only when Scruffy the dog shakes his wet fur all over them and Boomer spontaneously uses a cocktail umbrella to protect everyone that they work out why Dad needed that thing. Project Bandages: Our team of alien explorers encounter a simple bandage for the first time and try to work out what it could be for - they try to fix their broken fizzer with it, then find it's got a soft cushiony bit perfect for a Floogal nap! When Boomer bumps his bootle and and a bandage gets stuck to him, he realizes these things really can make you feel better.

  • Project Birthday Cake: Boomer's built a little fizzerific food finder attachment for his Fizzer controls. It's supposed to be able to sniff out food - a subject close to Boomer's heart. Flying by a massive birthday cake, the food finder goes out of control and Boomer crashes. The Floogals have to work out how to re-make the frosting, and in the process find out what a birthday cake and decorations are for. Project Mail: Curious to find out what Mom's doing with her card and envelope, the Floogals fly their fizzers to follow her as she posts a letter. Flo gets trapped in the mail box when her fizzer runs out of battery, so the Floogals have to work out a way to get the fizzer back to the house. They find that an envelope and stamp can come in very handy!

  • Project Table Tennis: The "clock clock clock" of table tennis balls and bats has the Floogals' curiosity peaked.. What could this new table be and what are the bats? A giant table thinks Boomer, and the bats are plates for food! As they try to hold the ball and the bats and impromptu and very fun game of ping pong ensues as they discover just what the boy and his friend have been playing - a super fun game on a table! Project Robot: Our team of explorers think they've made a new friend, but it turns out to be a motion controlled robot. As Flo gets whisked off by the little girl and her friend, Fleeker and Boomer have to work out how to control 'YeeHaw' the robot so that he can create a disctraction and help them rescue Flo!!

  • Project Roller Skates: Why would a shoe have wheels attached? The Floogals find out and in the process go on a roller-coaster adventure around the house, learning to lean and steer the boot along the way! Project Picnic: The Floogals spot the Hoomans packing plates and cups and food into a big basket - they must be moving out, think our team of explorers. When Boomer finds himself caught up in the basket and taken along on the family's bike ride, Fleeker and Flo follow in their fizzers to track their friend and work out what the Hoomans are doing. Discovery of what a picnic is and that a bagel isn't a Floogal-trap proves to be a lot of fun for the Floogals to report back on.

  • Project Tent: The Floogals discover the joys of camping when they observe the Hooman kids putting up a tent and decide to copy what they do - but in miniature. Project Popcorn: Movie Night just got even cosier! The Floogals discover how popcorn is made when they accidentally trigger the popcorn machine in the kitchen. Our team have to fix the avalanche of popcorn flooding the kitchen before they can settle down with the unsuspecting family to share movie night.

  • Project Garden Hose: The Floogals encounter a twisting hose in the garden and wonder what the Hoomans use it for. Fleeker and Flo head off to one end, Boomer to the other. Fleeker and Flo work out how to turn on the tap, and Boomer is on the receiving end! Managing to wrangle the hose in an exciting action sequence, the Floogals figure out what Garden Hoses are used for! Project Piano: The piano is gigantic to a Floogal. How can it be making such lovely music and how can a Floogal make that music too? Well, one Floogal can't but a team of Floogals can. In a scene reminiscent of the movie "Big", we see our Floogals work out how keys and strings work in a piano to make a tune!!

  • Project Caterpillar: Boomer's become very fond of the 3 stripy caterpillars the kids are keeping in the shed. Devastated when one disappears, the Floogals stake out the container they are in and unfold the mystery of the disappearing caterpillars, by getting to observe for themselves the astonishing phenomena of this natural metamorphosis into a butterfly! Project Clay: The Floogals are baffled by this stuff that smells like the earth outside yet makes shapes like mini monsters and even can be morphed into the shape of a vase when spun on a wheel! As they investigate, they accidentally squish one of boy's clay figures and in the re-building create a new one which looks rather like a Floogal!

  • Project Boxes: Mom Hooman's excited when she receives a delivery of boxes. The Floogals can't understand why something so plain would inspire such excitement. They work out that it was the contents of the box Mom was buzzing about, but the Floogals discover that using the power of imagination can turn a simple cardboard box into a space station, a plane...anything! Project Egg Hunt: The Floogals mistakenly think Mom and Dad Hooman have accidentally dropped candy eggs in the garden when in fact they have placed them there on purpose to create an egg hunt for their kids. The Floogals think they are being helpful and tidy up the eggs! Once the Floogals realize their mistake, they must get all the eggs back on the ground before the kids arrive so their fun day won't be ruined.

  • Project Rubber Bands: The Floogals investigation into what rubber bands are and how they're used by the Hoomans comes in handy when they accidentally break the Boy Hooman's school project. Project Sand: Boomer doesn't like this 'Sand' stuff, it's slippery and he doesn't feel safe on it - Fleeker on the other hand can surf down it on a leaf! The Floogals encounter sand for the first time and in a Lawrence of Arabia inspired adventure, work out that they need water with sand to rebuild the castle they've destroyed.

  • Project Washer Dryer: When the Floogals investigate the Hoomans' utility room, they inadvertently wind up experiencing first-hand the thrilling cycle of being washed and dried. Project Glue: When the Floogals investigate the Boy Hooman's building of a model rocket, they experience a way-too-sticky adventure brought about by the binding power of glue. A high-speed fire engine race ensues and the Floogals have to use their newly found knowledge to save the day.

  • Project Helicopter: When the Boy Hooman's remote-controlled toy helicopter accidentally carries away Boomer, the Floogals must learn how to make it work in order to rescue their friend. Project Toothbrush: The Floogals set out to investigate the strange buzzing they hear in the Hoomans' bathroom each and every morning and evening, ultimately discovering that the whirring robotic tools are in fact toothbrushes.

  • Project Leash: By observing the family dog's excited behavior each time Dad Hooman takes down his leash, the Floogals set out to confirm their assumption it it's indeed a magical device that makes you happy. Project Puzzle: The Floogals must learn the difficult task of assembling the Girl Hooman's jigsaw puzzle when they inadvertently scatter its many pieces on the floor - working out that a birds-eye view gives you the 'big picture' and working in a team wins the day.

  • Project Flashlight: The Floogals have an adventure in which they discover the joys of making shadow puppets when they explore the strange light emanating from beneath the covers in the Girl Hooman's bed. Project Baby: When Aunt Samantha pays the Hooman family a visit with her baby in tow, the Floogals are fascinated by this new creature who has such a strong power over the Hoomans they predict it could be their king! When the king captures Boomer they have to work out how to free him and realize what a baby is and how to play with him.

  • Project Balloon: When the Floogals encounter a balloon that's intended for the Girl Hooman's birthday party they think it's a monster - it's ten times bigger than them with a giant face!. In investigating it further, Fleeker must conquer his fear to return the balloon to the little girl. Project Trumpet: The Floogals explore and learn to play the Boy Hooman's brassy instrument, ultimately learning that teamwork is the key to making harmonious music.

  • Curious aliens from Planet Floog move to a suburban home on Earth.

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