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  • 2015
  • 2 Seasons

Chef & Cookbook Author Joe Gatto demonstrates how to cook everything from scratch. Chef Joe takes viewers to the source of where the food lives, grows and made and masterfully prepares delicious dishes that anyone cam make.

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Peru-ving Tough in Lima
10. Peru-ving Tough in Lima
January 1, 2022
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Sea You in Istria
9. Sea You in Istria
December 25, 2021
David Moscow travels the northern coast of Croatia to dive for clams, hunt for truffles and fish the Adriatic for Marina Gasi in Novigrad. He learns about how tied to the sea Croatia is, but also how the history of the country has brought international flavors into its dishes.
Don't Be So Shellfish
8. Don't Be So Shellfish
December 19, 2021
David Moscow gets soaking wet hunting "from scratch" ingredients on an island north of Seattle for Chef Matt Costello at the Inn at Langley. Whether it's mushrooms in the rain, clams in the sand, or crabs in the San Juans, David learns a new appreciation for how incredible the Pacific Northwest is.
If It Quacks Like a Duck...
7. If It Quacks Like a Duck...
December 12, 2021
David Moscow meets with chef Marilu Madueno of La Huaca Pucclanai, one of the best restaurants in Lima. After learning the significance of how Peruvian ingredients shaped the world's food, David travels across the country to source these foundational ingredients. After heading into the Andes to check out Incan ruins, he harvests quinoa, corn and potatoes, slaughters a duck, and finally in a test of his fortitude he becomes a Mata Cuy.
Orange You Glad I Didn't Say Banana
6. Orange You Glad I Didn't Say Banana
December 5, 2021
David Moscow journeys to the small 19,000 square mile country of Costa Rica to replicate an amazing Tico meal for Chef Manuel Badilla at Origins, and doing it completely from scratch. Life is rich here and that starts and ends with the rain. David's adventures include a horse ride through path turned river a rainstorm, a fishing expedition in a rainstorm, falling trees in a rainstorm and gardening in a rainstorm.
Zagreb Is Never Boar-ring
5. Zagreb Is Never Boar-ring
November 21, 2021
David Moscow meets with the 2019 Top Chef Croatia winner Tvrtko Sakota to create his signature dish from scratch. Driving across the country making sugar from beets, harvesting pork, and hunting rabbit, he understands how Croatia is finding its culinary feet by walking a tightrope between local customs and the modern world.
Water Matter with You
4. Water Matter with You
November 14, 2021
Arriving in Malta, David Moscow plans to make a meal with Chef Stefan Hogan of Corinthia Palace, focused on the international culinary mixtape that is Malta. Scrambling to find ingredients, the meal might become whatever he could harvest locally on this dry cluster of rocky islands as time is running out.
A Bow Hunt Wasn't Such a Good I-Deer
3. A Bow Hunt Wasn't Such a Good I-Deer
November 7, 2021
David Moscow finds himself on a bow hunt for elk in Sheridan, Wyoming for Native American Chef Antonia Armenta-Miller of Bonafide Food Truck, named one of Food Network's top 50 food trucks. Antonia's signature dish includes an elk accented it with horseradish cream and a buffalo berry/wild plum sauce, all found within 20 minutes of Sheridan. David's mission is to replicate this dish from scratch. But he learns fast that bowhunting to catch an elk is far more difficult than it looks.
Kenya Spare a Goat?
2. Kenya Spare a Goat?
October 31, 2021
David Moscow's journeys take him to Kenya, where humanity all began, to create a meal from scratch with Chef Ariel Moscardi. The tentpole ingredients are plants gathered from the African plains and jungles and topped off with some goat. What David doesn't realize is that while harvesting the ingredients from one end of Kenya to the other, he would get an up-close glimpse of the 500 year old Maasai culture as it bumps up against the "fast" economic revolution taking place in the country.
We pulled Trout all the stops...
1. We pulled Trout all the stops...
October 30, 2021
David Moscow's epicurean journey takes him to Utah, where he experiences all the steps of making Trout Piscatore with James Beard award winner Galen Zamorra. First, David must harvest the Four Corners Potato. This tiny tuber has a big history as possibly the first domesticated plant in the U.S. But as the clock ticks, he desperately tries to catch a fish for a dish whose three main ingredients are trout, trout and trout.

Chef & Cookbook Author Joe Gatto demonstrates how to cook everything from scratch. Chef Joe takes viewers to the source of where the food lives, grows and made and masterfully prepares delicious dishes that anyone cam make. From Scratch is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (20 episodes). The series first aired on December 31, 2015.

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From Scratch is available for streaming on the Amazon Addon website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch From Scratch on demand at Amazon Prime and Netflix.

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    December 31, 2015