Get Squiggling

Get Squiggling is an animated television series that is perfect for children to learn new things. The main character is a monster named Squiglet who talks to the viewer. The main purpose is to teach children how to draw and their shapes. He starts with just a blank canvas and draws his friends as the show progresses forward.

1 Season, 7 Episodes
Get Squiggling

Get Squiggling Full Episode Guide

  • Robot: Squiglet spends the day with a robot who has three different jobs. Frog Prince: Squiglet meets a frog who wants to return a lost ball to a Princess.

  • Keeping crows off a farmer's corn is a full time job for a scarecrow. Unless Squiglet can help him find something that a crow might find even tastier.

  • Squiglet meets a fairy with a problem, she can't stop sneezing! And what's worse, with every a-tishoo, there's some unexpected fairy magic too! Squiglet needs to find out what's causing it, before this fairy sneezes herself out of her home!

  • A bloodhound is good at sniffing out clues. But he needs Squiglet's help to find out what all his friends are up to. One's making a cake, one's blowing balloons and one's making jellies. What can it all mean?

  • Photo Phil, the photographer bird, loves taking pictures. But he needs Squiglet's help when he meets a crocodile who won't smile! Why won't that croc let anyone see his teeth?

  • All the lambs are having their wool sheared off. All accept one. He's worried he'll be cold without his woolly coat! But maybe he'll change his mind when Squiglet shows him just what his wool is used for.

  • Squiglet meets a trio of whistling pigs. But there's wolf around too - and he keeps blowing their houses down! Can Squiglet help them find a house that'll stand up to his huffing and puffing?

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