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The Showtime channel reality series Gigolos peeks into the world of Las Vegas male prostitutes: their work, their daily lives and hopes for the future. The sexually explicit program follows the men of the Cowboys 4 Angels escort service as they provide companionship to a surprising array of women and couples. One woman dresses Steve, one of the more experienced escorts, in a clown outfit and applies makeup to him before their sessions. Another woman wants to be seduced while she wears a stuffed animal costume. The series provides both titillating footage of their work, while keeping enough action off-camera to avoid pornographic status.

The Cowboy 4 Angels agency is, according to manager Garren James, the largest straight-male escort companion company in the United States. The escorts have all come to this unusual profession in different ways, but all share good looks and fit bodies. Former model, Steven, needs the extra income to pay child support. Gray-haired Brace supports a variety of business interests, including real estate and a line of nutritional products with his escorting. Family man Ash adds to his income from his work as a dancer, model and massage therapist. Recent college graduate Nick also runs a male stripper business for private parties and a sex advice column. Athletic Vin is a newcomer to the business as the series begins and discovers the unexpected aspects and strange demands of his female clientele as the series progresses.

Like many reality programs, Gigolos follows a little-known subculture for both comic and dramatic effect. The customers seem to be an ordinary mix of Americans, nurses, teachers and couples looking to spice up their love lives. The escorts sometimes struggle to balance their personal lives and ambitions, with this unconventional career. Now in its third season, this late night show provides mature audiences with titillating content and the surprising sexual appetites of strangers.

Gigolos is a series that is currently running and has 6 seasons (54 episodes). The series first aired on April 7, 2011.

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Thursdays at 11:00 pm et/pt on Showtime
6 Seasons, 54 Episodes
April 7, 2011
Cast: Nick Hawk, Brace Land, Vin Armani, Ash Armand
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Gigolos Full Episode Guide

  • In the sixth season finale, Brace attempts to pull out, but the guys tease him for being premature. Meanwhile, Bradley gets lapped by his date; and Ash can't stop scratching.

  • Brace gets anxious when the new lady in his life has jewels on her mind; Nick's date becomes a liability, so he makes sure there are no holes in his protection.

  • Nick debuts his country soundtrack; Bradley and Brace prove they can clean up real nice for their dates; Vin spends time with his brother.

  • Brace goes all out helping a friend; Ash's client has a bold request.

  • Brace helps Nick make his childhood dream come true. Meanwhile, Bradley takes care of a woman who has faced death, Ash gets shot by his date.

  • Brace's nephew visits and the guys make make a realization about the family. Meanwhile, Nick mentors a new Gigolo.

  • Nick paints the town in rainbow colors. Brace gets caught up in his client's fantasy.

  • In the season premiere, Vin goes on a special date and is out to prove something. Later, the guys meet one of the oldest professionals from the world's oldest profession. Nick gets into an argument on a date.

  • Nick teaches Vin how to swim. Brace goes commercial.

  • Bradley gets wings; Nick tries to prove himself during a marksmanship duel with the crew after he claims he is the best.

  • While the group embarks on a new journey, Nick works tirelessly to prep for a photo shoot. Meanwhile, a married couple hire Vin to scratch their seven-year itch.

  • Nick finds out you don't challenge a stripper. Brace gets beat up.

  • A wrestling superstar wants a chance to tag into the gigolo lifestyle.

  • The guys rally around Brace. Bradley grants a client's dubious request.

  • Nick and Vin compete in a rap battle. Bradley gets ballsy on his date.

  • Vin takes it on the chin, while Brace offers encouragement to his client to take flight. Nick shows off his private collection.

  • Brace indulges an old-time fetish. Ash is desperate for answers when he becomes a sleepless beauty.

  • In the season premiere, Nick's date establishes boundaries. Ash counsels a client while Brace has some fun.

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