Several charming, bright-colored creatures with rounded physical features live together in simple peace and harmony. Each one has very distinctive quirks, but they are all happy and get along well with the others. There is little interpersonal conflict among these pleasant beings, which happen to have finely tuned senses of humor. They do run into problems now and then, however, and that is when they turn to each other for help. Together, they are able to face all sorts of troubling situations, many of which are similar to problems that young children might have to face in their everyday lives.

Saturdays at 08:00 am on The CW
2 Seasons, 81 Episodes
October 2, 2008
Animation & Cartoons, Children
Cast: Dan Green, Jason Griffith, Mike Pollock, Erica Schroeder

GoGoRiki Full Episode Guide

  • Wolliriki and Bigoriki go off on a search for the meaning of life. Too bad they decided to do so on a sub-zero day!

  • Ignored by the others, Rosariki decides to boycott everyone else. But her silent treatment backfires in more ways than one.

  • Pogo and Chiko have stood on their heads for so long that everything is spinning out of control. When Docoriki helps explain the situation they all start seeing the world from a whole new perspective.

  • Sun Spots

  • Cooking Up a Storm

  • Poetry Emotion

  • Pogo and Chiko set off on a crazy search for electricity when they canâ?'t figure out the secret to their unlit light bulb.

  • Rosa has a great dream about Wolli and tells everyone. He soon becomes in such high demand as a sleep aid that he has no time to rest himself.

  • Bigoriki thinks that he's having a terrible streak of bad luck and is afraid it might become contagious.

  • Docoriki predicts that Wolli will get something special before the end of the day, but the waiting for it and anticipation is the gift that keeps on giving.

  • Rosa's secret dream of having super powers finally comes true. Could this be a case of 'careful what you wish for?'

  • Pogoriki's obsession with forward progress leads him to create some amazing new inventions. But something about them seems way too familiar.

  • Sweet Temptation

  • History in the Faking

  • Spaced Out, Part Two

  • Spaced Out, Part 1

  • Quackleaf Blues

  • Home Away From Home

  • Who's Sorry Now

  • Happy Daze

  • Tough Luck

  • Treasure Stunt

  • The Dream Team

  • Pretty as a Picture

  • The Sweetness of Honey

  • Showtime Showdown

  • Fate Expectations

  • Rosariki isn't sure she wants to be Rosariki anymore. She auditions dozens of alternate names for Pogo and Chiko, who really just want to call herâ?¦ crazy!

  • Chikoriki is worried sick that he's prone to all sorts of diseases. Pogoriki's convinced it's all in his head... or is it?!

  • Docoriki wins a bet, and Bigoriki's favorite piano, by eating a bar of soap. But he's got a giant mess to clean up when Bigo's resentment bubbles over!

  • Pogoriki insists that the world is flat, despite all the scientific evidence Doco has to offer. Instead of going round and round with the argument, Pogo sets sail for the end of the earth to prove his theory once and for all.

  • Wolliriki's lucky umbrella has seen him through all of life's ups and downs, and it has the holes and patches to prove it. But can it weather the storm caused by Pogo and Chiko's meddling?

  • Annoyed with Doco reading his way through a fishing trip, Boboriki tries to grab the book, unleashing a whacky chain of events that finds them and their boat stuck high in a tree with no way down!

  • Ottoriki goes ballistic when a meteorite demolishes his latest and greatest invention: a fireworks machine.

  • Ottoriki builds a robot friend with an insatiable thirst for knowledge.   Pogo, Chiko and Otto teach Roboriki everything they knowâ?¦ and now it's their turn to learn something from their mechanical pal.

  • To cover for his cowardice, Chikoriki lies about being an expert on the flying trapeze.  Then the fibs fly fast and furious until he finds himself buried in a web of dubious details, deceits... and disguises!

  • The classic debate between strength and strategy is contested on the soccer field.  Docoriki is certain brains will triumph, but Boboriki is convinced itâ??s all about brawn.

  • A wardrobe malfunction turns Rosarikiâ??s misery into absolute sadness, which she overcomes by spending a day locked away in complete solitude.  But once everyone hears about her room of gloom, it becomes the hottest spot in town!

  • Sick with the flu, Docoriki is pampered and fed by all of his friends, which makes Wolliriki sick with jealousy.  He decides being ill is such a thrill, and pulls out all the stops to come down with a coldâ?¦ at all costs!

  • After Rosariki repeatedly beats Pogo at ping pong, he convinces her she should be playing more "girly" games like being a pretend parent.  But when she starts to terrorize her "baby Chikoriki the guys have to figure out a way to shut down her smother mother instincts before he's in diaper danger!

  • Wolliriki has two left feet when it comes to dancing, which leaves him woefully unprepared for the big disco contest. Can Bobo help him add some hustle to his muscle in time for him to get his boogie on?

  • Pogoriki feels that Chikoriki's beloved candy wrapper collection is a waste of time. But when Chiko nearly loses his collection, they both come to realize that having a one-a-kind friendship is the most prized possession of all.

  • When Bigoriki overhears Wolli speaking about the thrill of adventure on the high seas, he immediately assumes Wolli is longing to sail around the world.  Bigo sets out on a plan to convince everyone else to "help" Wolli prepare for a big seafaring adventure.

  • According to Olgariki, everything you'll ever need to know can be learned by reading her book "Recipes For Life."  But, when her precious book gets destroyed, it's up to Rosa, Pogo and Chiko to teach Olga a thing or two!

  • Docoriki is convinced he's been reincarnated from a butterfly and insists that he is returning to his former self.  Now everyone wishes he'd wrap himself in a cocoon rather than witness his flighty behavior.

  • Boboriki has a honey of a problem:  he has to hibernate for the winter but he hasn't prepared his bee hives.  Pogo and Chiko promise to get busy and help him out, but their sting operation backfires big time! 

  • A contest for most creative costume has everyone gearing up for the masquerade party of the century.

  • Docorikiâ??s research paper on the bias toward large antlers wins an award from the very group whose prejudice he revealed.  But when it comes time for the ceremony he decides that bigger actually is betterâ?¦ or is it?

  • Bigoriki explains that when you get old three things happen:  the first is you lose your memory.  The other two?  He canâ?'t remember!  Now heâ??s racing against time to recall something really, really important.  Will he succeed?  Forget about it!

  • Pogo leaves Rosariki outside too long on the coldest day of the year and comes back to discover that she's frozen solid.  Now he and Chiko have to defrost her before it's too late!

  • Potential Disaster

  • Scent of a Wolli

  • Movie Madness

  • Promises

  • What a Chore

  • Bad Hair Day

  • Me, Myself, and Island

  • Star Gazing

  • The Piano

  • Double Doco

  • Sweet Lily

  • A Hair Scare

  • Scary Stories

  • Woe is Wolli

  • The Beauty Within

  • The Magic Trick

  • Bad Manners

  • It's About Time

  • Dreams in the Sky

  • Pyramid Scheme

  • Treasure Hunt

  • Magnetism

  • Extra! Extra!

  • The Telegraph

  • A Gift for Rosariki

  • The Big Race

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