Goin Raw with Timothy DeLaGhetto

Join YouTube OG Tim DeLaGhetto and his aux-cord "DJ" homie, Ricky Shucks, for takeout, real advice, beer pong, parking lot stunts, and high quality shit talking. Its a lowkey house party with highkey antics. Oh, and there's a stripper pole.

1 Season, 33 Episodes
March 22, 2017
Goin Raw with Timothy DeLaGhetto

Goin Raw with Timothy DeLaGhetto Full Episode Guide

  • Guest: Wayne Brady. Word of the Day: DEAL. What happens: The Season 1 Finale, yall.

  • Guest: JusReign. Word of the Day: BOUNCE. What happens: Everyone stops by!

  • Guest: James Davis. Word of the Day: HOOD. What happens: Mini golf!

  • Guest: Jay Versace. Word of the Day: STUCK. What happens: The boys get transported back to the 90s!

  • Guest: Gina Darling. Word of the Day: GOTH. What happens: Wet t-shirt contest.

  • Guest: Kassem G. Word of the Day: CALIFORNIA. What happens: Sasquatch and panty hose.

  • Guest: Cody Ko. Word of the Day: CHILL. What happens: Tim is drinking again with Cody Ko!

  • Guest: Andrea Russett. Word of the Day: FULLSCREEN. What happens: A baby goat!

  • Guest: Dumfoundead. Word of the Day: WATER. What happens: Rap battles and music video hoes.

  • Guest: Lexy Panterra. Word of the Day: QUEEN. What happens: Twerking lessons and wet willies!

  • Guest: Dormtainment. Word of the Day: SNAP. What happens: Urban pictionary and Surprise Shan Boody!

  • Guest: Megan Batoon. Word of the Day: BANANAS. What happens: Pun battles and chicken wings!

  • Guest: Devvon Terrell. Word of the Day: WEIRDO. What happens: Naked sushi and epic "wrap" battle

  • Guest: Don Benjamin. Word of the Day: GRANDE. What happens: "Drunk" hoops and gummy drops!

  • Guest: Kingsley. Word of the Day: EDM. What happens: Tim puts a potato down his pants.

  • Guest: Tony BakerWord of the Day: CARDIO.What happens: Jock staps and shoot outs.

  • Guest: Mikey BoltsWord of the Day: SOCKS.What happens: Cornholio

  • Guest: Iman Crosson AKA Alphacat.Word of the Day: COVFEFE.What happens: Eating a** with Trump.

  • Guest: Matt Rife.Word of the Day: BIEBER.What happens: Panties drop.

  • Guest: David SoWord of the Day: SWIRLWhat happens: YouTube Dick and Thai Dirty Talk

  • Guest: Nikki LimoWord of the Day: CATURDAYWhat happens:

  • Guest: DeStorm Power.Word of the Day: CAUGHT. What happens: Boobs. Boobs. More Boobs.

  • Guest: Jon Gabrus. Word of the Day: RUGBY. What happens: Taco eating/beer drinking contest + 18ft beer bong!

  • Guest: Jerry Purpdrank. Word of the Day: BRAVO. What happens: Stripper pole dance off!

  • Guest: SUPEReeeGO aka Eric OchoaWord of the Day: HIGH SCHOOL.What happens: Swapping Shots & Drunk Darts!

  • Guest: Karlous Miller. Word of the Day: TITTIES. What happens: High speed rap battle & Fembots!

  • Guest: Alex Wassabi. Word of the Day: DIY. What happens: Grasshopper tacos and electric shocks!

  • Guest: Futuristic. Word of the Day: BARS. What happens: Edward fortyhands & H-O-E-S.

  • Guest: Jimmy Tatro. Word of the Day: SWOLE. What happens: Super hot wings, tears, & Flip cup.

  • Guest: Jenna Marbles.Word of the Day: MAJESTIC.What happens: Unicorn costumes & Twerking Girls!

  • Guest: DashieXPWord of the Day: THIRSTYWhat happens: Clothespins to the face and sumo suits

  • Guest: Shan BoodyWord of the Day: ANALWhat happens: Dick pinatas & donuts

  • Guest: King BachWord of the Day: SELFIEWhat happens: ABSOLUTE MAYHEM