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Zodiak Kids
3 Seasons, 65 Episodes
October 28, 2008
Action & Adventure, Animation & Cartoons, Children
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Gormiti Full Episode Guide

  • The kids find a lost book that's supposed to allow them to infiltrate the heart of Magor's Volcano. This might be their chance to recover their orbs from the Evil Lord once and for all! But all of it is a trap set by Magor himself!

  • The kids find a dump which turns into an evil Metal Gormiti: Metalwork! Totally invincible, Metalwork puts a curse on Lucas, which slowly turns him into a Metal Gormiti, then captures him and sends him into Obscurio's new lair.

  • Magor freezes the Sea Orb and gives its powers to Nefastor before sending him to Earth. He attacks the Lords, and is able to freeze Toby!

  • Magor casts a spell on the Earth Orb, then creates a portal. He sends Magmion to Earth through the portal to attack the the subway tunnels!

  • Since Magor cursed the Earth Orb, earthquakes are happening on Earth and buildings are collapsing in Gorm. To save both worlds, the Lords of Nature go see Roscalion, the ancient guardian of Earth for a helpful advice.

  • Magor curses the Air Orb, so the winds coming out of his volcano become terribly hot. The Old Sage sends the Lords of Nature to help the Air Gormiti, who are attacked by violent, hot tornadoes.

  • Magor casts a spell on the Forest Orb that makes trees spontaneously combust! The Old Sage sends the Lords of Nature to Gorm where they meet the Forest Gormiti, Ederus, who is trying to heal the Gorm Tree. But Memeltor and Fireblaze capture Ederus.

  • When the rivers go wild and Venture Falls is flooded, the kids know that Magor is probably behind it. Investigating this matter in Gorm, the Lord of Air finds a cave where a Sea Gormiti tribe is held captive by the Lava Gormiti, Memeltor.

  • Magor puts a curse on the Air orb to weaken the Air Gormiti, including Jessica. The new evil, violent winds prevent the Air Gormiti from flying, and Magmion uses this opportunity to attack them.

  • One year after Obscurio's defeat, the kids are living peacefully in Venture Falls. But when they develop powers over nature without transforming into the Lords of Nature, they know something is up in Gorm.

  • Obscurio has finally uncovered the darkest and most powerful spell of the Codex of Magor, unlocking its hidden well of evil magic. With it, the dark lord is extending his shadows over Gorm and the Earth with an Eternal Eclipse!

  • Obscurio has finally uncovered the darkest and most powerful spell of the Codex of Magor, unlocking its hidden well of evil magic. With it, the dark lord is extending his shadows over Gorm and the Earth with an Eternal Eclipse!

  • With the help of a very powerful artifact, Obscurio has almost achieved his ultimate goal and he's creating a dimentional rift that could give him access to the Temple of Supreme Luminos.

  • Obscurio has found a way to reawaken an army of Lava Gormitis, buried deep under the Gorm territory. The Lords of Nature have to stop him before this powerful army invades all of Gorm.

  • Things are heating up in Gorm - literally. For some reason, the temperatures are rising to dangerous levels, threatening all life on Gorm!

  • Back in Venture Falls, the kids are experiencing strange deja-vu phenomenons. Suspecting that it's linked to Obscurio, they gate to Gorm.

  • Unable to destroy the Lords of Nature, Obscurio is now seeking the Ice Saber, a sword that will give him infinite power to rule over Gorm and the Earth.

  • Obscurio's Curse of Elements has returned -this time affecting Nick, The Lord of Earth. Under the dark magic's influence, Nick has become clumsy and uncoordinated in everything he does.

  • It is now Toby's turn to be under Obscurio's Curse of the Elements spell. This time the spell turns the Lord of the Sea into a loner who is incapable of working with his team, The Lords of Nature.

  • Obscurio casts the Curse of Elements spell on the Lord of Air this time, causing Jessica to throw tantrums and get enraged for no reason.

  • Back in Venture Falls, Lucas suddenly finds himself losing all self-confidence. At the same time, in Gorm, the Forest Nation is under attack.

  • Obscurio's powers are getting stronger and stronger. This time, he's uncovered a spell that hits the Air Gormitis and makes their wings disappear.

  • During an attack on the Air Nation, Magmion uses one of Obscurio's new spells to trap all of the Air Gormitis, including Jessica, Lord of Air, under an invisible, impenetrable dome.

  • Thanks to a dark spell by Obscurio, the Air Gormiti floating citadels near Eagle Peak are falling to the ground. If The Lords of Nature don't stop Magmion from using Obscurio's spell, the Air nation will be defenseless!

  • Obscurio is attacking the Air Nation citadel in hopes of acquring a magical egg that gathers all of the Air Gormiti powers. Before he can steal the egg, he'll have to find it first, as it is hidden in a dense, protective fog.

  • Obscurio has hijacked Oceantica, a Sea Nation fortress full of magical artifacts that could give him incredible of power -he has his eyes on one in particular, but which one?

  • It all begins with an Earth Gormiti farming collective that has been taken over by evil Gormitis. The Keeper discovers this attack was a diversion designed to keep the Lords distracted, while Magmion was busy raiding a sacred monolith miles away.

  • Obscurio's minions are capturing one of each kind of Gormitis, for a ceremony that is supposed to bring back Obscurio to his full powers.

  • Obscurio has captured the only Earth Gormiti who can crack a special dark spell on the Codex of Magor. The Lords of Nature will have to enter the core of evil, Obscurio's Lair of Despair, in order to thwart the evil Gormiti Lord's scheme.

  • Luminos unlocks the mystery of the Refracting Rock, a crystal that creates a prism of power enhancing light. When Obscurio learns of its power, he sends his minions after the magic rock.

  • The trees are still petrified, and the impact of this situation on Earth is becoming more and more serious. During a battle against Obscurio's minions, the Lords of Nature end up in the Forgotten Valley -which brings amnesia to all who enter.

  • Obscurio is looking to destroy the Den of Murena, a location in the Sea Nation that will grant him more and more power to achieve his goal of conquering Gorm.

  • Obscurio is still looking to conquer Gorm, and this time, it's with the help of a giant spider-like Gormiti that he wants to do so.

  • After the trees become petrified in Venture Falls, the kids gate to Gorm, knowing that something's up. They discover that Magmion is after a rare rot worm that will assist him in his quest to conquer Gorm.

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