Huntik: Secrets and Seekers

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The television series tells a story full of surprises that talks about the seekers, a group of individuals that can use amulet to summon titans and use these against the forces of evil. The main character is Lok Lambert, a normal high school kid that gets thrown into this magical world of wonder when he discovers his dad's amulet and hoping this is proof he is still alive. Through hardships and misadventures eventually Lok becomes a very talented seeker that uses his new found abilities to fight the forces of evil along with his friends. This show will throw loops at the viewer as it progresses smoothly from one episode to the next.

The television series is originally from Italy and was created and directed by Ignio Straffi and was produced by Rainbow S.p.A . and it currently has 52 episodes and is still on going. The animations and drawing were completely amazing and beautiful. The soundtracks played a major part overall as they really helped set the mood in many scenes and enhance it in many others while making it far more realistic and vivid. The viewer sees how Lok has to go through many hardships and troubles to understand the things in life and learn more about his father. Lok takes us through a roller coaster of emotions that will leave the viewer thinking about the meaning of life and the importance of being good and doing what is right.

This is definitely a series for the entire family as it not only has important morals to teach but the comic reliefs throughout the entire series are truly hilarious and will leave the viewer holding onto their chair to not fall off laughing. The action in the series gives it all any fan of action desires and will leave the viewer more often than not wanting more of this spectacular series which still has enough drama to leave anyone in suspense until the next episode.

Monday-Thursday 8:00 PM et/pt on NickToons
2 Seasons, 35 Episodes
January 7, 2009
Animation & Cartoon, Kids & Family
Cast: Marc Thompson, Karen Strassman, Rebecca Soler, JB Blanc
Huntik: Secrets and Seekers

Huntik: Secrets and Seekers Full Episode Guide

  • New York City, USA: Casterwill Elder Focauld is under attack by Kiel's deadly Blood Spirals. Dante and the Huntik Team are sent to the cloisters to rescue him. In the heat of battle Sophie is forced to prove herself to the surling Focauld, saving everyone. However, Focauld is too stubborn to welcome Sophie into the Casterwill Family secrets.

  • Lok and the Huntik team race a Blood Spiral named Kiel to recover the Titan Medusa, a mission that nearly fails and forces Zhalia to adopt a new plan.

  • Paris France: When the RIng of Arc vanishes Lok, Dante, Sophie and Zahlia head into the catacombs to find it. However the ring is actually the legendary titan of fate, Arc. She traps each seeker inside a dream world they must escape. The Huntik team maages to defeat Arc but Dante's dream leaves him worried about the future.

  • Vienna Austria:Zalia leads the team into Klause's library to find the Amulet of Void. Both the Organisation and the Foundation are ambushed by a devastating new enemy, The Blood Spirals lead by their old foe Razimoff. Dante manages to save himself by bonding with powerbonded Caliban but the Spirals are too strong, Void ends up in their hands.

  • Prague, The Czeq republic: The Huntk teams faces off against Lucas Casterwill, Sophie's brother. They come to an understanding and help find the missing Amulet of void.Zahlia's plan lets them trick the organisation into revealing it's location in Klause's library. Lucas explains the history of the betrayer who tried to summon the Nullifiers in the past.

  • After Sophie's Revelations in the Crystal Caves the team search for Avalon and the fabled Willblade. Lady Casterwill tells them how her family allied themselves with the Titans when they first arrived on Earth.

  • A new organisation team led by the charismatic Wilder takes over the Tower of Nostradamus. Dante, Lok and the team manage to stop them with some help from Nostradamus' predictions. On the way a message from Lok's father and clues from the Ancient Seer point the way to Avalon and the Magic Willblade.

  • In the second season premiere, the Huntik team invades the Organizations base to try and learn info about Eathon Lambert. After communicating with Eathon, they are issued a new mission.

  • Lok confronts Dante, who just gave his Legendary Titans to The Professor. He says that just because he's his father's mentor, he isn't about to forgive all the terrible things he's done.

  • Despite Guggenheim's protests, the team goes to Prague to confront The Professor on his home turf. They bring the Legendary Titans, but Dante holds onto them so there isn't a repeat of last time.

  • Metz, feeling better, calls the team before him. He explains what he knows about the Legendary Titans. He believes that since they have the Ancient Amulet, they were able to remove the Amulet of Spirit without invoking the curse that affected him and Simon.

  • Our heroes are surrounded by Solomon's guards and The Professor's men at the Mines' entrance. Then Zhalia shows her hand, and creates a distraction. Dante and the others escape, but in the wrong the direction.

  • Reading a symbol on the Ancient Amulet of Will, a passage in Lok's father's journal now makes sense. It gives the exact location of a serpent sculpture in the African desert. Sophie recognizes it from the most famous British adventure legend, the legend of King Solomon's Mines.

  • Lok leads the team through the underground tunnel to the entrance to Atlantis, the undersea city. He still believes that his father is waiting for him. Dante finds evidence that no one else has been down here in hundreds of years.

  • Sophie spends a week in meditation, and is finally able to use the spell "Findshape" on Lok's father's journal. It restores many pages, including one which had already been torn up before Lok saw it the first time.

  • Dante goes and visits Metz again, who gives him a strange map. Since Metz is now too sick to talk, Dante has to go to the Council of Renaissance Men to get support to continue the mission. They approve, and Dante takes the team, minus Zhalia, to Turkey, following Metz's map.

  • The Huntik Foundation gets a tip that there are strange lights coming from the Cathedral of Sir Lancelot in Paris at night. Identifying it as Titan-related, they send Dante and the team, minus Venessa, to investigate.

  • Dante meets with his mentor, Metz, the leader of the Huntik Foundation. Metz's sickness has taken a turn for the worse. He reminds Dante of the evil Seeker of ancient times, Vlad Dracul, and the Titans he had. Because he was so evil, his Titans will still only sync with evil people.

  • The team travels to Vienna on a special Huntik Foundation mission. They have to break into Klaus' base of operations, and recover an artifact he stole from the Huntik Foundation years before. Dante knows where it is, because of a homing beacon he placed on a scepter Klaus took in episode 15.

  • Lok goes to county Kerry, Ireland, to visit his mom and sister. Dante and the others come along for some rest and relaxation. Rassimov tells Klaus to trip up Dante, and wait for them to find the Amulet of Will.

  • Grier takes a troop of Organization Suits and retunes to his Aegean island home, Sutos, which is in the middle of a civil war. Dante, Lok and the others are following the Argo's voyage by ship, when their ship runs aground and the team is forced to use their Titans to escape.

  • Relaxing in a small fishing village in Greece, our heroes wait for orders from Gugghenhiem. Soon, they receive a message, use the map they found on the fake Argo and go out to sea.

  • The team is in near Volos, Greece, on a mission to track down the Argo from Lok and the Argonauts. From the Locals, they learn of a local legend that the ship was scuttled after the big voyage. On the way to the river, they are spotted by an Organization suit.

  • Lok convinces everyone to travel to Vienna, because he remembers it being mentioned often in his father's journal. Dante has some Huntik Foundation business there, and Zhalia says there is something she wanted to look into, so they go.

  • Inside the temple of Thor they find the Titan Fenris. It's been active because of the magical properties of the temple, and left to run wild in the temple for thousands of years. It's absolutely furious and the group can't fight it directly.

  • Dante goes to Tersly, a Huntik Foundation researcher and the partner to Montehue, Dante's friendly rival. He gets some information that lets him find a hidden Norse temple in Scandinavia.

  • The team takes is on a mission from the Huntik Foundation. They are in the Paris Catacombs after having just recovered the Ring of Joan of Arc, they find that DeFoe has filled the exits with troops and they can't escape.

  • With the clues telling them the Ancient Amulet was recovered by the ancient sorcerer Jodis Lore(historical-legendary figure), the team heads to Prague, Lowe's home.

  • When Lok and Sophie accidentally break a statue that belonged to Lok's father, they find an Amulet and a journal hidden inside. Before they can act, they're attacked by Organization Suits. They split up and are thrown into an exciting chase across Venice, down backstreets, across canals, and even on the rooftops.

  • When Lok and Sophie accidentally break a statue that belonged to Lok's father, they find an Amulet and a journal hidden inside. Before they can act, they're attacked by Organization Suits. They split up and are thrown into an exciting chase across Venice, down backstreets, across canals, and even on the rooftops.