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Groundling Marsh is a children's television show focusing on education. The show is set in a marsh and features puppets made to all look different from each other. Humans are rarely shown and when they do appear it is to pollute the marsh and outline the evils of pollution.

The show focuses on both environmental protection issues and moral issues such as caring and honesty.

This series of shows are for teaching children the value of protecting the environment and good moral values as shown by the puppet characters.

Groundling Marsh is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (66 episodes). The series first aired on September 1, 1997.

Groundling Marsh is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Groundling Marsh on demand atApple TV+, Amazon Prime, Tubi TV online.

4 Seasons, 66 Episodes
September 1, 1997
Kids & Family
Cast: Stephen Brathwaite, Dan Redican, Gord Robertson, James Rankin, Alanna Ubach
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Groundling Marsh Full Episode Guide

  • Hegdish refuses to participate in the Marsh's Twinkletime holiday festivities, but three holiday spirits show him the error of his way.

  • Feeling unappreciated, Eco decides to leave Groundling Marsh for good-until her guardian angel steps in.

  • Crystal's amazing hearing picks up an unkind remark from Eco, much to Maggie's dismay.

  • The Groundlings put on a show to convince Hegdish to stay in Groundling Marsh.

  • Hegdish discovers a singing plant, but the plant changes its tune when it's uprooted and taken away from its home.

  • When Crystal causes a new ice age to come to the Marsh, she must find a way to stop the damage before all the Groundlings freeze.

  • Maggie sets out to prove that she is the most talented creature in Groundling Marsh.

  • Mud/Slinger receives five wishes from a five-leaf clover, but doesn't feel so lucky when the other Groundlings try to help him determine what he should wish for.

  • Maggie has trouble coming up with the perfect gift for Eco, until she decides to give away her most prized possession.

  • Crystal relies on the other Groundlings to get her through a difficult test - a test she should be taking on her own.

  • Galileo, Maggie and Hegdish use a treasure map to search for the Marsh's greatest treasure.

  • Galileo soon grows jealous when his friend Stacks begins a friendship with Crystal.

  • Galileo sets out on a dangerous mission - made more dangerous by stowaway Hegdish.

  • Galileo doesn't believe that Crystal has met a new invisible friend.

  • Crystal is trapped inside her cave, and the Groundlings must find a way to get her back out.

  • Hegdish tricks Crystal into getting him some berries, but finds out that his tricks have consequences when he needs Crystal to help save Galileo.

  • Thanks to a talking bird, Maggie knows Hegdish is in trouble - but no one seems to believe her.

  • Galileo sets off on a dangerous quest for an exotic bird, and has to be rescued by Stacks-who then has to be rescued by Hegdish.

  • A rude imposter named Ponce causes trouble for Galileo.

  • Eco's magic box must be used with caution, but Hegdish has other ideas.

  • Stacks has a bold plan to save some butterflies, but it may require more courage than he can muster.

  • Hegdish takes advantage of Mud/Slinger after injuring himself on one of their inventions.

  • Eco believes she is going to be banished from the Marsh.

  • Galileo eats everybody's cookies and Maggie must decide if she should tell the other Groundlings about it.

  • Maggie learns a lesson in responsibility when she looks after Eco's magic amulet and almost immediately breaks it.

  • Mud/Slinger accidentally shrinks Eco, and must save her from a perilously sticky situation.

  • Galileo experiences rejection and jealousy when Maggie's attention focuses on a new friend-Crystal, the Undergroundling.

  • Stacks experiences the responsibilities associated with his new found freedom.

  • Hegdish invents a Magaboo monster to trick everyone out of their bom mom berries.

  • Mud is convinced that a lucky stick will help him overcome his fears.

  • Mud/Slinger discovers purple pebbles in the stream and begins to trade them for favours.

  • Maggie sneaks a peek at her You-day present and breaks it - she thinks.

  • Maggie learns about the circle of life through the loss of her beloved chucklenut tree.

  • Galileo abuses his power when given the title of Sproutmaster during harvest.

  • Maggie gives her merry-go-pop to Mud/Slinger as junk and then regrets it.

  • Hegdish attempts to steal the colour from the rainbow, Galileo must stop him before Eco's energy source is completely depleted.

  • Hegdish becomes Mud/Slinger's hero after saving him from a falling tree branch

  • Galileo stays up late one night, throwing off his cycle, and then becomes so tired he can't fall asleep.

  • Maggie decides it's time she grew up and so she throws away her Mossy Bear.

  • Hegdish invents a Megaboo monster to trick everyone out of their bom bom berries.