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Guntucky is a patriotic blend of firearms entertainment and a slice of life of the Sumner family that runs Knobb Creek in Kentucky. The show is an engaging glimpse into the realities that follow weapons experts in their roles as fantastic weaponry facilitators. The use of exciting guns is mixed with the facets of the lives that artillery range demonstrations impact. The Sumners try to reach a balance between explosions and education while running a business.

Patrons at Knobb Creek bring everything from cannons to machine guns to bring to life exciting movie scenes, historical reenactments, and hypothetical combat situations. Other parts of the show involve scenes that examine roles of men and women in the store setting. Traditional family values underscore every situation and respect is always the moral compass that the Sumners use to guide their interactions. A recurring theme for the show is the balance between swagger and salesmanship.

At a time when America is focused on the debate on whether or not guns still have a place in modern society the Sumners all live raise their own while immersed in firearms. Parents on the show teach their children that guns can not only entertain, but teach life lessons safely as well. The store embodies working class principles that emphasize bullets as the backbone of leisure. In addition to demonstrations that show how large magazine firearms are used, practices such as haggling, staffing concerns, and a gambit of quagmires encompass every interaction.

Guntucky airs on CMT. It is a reality show for anyone that can appreciate the importance of cooperation when running a family business. Varying episodes take a head-on approach to showcase the virility, honesty, and lightheartedness of true southerners. While dialects and classic rural demeanor are inseparable from the family's dealings, the show offers perspectives on artillery that speak to a broad spectrum of viewers.

Sunday 9:00 PM et/pt on CMT
2 Seasons, 17 Episodes
April 21, 2013
Military & War, Reality
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Guntucky Full Episode Guide

  • Steven, accompanied by a local re-enactor named Tackleberry, attempt to make the dream of a father and son come true with a live fire re-enactment. Kenny and his friend fail to come to an agreement.

  • The range is always willing to go the extra mile to help their customers. They take some friends on an epic competition shooting weapons from every major American conflict. Steven sets up targets for grenades, while Payton goes rogue and purchases a canon.

  • Cornbread, an unusual customer has an unusual request. Wanting to blow off steam he wants to see about doing a fantasy where he has to escape from behind enemy lines. Chad's been hustling some of the younger kids on the range, so one of the older guys challenges him to an assault rifle challenge. Chad and Biff have to test the new sight on a 300 rifle that is being used as a hog gun, and also see an outdated Japanese Nambu.

  • Monster trucks infiltrate the range. Kenny decides to hire one of Payton's friends as Biff scores two old pistols.

  • In an effort to attract more customers, Payton tries to come up with a first-person video game experience. Biff discovers a antique box gun dating back to the 1800s.

  • In the second season premiere, the Sumners are preoccupied with expansions at the range. While Kenny focuses on business negotiations and tricky construction problems, Steven works with the wife of an injured military veteran to surprise him.

  • Biff and Nancy have a target shoot-out with Payton, teaching him the difference between U.S. rifles and German rifles used in WWII. Later, the Sumners host the biggest gun party in the world. Their "Machine Gun Shoot" is known across the globe, bringing 18,000 gun enthusiasts to the range. Steven and the family prep and work to make this one different, bigger and in every way, the best of ?em all.

  • Steven and Payton encounter men who build cannons that can shoot bowling balls. Meanwhile, Gran-pa hires a new employee. Also, a customer has Steven produce an apocalyptic Sci-Fi shooting adventure, featuring a radical End-of-the-World vehicle.

  • Steven and Chad persuade Gran-pa Biff to let them be in charge of the range for a week. Chad begins the week by dickering over a perfect replica of a Soviet rifle.

  • Steven, Chad and Payton design a unique home alarm system while Gran-pa Biff screens an applicant for his highly secretive "Old Timers Club," an exclusive organization that loves guns and good practical jokes.

  • Steven helps a feuding couple reconcile, first by helping them destroy their ugly furniture, and later by staging an "explosive" date out on the range. He also haggles with a seller over a rare "Book Gun."

  • Steven goes ballistic upon learning daughter Stephanie's new boyfriend has yet to touch a gun. Steven forces Stephanie's guy Ben into an awkward session of hunting, followed by a pro wrestling match where the overzealous dad escorts the couple as both chaperone and color commentator. After dealing with an eccentric gun owner, Chad and Payton buy a cane gun for Gran-pa Biff.

  • Zombie Apocalypse Steven puts together a massive experience for a customer looking to take out an army of zombies. Steven also sells a replica of a very cool "Pirate" gun, the legendary Blunderbuss. Meanwhile, Kenny checks out a rare German competition shooting rifle, wondering if he blew his money or got a real steal in the bargain.

  • The Sumners put together an epic Civil War recreation. Meanwhile, the Knob Creek crew helps settle a bet, while Gran-pa Biff has Steven look at and test-fire a very valuable rifle.

  • Steven wants his son Payton to learn that shooting up dad's property has consequences. Meanwhile, Gran-Pa Biff delivers some bad news to the owner of a seemingly rare weapon, and two rowdy brothers blast their old fishing craft into boat heaven.

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