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  • 1959
  • 2 Seasons
  • 7.0  (446)

As a classic science fiction series, "H.G. Wells' Invisible Man" is based on the novel "The Invisible Man" by H.G. Wells. This 1958-1960 British television show was directed by Quentin Lawrence and starred Lisa Daniely, Deborah Watling, Tim Turner, and Johnny Scripps in the lead roles. The series followed the fantastical adventures of Dr. Peter Brady, a scientist who develops a serum that makes him invisible.

Dr. Peter Brady, played by Tim Turner, is a scientist working on a secret government project that aims to create an invisibility formula. His work pays off, and he becomes the world's first invisible man. However, being invisible is not as glamorous as he had hoped, and he struggles to deal with the physical, mental and social consequences of his power. Peter uses his science and ingenuity to help those in need, but his invisibility often draws attention to him; some people want to exploit him for their own purposes, while others seek to harm him.

Throughout the series, Peter always finds himself in thrilling, dangerous and irresistible situations. He uses his abilities for both good and bad, constantly testing the limits of the serum he has taken. Overall, the show is about his struggle to adapt to his new condition and find a balance between his personal life, scientific ambitions, and moral principles.

To help Peter in his invisibility, he often relies on his trusty sidekick, Sally Wilson, played by Lisa Daniely. Sally works for the government and is the only person outside of the laboratory that knows about Peter's condition. She serves as his confidante, but also as a sounding board for his scientific ideas. Sally is a strong-willed woman who is fiercely loyal to Peter, which makes her a perfect partner for him.

Deborah Watling plays the role of Jane, Peter's sister. She is a medical student who often gets involved in Peter's experiments, which leads to her being put in harm's way. Jane is smart, resourceful, and intuitive, making her an asset to Peter's work.

Johnny Scripps plays Mark, the bumbling housekeeper who provides comic relief throughout the series. Although Mark is often the butt of Peter's jokes, he is also Peter's only constant source of companionship outside of Sally and Jane.

Throughout the series, Peter and his friends solve mysteries, fight crime, and struggle to adjust to Peter's invisibility. One episode sees Peter helping a gangster escape the law, only to find himself at odds with him later. Another episode has Peter investigating a murder, which leads him to discover a dangerous drug ring. In another, Peter tries to rescue a kidnapped girl, but ends up being transported to a different dimension.

Each episode is filled with adventure, excitement, and suspense. The science fiction elements of the show may seem crude by today's standards, but were revolutionary for its time. The special effects, while limited, are effective in conveying the feeling of Peter's invisibility.

Though the series ended in 1960 and only ran for two seasons, it has maintained a cult following over the years. The show's legacy is that it helped establish the invisibility trope in science fiction media for decades to come.

Overall, "H.G. Wells' Invisible Man" was a groundbreaking science fiction series that paved the way for future works in the genre. It's a thrilling adventure that stands the test of time, thanks to its creative storytelling, outstanding cast, and pioneering special effects.

H.G. Wells' Invisible Man is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (26 episodes). The series first aired on June 13, 1959.

H.G. Wells' Invisible Man
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The Big Plot
26. The Big Plot
December 19, 1959
A foreign aircraft crashes and among the wreckage a canister of uranium is found. Peter Brady deduces that an atom bomb is being assembled somewhere in London and uses his invisibility to derail the plot.
Shadow Bomb
25. Shadow Bomb
December 12, 1959
Peter Brady develops a bomb detonator that only sets off an explosion when exposed to a shadow. During a test of the device, the invisible scientist is called on to save a soldier trapped next to the bomb.
The Rocket
24. The Rocket
December 5, 1959
A problem gambler sells information concerning a new rocket to thieves who plan to steal it. Peter Brady uses his invisibility to uncover the truth and recover the rocket.
Man in Power
23. Man in Power
November 28, 1959
A student of Dr. Peter Brady must return to his home country after his brother, the King, is assassinated. The "Invisible Man" tags along and helps to thwart a military coup
Man in Disguise
22. Man in Disguise
November 21, 1959
A man, wrapped in bandages so as to look like Peter Brady, smuggles drugs into London. The real "Invisible Man" teams up with Scotland Yard to reveal the truth and expose the criminals.
The White Rabbit
21. The White Rabbit
November 14, 1959
Dr. Brady travels to Paris and joins forces with a girl who discovered a rabbit that materialized before her eyes. They uncover a plot by Monsieur Rochet to assemble an invisible army.
The Gun Runners
20. The Gun Runners
November 7, 1959
The murder of a young couple sends Dr. Brady, the "Invisible Man", off to the Mediterranean with Miss Fleming, an international crime commissioner, to expose a ring of gun runners.
The Decoy
19. The Decoy
October 31, 1959
While staying in London, one half of the show business duo "The Trent Twins" witnesses a murder and then vanishes. Her sister enlists the aid of the "Invisible Man" to solve the mystery.
Flight into Darkness
18. Flight into Darkness
October 24, 1959
Peter Brady's contemporary, Dr. Stevens, destroys data from an important gravitational breakthrough and then disappears. It's up to the "Invisible Man" to solve the mystery.
The Prize
17. The Prize
October 17, 1959
Tanya Roskoff, a famous writer from behind the iron curtain, is arrested on her way to receive an international literary prize. The "Invisible Man" crosses the border and guides her to safety and freedom.
The Vanishing Evidence
16. The Vanishing Evidence
October 10, 1959
A scientist is murdered and his project documents are stolen. The invisible Dr. Brady is dispatched to Holland by the London police to recover the papers.
Death Cell
15. Death Cell
October 3, 1959
On a train to London Peter Brady is approached by a seemingly mentally ill woman who claims to have proof that a death row prisoner is innocent. Dr. Brady discovers that the woman may not be as crazy as she seemed.
Point of Destruction
14. Point of Destruction
September 26, 1959
A crooked scientist sabotages aeronautical tests which results in several pilot deaths. Dr. Peter Brady's invisibility enables him to discover the truth.
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  • Premiere Date
    June 13, 1959
  • IMDB Rating
    7.0  (446)