Watch TV Shows on DMGI

DMGI (Digital Music Group Incorporated) is an online media distribution company with locations in over 30 countries worldwide. Founded in New York, the company grew to develop relationships with local television channels before landing contracts with larger companies such as Time Warner and Turner broadcasting. DGMI now offers a range of services beyond traditional programming, many of which are available online.

Viewers can select from a variety of genres, including sports, news, comedy, classics, and romance. In addition, there is a movie section that offers the latest popular films, as well as an archive of older movies on demand. Music is available through the service, featuring work from internationally renowned artists in pop, rock, r&b, soul, classical, electronica, acoustic, and more. Users can choose to download the media for an extra fee or stream the content online for a reduced rate.

By signing up for the "blue club," you can gain access to exclusive content, such as free streaming whenever you want, as well as extras such as blooper reels from comedy films, interviews with celebrities, and more.

DGMI has recently signed contracts with large companies worldwide such as Youtube and Disney to bring more shows to the platform and give viewers a better selection.