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  • TV-G
  • 1998
  • 1 Season
  • 7.2  (489)

Gumby is a fun little green fellow who lives a happy life with his horse Pokey. They have a wonderful time together at home and on their travels, though they are occasionally thwarted by those who mean them harm. These include the nasty Blockheads, who delight in causing trouble for him. Nonetheless, wherever they go, they find friends, and they delight in simple joys. Despite their limited range of motion, they have extraordinary lives.

Gumby Adventures
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The Funny Bathtub
99. The Funny Bathtub
January 1, 1998
Plucky the Plumber is installing a bathtub when he disovers the faucet controls make it move…too bad he didn't tell the customer.
For the Graduate
98. For the Graduate
January 1, 1998
Prickle and Minga are getting Gumby a graduation gift so they go to the toy store to test drive some toys.
Time Out
97. Time Out
January 1, 1998
Father Time is having a nightmare and Gumby needs to wake him up before time gets any crazier.
Kid Brother Kids
96. Kid Brother Kids
January 1, 1998
Gumby and the band are performing in an old west ice cream parlor. Things go wrong when the Kid Brother Kids show up.
Kangaroo Express
95. Kangaroo Express
January 1, 1998
Gumby and friends are off to a concert in Australlia, but they end up in the desert and need to use the Kangaroo Express to get back on course.
Pokey a la Mode
94. Pokey a la Mode
January 1, 1998
Pokey is sleeping next to some baking cookies which causes him to have a dream of a cookie factory.
Wickiups and Bulrushes
93. Wickiups and Bulrushes
January 1, 1998
Gumby's band are with the Chippewas tribe to sing, but a rival tribe are about to attack.
Just Train Crazy
92. Just Train Crazy
January 1, 1998
Denali breaks Gumby's model train and he has to replace it before Gumby notices.
To Bee Or Knot To Bee
91. To Bee Or Knot To Bee
January 1, 1998
Gumby and Groobee go to help out the honey bees who are sick from the Blockheads' orchard.
The Lost Birthday Present
90. The Lost Birthday Present
January 1, 1998
It's Gumby's birthday and he is getting a grand piano, but the Blockheads take it.
Best in the Block
89. Best in the Block
January 1, 1998
Gumby's aunt is house hunting in Gumby's neighborhood, but the Blockheads have a real estate monopoly. So Gumby gets his Groobee to build a house.
Space Oddity Part 2
88. Space Oddity Part 2
January 1, 1998
Xena the Queen Witch imprisones Gumby, Pokey and Minga, but Prickle, Goo and Kapp are on their way to save the day.
Space Oddity Part 1
87. Space Oddity Part 1
January 1, 1998
Gumby, Pokey, and Minga go to a planetarium, but the Blockheads are there to spoil all their fun.
Skateboard Rally
86. Skateboard Rally
January 1, 1998
Gumby and his band are performing at a skateboard rally, but before he can get to it the Blockheads steal Gumby's board.
The Knightmare
85. The Knightmare
January 1, 1998
Don Quixote battles a windmill and gets flung into Gumby's world where he determines everything is an evil monster and must be destoryed.
Clay Play
84. Clay Play
January 1, 1998
Gumby and Prickle visit a modern dance book and afterwards Gumby ends up getting flung into a scene of a desert in a book.
The Forbidden Mine Part 2
83. The Forbidden Mine Part 2
January 1, 1998
After a cave-in at the mine Gumby and friends are trapped and need Goo to fly out to get some help.
The Forbidden Mine Part 1
82. The Forbidden Mine Part 1
January 1, 1998
Gumby and friends have a picnic at the Grand Canyon and then tour a mine.
Robot Farm
81. Robot Farm
January 1, 1998
Gumby and friends get some robots to take over the farm while they work on their band, but the robots go haywire.
Goo's Pies
80. Goo's Pies
January 1, 1998
Goo ordered robots to work on baking pies, but the Blockheads mess with the robots' controls.
Proxy Gumby
79. Proxy Gumby
January 1, 1998
Gumby's new computer arrives, equipped with the latest in electronic cloning. Gumby makes a clone of himself to perform his menial daily routine.
78. My-O-Maya
January 1, 1998
Gumby receives a call from a chatty aunt. He doesn't want to talk to her, so he puts a fast-talking toy box in front of the phone and runs away
Prickle's Baby Brudder
77. Prickle's Baby Brudder
January 1, 1998
Prickle's brother comes to visit it, but it appears he has been accused, by Saint George, of burning down a small village.
A Moving Experience
76. A Moving Experience
January 1, 1998
Gumby's family is moving to a new house, but they hire the Blockheads as their furniture movers.
Goo and the Queen Part 2
75. Goo and the Queen Part 2
January 1, 1998
Goo is trapped by the Queen Witch, but luckily she has a radio so she can contact Gumby to save the day.
Goo and the Queen Part 1
74. Goo and the Queen Part 1
January 1, 1998
Goo goes to help a pterodactyl's queen who ends up being the Queen Witch.
Little Denali Lost
73. Little Denali Lost
January 1, 1998
Denali gets himself shrunk and rides Gumby's kite. Unfortunately, Prickle loses control of the kite.
The Denali Blues
72. The Denali Blues
January 1, 1998
Denali is feeling sad about being too big.
High as a Kite
71. High as a Kite
January 1, 1998
Gumby and Prickle enter a kite stunt contest, unfortunately so do the Blockheads.
Minga's Folly
70. Minga's Folly
January 1, 1998
Minga gets a pet ostriche that ends up getting spooked and runs off with her. Gumby and Goo have to save Minga.
Joker's Wild
69. Joker's Wild
January 1, 1998
The Joker of a deck of cards can't make the kings and queens laugh anymore so he ends up asking for Gumby's help.
Gumby Music Video
68. Gumby Music Video
January 1, 1998
It's a Gumby music video.
Flying Carpets
67. Flying Carpets
January 1, 1998
The Blockheads trick Granny into buying a car with a 10 mile warranty. Gumby and friends attempt to get Granny's money back.
Runaway Camel
66. Runaway Camel
January 1, 1998
Muhammad, a camel rider, gives Gumby a magic carpet as thanks for his hospitality.
Artic Antics
65. Artic Antics
January 1, 1998
Gumby and friends take a helicopter to Alaska to do a ground-breaking story, but the helicopter runs out of gas and they crash into an igloo.
Gumby's Close Encounter
64. Gumby's Close Encounter
January 1, 1998
Gumby is abducted by aliens who need his genes to save their race. In exchange they will give Gumby the ultimate fuel source.
Blocks in the Head
63. Blocks in the Head
January 1, 1998
Gumby stays up all night studying cubism, leading to a nightmare that everyone in his class has cubic heads.
Ostrich Feathers
62. Ostrich Feathers
January 1, 1998
An ostrich seeks help from Gumby.
The Abominable Dough Man
61. The Abominable Dough Man
January 1, 1998
Minga's making bread and leaves the dough in the oven to rise. She falls asleep while watching a show aout the abominable snowman which leads to a nightmare.
Young Granny
60. Young Granny
January 1, 1998
Granny gets cheated by the Blockheads, who trick her into thinking they've made her younger. Luckily, Professor Kapp has created a machine to actually make her younger.
The Great Mastadon Robbery
59. The Great Mastadon Robbery
January 1, 1998
The Blockheads lure Denali out of his home and sell him to the Zoo. Time for Gumby and Denali to get back at them.
Rip Van Prickle
58. Rip Van Prickle
January 1, 1998
Prickle has a dream of his friends in the future. But where is he in this future?
57. Funtasia
January 1, 1998
Gumby and friends have various adventures. From a guy with a camera to some origami that comes alive.
Wild Train Ride
56. Wild Train Ride
January 1, 1998
Minga, Prickle, and Granny go on a train ride. Unfortunately, the Blockheads lock the engineers away and send the train on a wild joy ride.
55. Picnic
January 1, 1998
Gumby, friends, and family go on a picnic, but when ants start crawling over the chocolate cake Gumby decides to shrink himself and reason with the queen.
54. Ballooonacy
January 1, 1998
It's Denali's birthday, and Gumby and Pokey get some magic, self-inflating animal balloons. Too bad the Blockheads decide to crash the party.
Sleepy Time Robbers
53. Sleepy Time Robbers
January 1, 1998
The Blockheads are at it again. They take the sorcerer's sleeping potion and use it to rob the local bankers.
Command Performance
52. Command Performance
January 1, 1998
Gumby and friends are on their way to King Ott's castle to perform, but they are held up by a Black Knight.
The Lost Arrow
51. The Lost Arrow
January 1, 1998
An arrow finds its way onto Gumby's farm. Gumby and his friends decide to investigate it orgin.
The Fox Hunt
50. The Fox Hunt
January 1, 1998
A fox comes to the farm to eat a chicken, but Gumby devises a plan to catch the fox and teach him a lesson.
Geese Grief
49. Geese Grief
January 1, 1998
Minga ends up in the "Sorcerer's Aprrentice" book. Prickle goes in to save her, but they both end up as Geese. Gumby finds an antidote so they can turn back to normal.
Band Contest
48. Band Contest
January 1, 1998
Gumby and The Gumbys enter a band contest against the Blockhead's band, The Block Rockers.
Time Kapp Sule
47. Time Kapp Sule
January 1, 1998
Professor Kapp has invented a time machine, and together with Gumby and friends, he goes for a trip to Egypt, 2001.
Hatching Out
46. Hatching Out
January 1, 1998
Gumby dreams that a Tyrannosaurus terrorized the farm.
Naughty Boy
45. Naughty Boy
January 1, 1998
Thomas Pitz, one of Gumby's classmates, has taken control of the Astrobot collective in antempt to destroy school.
A Real Seal
44. A Real Seal
January 1, 1998
The Blockheads trap Prickle in the farm book.
Minga Sitting
43. Minga Sitting
January 1, 1998
Gumby is babysitting his little sister Minga.
Merry Go Pumpkin
42. Merry Go Pumpkin
January 1, 1998
It's Minga's birthday, and that means a full day at Pumpkin Land Amusement Park. Unfortunately, the Blockheads broke into the park.
Strange Circus Animals
41. Strange Circus Animals
January 1, 1998
Gumby and friends want to put on a circus and go through various books to gather animals.
Birthday Party in the Middle Ages
40. Birthday Party in the Middle Ages
January 1, 1998
Gumby and his friends are invited to King Ott's birthday party in the middle ages book.
The Elephant and the Dragon
39. The Elephant and the Dragon
January 1, 1998
Sad King Ott's elephant and dragon aren't gettign along.
The Music Ball
38. The Music Ball
January 1, 1998
A package parachutes into Gumby's ranch. The only writing on it are the words "Top Secret". "Let's open it!" It turns out to be a golden ball that randomly freaks out whenever Gumby and friends play music. They decide to use the strange object to get on Johnny Carson and MTV, after lunch, of course. Wouldn't you know it, the Blockheads steal it while they're eating, and they have a downright unnessecary chase scene to recover it. The short ends with Gumby's strange, phantasmagoric concert.
A Smashing Hit
37. A Smashing Hit
January 1, 1998
Prickle's clarinet shatters windows and other glass objects in the city.
Wild Girls
36. Wild Girls
January 1, 1998
The fan girls are chasing Gumby and his band.
All Cooped Up
35. All Cooped Up
January 1, 1998
Chilly gets captured by the Blockheads and placed at a factory.
A Miner Affair
34. A Miner Affair
January 1, 1998
Gumby and his friends become slaves at the silver mines.
Guitar Magic
33. Guitar Magic
January 1, 1998
Gumby earns a magical guitar that flies.
32. Gumbot
January 1, 1998
Gumby gets kidnapped by the Blockheads and turned into a robot.
The Beetle and the Caterpillar
31. The Beetle and the Caterpillar
January 1, 1998
The Blockheads cause troubles by selling their forest land to developers.
Lost Treasure
30. Lost Treasure
January 1, 1998
Gumby and friends found a pirate treasure chest.
As the Worm Turns
29. As the Worm Turns
January 1, 1998
Gumby tries to save the earthworms from the Blockheads.
Mirror-Aculous Recovery
28. Mirror-Aculous Recovery
January 1, 1998
After the mirror breaks, Gumby and Pokey are trapped in another dimension.
Clay Trix
27. Clay Trix
January 1, 1998
Gumby and friends meld together and then do various morphing tricks.
Gumball Gumby
26. Gumball Gumby
January 1, 1998
Gumby gets a run in with a gumball machine.
Chatter Box
25. Chatter Box
January 1, 1998
Gabby Anne calls Gumby and she won't stop talking.
Gone Clayzy
24. Gone Clayzy
January 1, 1998
Gumby falls off a tower of toys and gets a bump on his head which comes off and starts to run amuk.
The Search
23. The Search
January 1, 1998
Gumby has to discover what the Golden Rule is for a school project. He decides to enter a book about the Golden Fleece for the answer.
A Gumby Day
22. A Gumby Day
January 1, 1998
See what a day in the life of Gumby is like. From waking up to a cuckoo clock to training Denali for the circus.
The Fliver 500
21. The Fliver 500
January 1, 1998
Gumby and Pokey enter a cross-country automobile race.
The Plant
20. The Plant
January 1, 1998
It's Gumba's birthday and Gumby buys her a plant, but he swings by Professor Kapp's place first.
Fun Day
19. Fun Day
January 1, 1998
After a minor waste of time involving a shower, Gumby goes to school and discovers that it's Fun Day. Everyone has to go out and have fun, then write a report about what fun they had. Fun, huh? Gumby decides this is the perfect opportunity to turn himself into a caterpillar, climb to the top of the tallest building in the world, and turn into a butterfly. He flies into a forest and gets captured by a butterfly hunter. Just as this hunter is about to mount him, Gumby turns back into a . . . whatever he is. And that's the story of how Gumby wasted a perfectly good day.
Of Note
18. Of Note
January 1, 1998
The Blockheads sabotage Gumby's recording sample.
The Wild Horse
17. The Wild Horse
January 1, 1998
It's a bedtime story for Minga! Once upon a time, Gumby and his family lived in Arizona, only Gumby's name was Tom and Minga's name was Sally and everything you ever knew or loved was no more. Everyone on the same page? Good. So, Tom's family made a living breeding and training quarter horses. One day, they "found" a wild quarter horse and Tom tried riding it without employing any particular taming methods. Everyone in the family is shocked that the wild horse isn't instantly comfortable carting people around and decide to throw him away. Of course, Sally knows far more than anyone else in her family about how to train horses, and one day she prompts the horse to talk to her and give her a ride. It sprouts wings and flies her around.
A Lotta Hot Air
16. A Lotta Hot Air
January 1, 1998
Gumby and friends go on an adventure in Gumby's new hot air balloon. Everything thing is well until they run out of propane and land in the middle of nowhere.
Children For Sale
15. Children For Sale
January 1, 1998
Gumby ventures into a book to free some kids from slave dealers.
Little Girl Lost
14. Little Girl Lost
January 1, 1998
Our story opens as Minga falls hundreds of feet into a deep, deep hole. (She's fine.) Meanwhile, mother begins to worry about her lost daughter and sends Gumby out to find her. Unfortunately, she didn't tell anyone where she was going. Gumby and Prickle jump to some very fortunate conclusions and go looking for her in a book about caverns.Gumby spends the last three minutes of the cartoon bringing Minga up out of the hole. Gumbo then decides that Gumby will work for the fire department.
The Wind Bag
13. The Wind Bag
January 1, 1998
The miserly super villain Ebenezer Scrooge is back to wreak havoc on Gumbyland! He's stolen a magical bag of wind from King Ott's wizard, and he's using it to blow all the toys in Toyland away. Then, he will rid the world of toys, and have his revenge. Cad Waliter tells Gumby about the theft, and it's up to Gumby to stand around and wait for the wind to stop so he can apprehend Scrooge. The cartoon ends with Scrooge playing with a train.
Dolly for Minga
12. Dolly for Minga
January 1, 1998
Goo and Minga go to Toyland to get a new doll.
11. Humbug!!
January 1, 1998
The Blockheads join forces with Scrooge to ruin Christmas.
Denali's House
10. Denali's House
January 1, 1998
Denali needs a house to live in.
Educational T.V.
9. Educational T.V.
January 1, 1998
Minga goes into the TV to stand in the way of the baseball game Gumby want to watch. To get back at her Gumby flips the channels, putting Minga on a pirate ship.
The Astrobots
8. The Astrobots
January 1, 1998
The USA's national heroes are disappearing from their books. Sounds like a case for the Gumby detective agency!
Witch Way
7. Witch Way
January 1, 1998
Minga goes down a slide and vanishes into thin air. Prickle and Gumby decide to loof for her in Star Witch.
The Big Squirt
6. The Big Squirt
January 1, 1998
Professor Kapp wants Gumby to test yet another of his Experiments. This time it's a fluid that makes plants come to life.
Cottage for Granny
5. Cottage for Granny
January 1, 1998
Gumby's grandmother goes house hunting by herself, but her glasses broke. Nearly blind she she puts herself in several near-fatal situations and ends up buying a house from the Blockheads.
The Big City
4. The Big City
January 1, 1998
After Denali broke Gumby's guitar, Gumby must find a new one.
3. Shrink-A-Dink
January 1, 1998
Pokey's unsure about a visit to Professor Kapp's lab, but eventually gives into his peers. They all go to the lab where the Professor unveils his shrinking machine. As everyone but Pokey patiently wait in the machine's area of influence, Pokey accidentally turns the machine on, shrinking everyone to the size of an ant. When enough time has been killed by unimportant events, Pokey unshrinks everyone and vows never to eat candy again.
Melon Felons
2. Melon Felons
January 1, 1998
Before Gumby leaves for his next gig, he tells Denali to squirt some super-growth formula on his watermelons. His chore done, Denali goes to sleep, giving the Blockheads free access to Gumby's melons. They make off with half of the crop before Gumby's livestock notices. The Blockheads sell the watermelons in town, but the formula makes them grow huge, have eyes, and run around smashing things. Denali redeems himself by popping the fruits like balloons with chunks of ice, ending their reign of terror. The newspaper tells the story of the melon thieves and the heroic mastodon.
Gumby Circus
1. Gumby Circus
January 1, 1998
Gumby decides to take advantage of the freaky qualities of his friends and family and puts on his own circus. My, but there's a lot to see. Denali shoots ice cubes into a bucket, Minga does a cartwheel, a walrus does a trapeze act, and there's a special request return performance by the growing and shrinking beetle from "The Beetle and the Caterpillar". The Blockheads try to sneak in to see the wonderful spectacle, but when they can't break in, they cut the ropes that hold Gumby's tent up. Nothing important happens, and the Blockheads are caged up, presumably to become part of Gumby's traveling show.

Gumby is a fun little green fellow who lives a happy life with his horse Pokey. They have a wonderful time together at home and on their travels, though they are occasionally thwarted by those who mean them harm. These include the nasty Blockheads, who delight in causing trouble for him. Nonetheless, wherever they go, they find friends, and they delight in simple joys. Despite their limited range of motion, they have extraordinary lives.

  • Premiere Date
    January 1, 1998
  • IMDB Rating
    7.2  (489)