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HBO creates documentaries that are usually situated around a specific case. There are a total of 39 that have been made. It is common for these documentaries to be under the name “American Undercover.” These documentaries started back in 1979 and were produced until 2009. One of the most talked about specials was entitled “1985's Soldiers in Hiding.” This particular documentary focused on the homeless veterans that were in the famous Vietnam War. This production won an Academy Award, the first of its kind for cable television.

The first documentary ever made for the HBO network was “Time Was.” This special earned the honorary “Peabody Award.” A controversial documentary aired in 1987 when the AID epidemic became rampant. The show, “AIDS: Everything You and Your Family Need to Know…But Were Afraid to Ask,” caused quite a stir.

Monday 9:00 PM et/pt on HBO
1 Season, 8 Episodes
April 8, 2013
Documentary & Biography, Drama, Kids & Family
HBO Documentary Films

HBO Documentary Films Full Episode Guide

  • The story of Sam Berns, a Massachusetts teen who was diagnosed with progeria, a progressive aging disorder. Plus, his support group who continue to fight for a cure.

  • The Oscar-nominated documentary short about two sisters designated one Monday every month at their Long Island salon to give free beauty treatments to women suffering from cancer.

  • Examining the murder of a teenager who had begun exploring his gender identity, revealing the circumstances that led to the shocking crime, as well as the consequences.

  • Exploring America's obesity epidemic.

  • Exploring the history of the relationship of humans and elephants and the challenges that occur when they are brought to live in captivity. Narrated by Lily Tomlin.

  • Sebastian Junger honors his "Restrepo" (2010) codirector Tim Hetherington, a war photographer and filmmaker who was killed by mortar fire in Libya in April 2011. Sebastian showcases Tim's dedication to his craft and his work in trouble spots in Africa and the Middle East; and includes interviews with family, friends and colleagues.

  • Gilbert and Eleanor Kraus were a Jewish couple from Philadelphia who traveled to Nazi controlled Vienna to save a group of children in 1939. Putting themselves in harm's way, they brought the single largest known group of children allowed into the U.S. during that time.