48 Hours: Hard Evidence

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48 Hours: Hard Evidence is a true crime series hosted by Maureen Maher. The series investigates various criminal cases and features interviews of family members who are affected by the crimes, law enforcement professionals who handle the cases and the individuals who are accused of the crimes. In the notable episode AKA Rockefeller, the team investigates Christian Gerhartsreiter, a man who posed as billionaire Clark Rockefeller. In the episode Highway of Tears, the team travels to British Columbia to investigate a stretch of highway that is believed to be the last known spot of multiple women who have disappeared.

Thursdays 8:00 PM et/pt on TLC
15 Seasons, 78 Episodes
February 11, 1999
Crime, Drama, Kids & Family, News
Cast: Maureen Maher
48 Hours: Hard Evidence

48 Hours: Hard Evidence Full Episode Guide

  • After actress hopeful Ashley Barnett passes away while on a three-day party cruise, her mother seeks for answers; George Smith vanishes on his honeymoon cruise.

  • Carlo Ventre violates a custody agreement with his ex, Toni Dykstra, when he brings their baby daughter with him to Italy, but what starts as a case of international parental kidnapping finishes with a tragic death.

  • Attorney Catherine Shelton leads a storied past which includes many run-ins with the law, then she gets caught up in an investigation that results in the conviction of her spouse for murder.

  • Investigating the May 1992 killing of Jack Wilson, an Alabama doctor, and whether his wife, Betty, and her twin sister, Peggy, played a part in the murder.

  • A Palm Beach socialite's secret may have resulted in murder.

  • Police suspect a murder-for-hire job planned by Sheila Bellush's ex-husband, Allen Blackthorne, when she is found shot to death.

  • Faylene Grant, a fervent Mormon, journals having visions of her impending death; her spouse, Doug, then discovers her dead body in their bathtub.

  • In Sugar Land, Texas, two members of the Whitaker family are shot dead by a masked intruder; two members survive the ambush; police believe the family interrupted a burglary, until they uncover a conspiracy involving one of the family members.

  • When Assistant District Attorney Steve Tauzer is found brutally stabbed to death in his garage, a former colleague and friend becomes a chief suspect.

  • A jury must decide whether Brian Eftenoff is guilty of murdering his wife, Judi, after she dies of a cocaine overdose.

  • Although investigators believe they know who killed Irene Garza, they have no hard evidence or witnesses.

  • Detectives find evidence of domestic abuse while recovering clues from a woman's body in Colorado's Blue River.

  • Tina Caronna was missing for two days when she was found murdered. The search for her killer took months. In the end, police discovered a motive no one ever imagined. Tina had stumbled on a secret and was killed to keep quiet. Maureen Maher reports.

  • Two young women vanished in Pasco County, Florida in 1982, the same year that an unidentified female body was found floating in the Gulf of Mexico. Is there a connection?

  • When Lanny Horwitz was killed in his Florida mansion, there were only two other people there at the time: his ex-wife Donna and their son Radley. Without any physical evidence, it would come down to who hated him more? Peter Van Sant is the correspondent.

  • There were signs of trouble in Nathaniel and Lauren's teenage relationship, but few around them could imagine it would end in murder. Breakup violence is a growing problem, and the key to stopping it, is recognizing the red flags, and taking action.

  • A murder case with identical twins.

  • David Camm's conviction of killing his family.

  • In 2005, Gary Smith vanishes on a cruise while on his honeymoon. At first, his new bride is thought to be responsible, but soon there is a ship full off suspects. What happened to Gary Smith?

  • While looking for Shannan Gilbert who vanished in 2010, detectives on Long Island found ten other sets of remains near Gilgo Beach. They tie the ten deaths to a man known as the "Long Island Serial Killer."

  • When Ruth Pyne was found beaten and stabbed to death in her garage in 2011 and investigators suspected her husband Bernie and their 21 year-old-son Jeffery--the entire close-knit community of Highland Township, Michigan was rocked to its core.

  • When Damon Thibodeaux confessed to killing Crystal Champagne prosecutors easily got a guilty verdict, but was justice served? Here’s a story about a man who went from death row to freedom, thanks to some dedicated people who fought hard for the truth.

  • For almost ten years Rev. A. B. Schirmer got away with murder of his two wives. But when parishioner Joe Musante committed suicide in the church in 2008, Musante’s sister, Rose Cobb became suspicious pushing investigators to look into their deaths.

  • When actress Juliana Redding is found strangled to death in her Santa Monica home, her case turns out to be difficult to solve.

  • For six years, real estate agent Angel Downs was seen in the company of her married boyfriend, Stephen Nodine, an Alabama politician. But when Angel was found shot in the head in May 2010, many wondered if Nodine could also be a cold-blooded killer.

  • When actress Felicia Tang was found dead in her boyfriend Brian Randone’s suburban LA home, police arrested him for murder. But the former preacher said he didn’t kill her. According to Randone, Felicia had overdosed on GHB, which they they both took.

  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police have been baffled for over 40 years by the mystery of women and girls having vanished or been murdered along Highway 16 in British Columbia.

  • Mia Zapata was a lead singer in a popular local band and was about to start a national tour when she was found raped and strangled to death. Would Seattle's cold case squad find her murderer?

  • Bank manager and single mother Michelle Renee is forced to rob the bank where she worked when masked gunman threaten to kill her daughter. Suspicions mount when it's revealed that Michelle was bankrupt and claimed to recognize one of the gunmen.

  • A couple is attacked in Coral Gables, FL in 2004; killing the wife and seriously wounding the husband. Authorities eventually zero in on their troubled son with a possible motive.

  • Soon after a woman is found murdered the case goes cold; it takes a mother's deathbed confession five decades later to solve the crime.

  • A man says he didn't murder his 38-year old wife and claims her death was an accident; investigators uncover a different story.

  • A man and his wife are found murdered in their home; there are no leads until a surveillance camera dispels an alibi.