Helpsters Help You

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This series is aimed at preschoolers. It features a puppet character who tries to engage with life. Sometimes there are setbacks, however. When they happen, the puppet monster Cody does what he can to deal with them. Cody is a helpful monster who knows that everything starts with a plan. But sometimes things change and you have to make a new one! Broadcasting from the Helpsters shop, Cody shares creative ideas for what to do when life doesn't go as expected.

The series airs on the Apple TV+ streaming platform.

Apple TV+
1 Season, 6 Episodes
April 23, 2020
Kids & Family
Cast: Stephanie D'Abruzzo, Franchesca Ramsey

Helpsters Help You Full Episode Guide

  • Cody is joined by special musical guests Grouplove for a song to thank everyone who's keeping us safe, happy, and healthy.

  • The Helpsters are used to being together in person. Now that they're apart, they make a new plan so they can still have fun with friends.

  • Cody loves giving people high-fives and handshakes--but what should she do when people aren't close enough to reach?

  • Joined by her friend Amazing Alie, Cody shows Us how to play games with our friends who are far away.

  • There are many ways to be a Helpster, as Cody demonstrates--from dancing and singing to, most importantly, helping people.

  • When Cody wants to visit her favorite tree but the park is closed, she makes a new plan.