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Jump in with both feet as you accompany twenty-seven year veteran professional angler and lead diver, Kim Stricker and his son Danny as they explore the lake bottom for an in-depth look into the fish's neighborhood. Much more than a fishing show, "Hook n' Look" is a captivating fishing experience, above... and below the surface. Each week, the award winning Hook n' Look program will educate viewers from a fish-eye perspective and reveal how the fish are relating to the structure, uncover the forage, and demonstrate the action and effectiveness of lures from beneath the surface. The use of an underwater communication system enables Kim and Danny to converse to the camera audience in real time as well as communicate with their high profile guests topside.

Hook N' Look is a series that is currently running and has 13 seasons (118 episodes). The series first aired on January 11, 2014.

Hook N' Look is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Hook N' Look on demand atAmazon Prime online.

Tuesday 10:00 AM et/pt on Outdoor Channel
13 Seasons, 118 Episodes
January 11, 2014
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Hook N' Look Full Episode Guide

  • An uncommon techique in most Florida waters, Kim and Power-Pole exec, Robert Shamblin drop-shot 30-feet deep in a rock pit at Promise Ranch.

  • Kim and legendary angler Shaw Grigsby probe the mats and scattered vegetation in Florida's Lake Harris chain.

  • Accompanied by Seaguar's General Manager Gerry Benedicto, Kim fishes Miami, Florida's urban freshwater canals for Peacock Bass.

  • Kim and his guest finesse late fall largemouths with a Ned Ocho. Then reveal how the bass are parked stationary on the silty bottom.

  • It's a known fact that bass are drawn to particular sounds. Kim and his guest demonstrate the effectiveness of the Sexy Dawg "Hard Knock" on Lake Murray schoolers.

  • Kim penetrates lily pads and floating vegetation with a heavy-weighted Rage Punch Bug. Then shares some underwater insight with an Aqua-Vu camrera.

  • Smallmouth bass, particularly those that are positioned shallow, are susceptible to a topwater lure. Yet, anglers need to realize as conditions change, so should your lure choice.

  • Skipping a weightless worm under docks and pontoons is an efficient way to reach largemouth bass tucked beneath the canopy. Kim shares his technique and underwater observations.

  • Kim demonstrates crankbait techiques, both shallow and deep, on a world-class smallmouth fishery.

  • In the midst of a mid-summer topwater bite, Kim side-steps towards an uncommon diversion—wrangling snapping turtles with the Turtle Cammandos.

  • Known to be colony breeders, Redear Sunfish are a popular gamefish. Kim targets these tasty spawners and provides a rarely-seen underwater view of their reproductive courtship.

  • Secondary points, those adjacent to spawning pockets, are prime places for pre-spawn bass to congregate. A vibrating jig, delivered with a steady retrieve, then suddenly popped off the vegetation, proves to be just the ticket for Kim and these staging largemouths.

  • Certain bodies of water possess idyllic characteristics that produce trophy-sized fish. Yet, it takes a flawless balance of other contributing dynamics to maintain the marvel for future generations. kwfishing

  • The middle basin of Florida's St. Johns River is becoming increasingly popular as a renowned crappie fishery. Kim along with Aqua-Vu Pro-Staffer, Joe Balog punch the pennywort with a camera and a crappie tube for slabs.

  • After most Northern anglers have winterized their boats, there's an extraordinary bite to be missed—and it revolves around bluegill. Kim's guest, Bryan Plenzler exibits his talent for cold water largemouth with a Rage Swimmer Swimbait.

  • Veteran Tournament Angler and Lake Okeechobee guide, Tom Mann Jr. joins Kim to discuss the environmental challenges this ecological treasure has endured. In the process they demonstrate the famed fishery is thriving.

  • Professional guide, Marcel Veenstra accompanies Kim in Indian River, Michigan. This area is well known for producing giant smallmouth bass and once again it doesn't disappoint. The featured lure is Strike King's new 2-3/4" Baby Coffee Tube.

  • Kim demonstrates the virtues of a Strike King KVD "Deep" 1.5 Crankbait along weed edges. Once the bass are located, he follows up with a Swinging Swim Jig. As customary, he provides visual confirmation of the pattern from the lake bottom.

  • Outdoor Channel V.P. of Programming, Mitch Petrie accompanies Kim on Lake Minnetonka to reveal how the bass are relating to the lake's boat docks. The featured lure is a Strike King "Ocho" stickworm in the new "Sweet Tater Pie" color.

  • Although regarded as a nuissance to recreational boaters, Eurasian Milfoil provides a preferred habitat for largemouth bass. Power-fishing with stout gear is a reputable method to catch them out of thick vegetation as Kim validates.

  • Kim capitalizes on specific areas where the baitfish are tightly congregated. The pattern is straight forward for smallmouth bass and a drop-shotted Baby Z-Too. Find the food ... and you'll catch 'em dude!

  • Accompanied by his friend Mike Ebach, Kim probes the vegetated aggregation of cattail reed beds. Then later capitalizes on the knowledge learned with a new weedless hollow-bodied bait by Strike King—the Hack Attack Pad Perch.

  • Kim challenges the poetic adage which states "Wind from the East, fishing's the least." Is it fact or folklore?

  • Kim provides an in-depth look at Lake St. Clair's spawning smallmouth bass and demonstrates the effectiveness of a Strike King "Supa Fry" worm.

  • Kim and his guest, Brian Evans carefully dissect the inner-workings of a marina breakwall and its connection to spawning blueback herring and hungry spotted bass.