If You Really Knew Me

If You Really New Me is a reality television show that tries to help kids from different backgrounds and with completely different ideas and personalities understand each other better. In high school, kids tend to break off into little groups, known as cliques. These cliques usually revolve around a certain stereotype. There could be a clique of goth kids, a group of popular jocks or a group that seems to be known as the nerds or geeks. These cliques can sometimes become all-inclusive, and it can be hard for kids to break out of the mold they are set in. It can also be difficult for kids that belong to one clique or group, or that come from a particular background, to understand the kids from another clique or background.

If You Really Knew Me tries to solve the problem of cliques and the bullying, teasing or feelings of being left out that come with them. At the beginning of each show, several kids from different groups and backgrounds are brought together. Each student then reveals something personal and important about themselves. The conversation always starts with the words

Tuesday 11:00 PM et/pt on MTV
1 Season, 12 Episodes
July 20, 2010
Cast: Vinny Ferraro, Sela Gaglia, Sean Flikke, Chris Foster
If You Really Knew Me

If You Really Knew Me Full Episode Guide

  • From the outside looking in, things appear to be perfect at Royal Oak High in Detroit.

  • In Mt. Holly, NJ, can Challenge day help the students confront the rumors and each other?

  • Granite High is a school divided between the "good" kids and the "alternative" kids. Can Challenge day close the gap?

  • Jocks and cheerleaders rule the school until Challenge Day.

  • A "jock-hick" from Wisconsin is forced to face his prejudices when he meets an openly gay Latino male.

  • The Denver School of Arts is a stereotypical school often portrayed in the movies where each student is competing for the spotlight. But when a nerdy stage tech confronts a leading man, things don't go quite as they usually do.

  • In the small town of Colusa, California, labels stick for life. Ironically, a self-proclaimed nerd, who is constantly teased, admits even he can be a bully at times.

  • Challenge Day leaders attempt to change student's thinking regarding stereotypes and cliques following the shocking death of one of the students.

  • At Riverside High, the school is about to be turned upside with the disintegration of cliques.

  • Anthony Wayne High School is very affluent, yet the struggles these students face are online. Rumors start through texting and then blow up on Facebook.

  • Freedom High School's new student leadership is diverse and the students separate by race and cliques. Will Challenge Day have any effect on this school?

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