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The Insider Exclusive (Seasons 1 and 2) is a television series that investigates controversial and taboo subjects, exposing media lies and cover-ups in a "60 Minutes" style programming. The show exposes devistating, detailed truth, whether the topic be crooked lawyers, corrupt people, the broken justice system we live with day to day, or media corruption and cover ups.

The series is very blunt and to the point about every topic and/or situation they investigate, and it is proven that the show has no filter. The Insider Exclusive brings you the nitty gritty on up to date news stories and the series takes you inside the rooms and businesses that corruption runs rampant, just to prove to their viewers that they are, in fact, telling them accurate and up to date information and are keeping their pledge to the public.

2 Seasons, 87 Episodes
January 1, 2010
Documentary & Biography, Investigation, News
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Insider Exclusive Complete Series Season 1 and 2 Full Episode Guide

  • Police in Utah have discovered an unexpected danger in their campaign against methamphetamine labs: the meth lab itself. We examine how the Law Firm of Siegfried and Jensen worked to find justice for officers suffering from the effects of exposure to poisonous chemicals in the Line of Duty.

  • When a piece of safety equipment failed Iron Worker Tim Bacon in 2003, he was left with severe injuries leading to permanent paralysis. The Team at the Robert Pahlke Law Group overcame an early court decision and fought to win a 21 million dollar verdict for Tim Bacon.

  • A bungled police response cost 40 Year old Bobby Ray Steele...a mentally challenged schizophrenic...his life. Those with mental illness are far more often the victims of violent crime than the aggressors. We examine how Marc Pera of the Pera Law Firm won justice for the family of Bobby Ray Steele.

  • Treatment for a simple skin rash went terribly wrong for Ryan Speed. His medical treatment led to the destruction of his hip joints...which, to add to Speed's tragedy were defective and had to be replaced. We talk to the partners at Greenberg and Stone, who represented Ryan Speed in Court.

  • Critical information relating to the untimely death of Diane Stewart was withheld by some of the staff at Stanford Hospital. We tell how the Dolan Law Firm fought a medical "Code of Silence" to bring truth and justice to the Stewart Family.

  • When a 250 pound door unexpectedly fell on Roberto Perez Head and Back while he was working, he suffered severe and traumatic body and brain injuries. We detail the work done by the Law Firm of Greenberg and Stone to find justice and hope for Roberto Perez.

  • One of the most powerful handguns in existence...The Freedom Arms Model 83 revolver...can be as dangerous to its owner as it is to the target. Attorney H. Grady Chandler has waged a legal battle over the lack of safety regulations in the firearms industry.

  • 24 year old Brandy Staples life was irrevocably changed when she was critically injured in a traffic accident on a country road in Alabama. We detail how Trip Walton and his team of Professionals at the Walton Law Firm fought for justice for Brandy Staples.

  • Golf Hall of Famer Bob Betley's career ended when he was disabled in an auto accident...but instead of helping him, Betley's insurance company chose to stall and evade the former golfer, rather than help him at his time of need. We show how the firm of Seigfried and Jensen came to Bob Betley's aid.

  • We examine "Civil Rights Violations" in this exclusive Special: "Prison Abuse - The Neville Rangolan Story, And how famed New York-based Civil Rights Lawyer Bob Ginsberg, Partner at Ginsberg & Wolf got justice for Neville.

  • Thousands of sports and recreation related traumatic brain injuries occur in the United States each year, and Football is a leading cause. We tell the story of young Zach Frith, and how Lawyers John Parisi and Doug Bradley got his family justice.

  • A deadly collision of 18-Wheelers sets up a struggle between a pair of trucking companies...You will see how quickly some Corporations attempt to distance themselves from their irresponsible employees, basing their defense on shoddy legal premises.

  • If you think your fire sprinkler system will protect you, think again. We examine how dangerous and deadly some Fire Sprinkler Systems really are, and how they nearly killed a young beautiful Utah Mom, Allix Thrall and her 3 year old son Luke..

  • A five year old child dies at his day care center. Mike Sawaya and Dale Pugh, Partners at Sawaya Law firm, took a case no other lawyer would touch And got Justice for Carl Anderson and his parents with a Record Breaking Settlement.

  • How Michael Sawaya & Dale Pugh, from the Sawaya Law firm & Mike Hodges & John Smith, leading Advocates for Truth in the Insurance Industry are getting Justice for their clients Against the Insurance Industry

  • How Robert Pottroff, leading a team of some of America's best lawyers successfully uncovered an illegal, unethical, and sinister corporate policy at Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad that put company profits before public safety- Part two.

  • How Robert Pottroff, leading a team of some of America's best lawyers successfully uncovered an illegal, unethical, and sinister corporate policy at Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad that put company profits before public safety- Part one.

  • A gas explosion, caused by a poorly designed and insufficiently tested piece of equipment, causes major injuries to Victim Richard Jameson. Attorney Bob Pahlke explains how he made the complex case, and earned Five Million Dollars for his client.

  • We show you the the Real Dangers of Weight Loss Surgery to examine how Marc Pera, of the Pera Law Firm, successfully got justice for patient Marion Ferguson. Before you consider going under the knife.... You need to know about these Dangers .

  • We report how Attorneys James F. Scherr, and Sam Legate successfully set a new legal precedent requiring Multinational Corporations to provide Mexican workers with the same work safety standards, whether they make $35 week or $1000 week.

  • How James F. Scherr, of Scherr & Legate, successfully won a $10,000,000 Million Dollar verdict, the first of its kind in Texas, against Cooper Tire for defective tires.

  • How Robert Sullivan, PR at Sullivan Papain Block McGrath & Centavo, successfully represented the Tobias family in a very difficult medical malpractice case .

  • We examine how John M. Phillips, Founder of Law Offices of John M Phillips successfully represented Deborah against Coca Cola when they fought "tooth and nail"... refusing to take responsibility for the severe injuries they caused her.

  • Attorney Steve Sheller, of Sheller, P.C,details a trio of his cases showing deceptive marketing practices that are rampant in the Pharmaceutical industry.

  • We Report how Steve Sheller, of Sheller, P.C, successfully devised an ingenious legal theory, to go after the tobacco companies.... claiming that the cigarette makers knowingly defrauded consumers with "light" or low tar and nicotine cigarettes.

  • A Patient's tragic Death caused by an arrogant & negligent Surgeon who ignored the Patient's Medical Allergies History ...that's the kind of malpractice case that is familiar territory for the law firm of Meyers Giuffre Evans & Schwarzwaelder, LLC.

  • When a Medical Error causes serious brain damage to a child being treated for a minor injury...that's the kind of malpractice case that is familiar territory for the law firm of Meyers Giuffre Evans & Schwarzwaelder, LLC.

  • The death of newborn Emma Mejias was found to be caused by doctors administering the wrong drug...92 times. We speak with the family and their lawyer John Hammons, Partner at Nelson & Hammons, who stands up for people like Emma

  • Geoffrey Feiger, of Fieger, Fieger, Kenney, Johnson & Giroux is Americas Most legendary lawyer. Some of his cases include the defense of Dr. Jack Kevorkian and the Jenny Jones trial. He is a fighter who won't back down when he knows he is right.

  • Inhaled Vapors of the Microwave Popcorn Flavoring Agent Diacetyl can cause the fatal Popcorn Lung Disease. We show how the flavoring Industry used workers like Jerry Blaylock as "Blue Collar Guinea Pigs" for years.

  • Mike Prendergast, stood up to his bosses at Fundamental Long Term Care, LLC, and they illegally retaliated with a pink slip. His lawyers, Whitney Warner and Julie Fritsch, of the law firm of Moody Warner, P.C., stood up for him in a court of law.

  • How Christopher Moody and Whitney Warner, partners at the law firm of Moody Warner, P.C., helped Wall Street women won $70 million against Morgan Stanley in this landmark settlement to safeguard and promote the rights of women on Wall Street.

  • The US Justice System demands a defense for every person accused of a crime...even crimes that are horrific to the general public. CLS Mitigation & Consulting Services has developed a "Formula for Success" to defend the innocent.... and the very guilty

  • A Wisconsin Supreme Court Ruling had a terrible impact on recovering motorcycle accident victim James Anderson, which might have kept him from recovering damages...even though the other driver was 100% at fault in the case.

  • Cheerleading accounts for 65 percent of all catastrophic injuries in girls' high school athletics. How Mitch Jensen of Siegfried & Jensen worked to implement New Safety Procedures & Training to protect over 3 Million young Cheerleaders Across America.

  • Suspect Darcy Carey faced police falsifying evidence and coaching witnesses, as well as prosecutors, a judge and a public defender clearly indifferent to his right to justice. Details on how a dedicated lawyer, Eric Fong got Justice for Darcy

  • It is often cheaper for an insurance company to withstand a lawsuit from a customer rather than to pay off on coverage...and that fact is one of the important revelations in this expose of some Major Insurance Carriers.

  • The tragic story of Government and Corporate Irresponsibility, that resulted in the clearly preventable deaths of three innocent Logan, Utah residents, And how Mitch Jensen, and Mark Taylor, of Siegfried & Jensen got Justice for this family

  • A profile of Block O'Toole & Murphy, one of the premier personal injury law firms in New York City. The firm's experienced team of New York personal injury lawyers is devoted to truly caring for and fighting for the rights of their clients.

  • Falsified trucking records hid the responsible party in a deadly truck accident. Ken McClain and Danny Thomas of Humphrey, Farrington & McClain unraveled this shell game and got justice for the innocent victims, with an $18 million settlement.

  • We investigate how Mike Sawaya, Mike Kaplan, and Dale Pugh, Partners at Sawaya Law firm, got Justice for Karim with a Record Breaking Proving the Bullet Proof Vest Distributor was Negligent .

  • Cambodian Immigrant Narin Bun suffered irreversable brain damage through the negligence of a caregiver. We bring you the story on How Narin's family lawyer, Don Shapiro got Justice with a Record Breaking Verdict in excess of $24.7 Million dollars.

  • More Americans have died in alcohol-related crashes than in all the wars in US History. Survivor Ashley Kubicz, a victim of a drunk driver, recieves justice with the help of Jason Abraham of the law firm of Hupy & Abraham, S.C.

  • A Chemical company covers up a dangerous spill with underhanded tactics, deciding to spy on the Environmental Advocates and the lead Louisiana law firm, Cox Cox Filo Camel and Wilson, who were representing some of the victims of this horrific spill.

  • Violence committed against individuals because of their race, religion, national origin, gender, or sexual orientation remains a serious problem in America. We examine how Attorney mitchell Gilleon got justice for his client, Sylvester Wilson.

  • Block O'Toole & Murphy is one of New York's premier construction accident lawfirms. These "Lawyers with Hardhats" have a long and proud tradition of representing laborers of all kinds who have been injured on the job.

  • Police abuse remains one of the most serious and divisive human rights violations in the United States today! Today, the Insider Exclusive TV Series examines this epidemic in this exclusive Special: "Police Brutality-The Torry Smith Story"

  • 911 calls to police and firefighters are going unanswered. This INSIDER EXCLUSIVE TV Special examines the severe Crisis in America's "911" Emergency Services Network, in "America's 911 Crisis!"

  • See how a dedicated father & son Legal team, John and Gilbert Andry, of The Andry Law Firm took on the US Government and THE US Army Corps of Engineers and won in a classic David & Goliath battle over the Katrina Tragedy-part two

  • See how a dedicated father & son Legal team, John and Gilbert Andry, of The Andry Law Firm took on the US Government and THE US Army Corps of Engineers and won in a classic David & Goliath battle over the Katrina Tragedy-part one

  • Insider Exclusive goes Behind the Headlines of some of America's most important publicized trials to share 10 of the most successful Trial Rules used by successful lawyers to win their cases, in "Winning Jury verdicts with the power of stories."

  • Mike Cox of the law firm of Cox Cox Filo, Camel & Wilson got justice for Rachel Duncan By proving that the railroad was responsible for assuring that train crossing warning systems were in working order and that negligence caused her Tragic Accident

  • We "Go Behind The Headlines" in TREES & NEIGHBORS - What You Need to Know ..... to examine how Barri Kaplan Bonapart, of Bonapart & Associates, successfully represented Lloyd and Phyllis Bishop in a 20 year Legal feud over Trees.

  • "Deadly Drugs-Johnson & Johnson's Risperdal" examines how Steve Sheller & Brian McCormick, Jr. of Sheller, P.C, lead the legal efforts to hold Johnson & Johnson responsible for the adverse effects and deceptive marketing of their drug Risperdal.

  • In this INSIDER EXCLUSIVE TV Special we "Go Behind The Headlines" in "FATHERS RIGHTS - What you need to know "..... to investigate howTerri Miles Family Law won a landmark Louisiana Supreme Court case on behalf of her client.

  • In this INSIDER EXCLUSIVE Special, we "Go Behind The Headlines" in KATRINA JUSTICE -- Tanya Smith's Story to meet and examine how Joe Bruno, Managing Partner of Bruno & Bruno and some of his legal team, John Andry and Scott Joanen helped get Tanya justice.

  • Like many insurance company's Anthem Blue Cross tells their policy holders that they really care. Amazing as it may seem, John Grisham's "The Rainmaker" comes alive in this real life case against Insurance industry giant, "Anthem Blue Cross". They first approved life-saving Cancer treatments then completely switched gears, reclassifying these same "approved" treatments as "experimental"...resulting in the death of 49 year old Esther Dardinger, and How their Lawyer, Bob Palmer, the law firm of ROBERT GRAY PALMER CO. LPA took on Anthem Blue Cross got Justice for Bob & Esther Dardinger .

  • Today the INSIDER EXCLUSIVE "Goes Behind The Headlines" in Human Rights USA -- Victims of Violence ..... to examine how Sahlu Mikael, successfully represents victims of domestic violence in asylum cases, and other very challenging immigration cases... and the how some of Washington DC's most respected Shelters help women, children and families in their greatest need and..... with very limited resources build safe, stable lives and achieve their highest potential. At these shelters, women, children and families heal from lifetimes of traumatic abuse.

  • Today, for the first time ever, the INSIDER EXCLUSIVE "Goes Behind the Headlines" with Nick Papain, Ptr Sullivan Papain, in New York's Finest First Responders - Barbara Burnette's Story , to reveal how their firm fought for 8 long difficult and challenging years, to successfully reach a $600 Million Dollar-plus settlement in 2010 on behalf of Barbara and hundreds more of New York's finest.

  • In this special episode, Insider Exclusive looks at the story of Dr. Anthony Sterling and how And how Attorney Frank Winkles, Member of the Winkles Law Group successfully represented Dr Anthony Sterling to Force Unum Disability Insurance Company to honor their own disability policies.

  • A horrible accident forever changed Peggy Myers life...but didn't damage her indomitable spirit. We detail how her Lawyer, Bob Palmer @ the law firm of ROBERT GRAY PALMER Co. LPA discovered the truth about that horrible accident on November 13, 2003...And got Justice for Peggy Myers.

  • In this special investigation, The Insider Exclusive goes behind the headlines, to expose how the state of Washington's Negligence forever changed the Lives a young, hardworking couple, and How her Lawyer, Fred Langer, Partner at the law firm of Nelson Langer Engle fought for justice for them.

  • Louisiana's Flawed Medical malpractice Laws analyzed by John Hammons, Highlighting Sharon Boxie, a Quadriplegic due to Medical Malpractice.

  • Today the Insider Exclusive goes "Behind the Headlines" to visit with famed Major League Baseball Player.....Brian Giles, and his lawyer , Dan Gilleon, Partner at Mitchell look back at his courtroom ordeal and discuss some of Today's most commonly misunderstand Legal issues regarding COHABITATION, PALIMONY & ORAL Contracts.

  • This tragic story involves Carlo's technology company, CamSoft Data Systems/Verge Wireless, which fell victim to an elaborate scheme to steal groundbreaking wireless technology for city-wide surveillance camera installations in New Orleans, and how Attornies Marx Sterbcow and Jason Melancon got Justice for Carlo Mac Donald.

  • In this INSIDER EXCLUSIVE Investigative TV Special we exposed how the Palm Springs General Hospital, in Hialeah, Florida and its former surgeon, Dr. Juan Julio Hernandez-Pombo TOTALLY BOTCHED this rather common surgery and nearly killed Lazaro Perez! Lazaro's lawyers, Stewart Greenberg & Mark Stone Partners at the law firm of Greenberg & Stone were finally able to get some justice for him.

  • Michelle Cardenas found herself unable to avoid collision with an 18 wheeler, when that truck made an illegal U Turn across a double lane highway right in front of her. We tell the story of how her lawyers, Stewart Greenberg & Mark Stone, partners at the firm of Greenberg & Stone Got justice for Michelle.

  • Quest Diagnostics mix up in biopsies led to an undiagnosed aggressive cancer destroying patient Maria Rapio's Leg and changing her life. , the Insider Exclusive Producers show how Maria's Lawyers, Stewart Greenberg & Mark Stone, Partners at the law firm of Greenberg & Stone are pursuing Justice for Maria.

  • Attorney Bruce Fox helps Vinny Cinelli, member of an Elite Team that protects the Department of Energy's Y-12 Plan after Vinny is run down in Broad Daylight.

  • A look at the "Secret City" created during the Manhattan Project, and Attorney Bruce Fox's efforts to help workers get justice from the Department of Energy.

  • A patron at the Harveys Lake Tahoe Casino is severely injured when she is served what she thinks is drinking water, but is instead a highly caustic cleaning fluid. The Insider Exclusive goes behind the headlines on this case with Julia Ellis's highly respected attorney Chris Dolan to learn the details of the trial.

  • The story behind a landmark Tennessee Supreme Court Ruling against Alcoa determining that the corporation, "has a full duty to prevent its employees from going home at the end of the workday in clothes that are contaminated with asbestos fibers", a multimillion dollar victory for the law firm of Coleman and Edwards PC.

  • A defect in the design of riding mowers...a defect that was preserved for years by penny pinching manufacturers...results in hundreds of devastating injuries every year, often to children. Attorney H. Grady Chandler is the leading attorney...and leading this cause. He joins us to tell Ethan's, and his own story.

  • Over 100 Million men and women suffer from Hair Loss in America today, and they all want to believe there is a secret cure to regrow their hair.

  • Jimmy Dunne, a Vietnam Veteran and his courageous struggle to recovery after he tried to help the victims of a 3-car crash...and how lawyers Stephen Murphy and Daniel O'Toole won him a record judgment of $32.7 Million.

  • On March 23, 2007 Francisco Daniels was working at the job at the Archer Daniels Midland Plant in Decatur Illinois when an industrial accident exposed him to fatal scalding injuries. ADM admitted liability, but offered a mere $500,000.00 in settlement. We bring you the Inside Story, direct from the courtroom.

  • A 77 year old grandmother falls victim to the malpractice of an Iowa Doctor. Today the Insider Exclusive exposes Dr Tenny's attempts to blame others and cover up his negligence, and how the Chase family lawyers....Victor Bergman & Matt Birch, Partners at the law firm of Shamberg, Johnson & Bergman uncovered the truth about the operating room error that took Maribeth Chase's Life.

  • Today the Insider Exclusive presents a truly tragic story, one that American Family Insurance doesn't want you to know, how Galen Richey's lawyer, Brian McCallister, took on American Family Insurance and got justice for Galen Richey with a record verdict of $13 million, upheld by the Missouri Court of Appeals.

  • Teens get drunk twice as fast as adults, but have much more trouble knowing when to stop. Teens naturally overdo it and binge more often than adults. Attorney Woody Igou worked to get Justice for Ryan Costello, and illustrates how corporations will often attempt to dodge their responsibilities to the public.

  • Geoff Feiger, Ven Johnson and Judge Gene Schnelz examine the famed $25 millon verdict, and what it's like to take on a major media company

  • Today the INSIDER EXCLUSIVE "Goes Behind the Headlines" In Honor of My Mother - The Leah Forsmann Story examine in depth, how Sylvia Forsmann's lawyer, Chris Dolan at the Dolan Law Firm, successfully represented Sylvia in the pursuit of justice for her mother, who died due to improper care at a California Hospice Clinic.

  • The scandalous case of the death of Oscar Grant...killed by a poorly trained Transit Security Policeman working for the Bay Area Rapid Transit District...casts a light on the issue of police brutality in America. The Insider Exclusive goes behind the headlines on this famous case.

  • Chad and Paul Blanchard of "Charlies Restaurant and Catering" found out the hard way about how British Petroleum deals with its oil spill cleanup contractors. The Oil Giant canceled a contract with the caterers after 30 days of service in which they provided meals for clean up crews. The cancellation...without cause...put the company out of business we will show you how they got justice.

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